10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 13

Great Expectations

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2010 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

The family is having dinner when the doorbell rings. Joey is at the door and he presents a well- prepared folder with documents and references. Walter likes this and takes Joey into the other room to check his references. Bianca asks Kat if Patrick's ever taken her on a real date. The next day, it's Friday and Patrick and Kat walk to class. Patrick mentions they should hang out, Kat says at least give her a set time. Patrick gives Kat the date and time she wants making it an official date. Inside the school, Michael and Cameron are deciding what to do this weekend. Michael appears to be going for the religious Friday deal. Joey takes Bianca to the same place he took Chastity on their first date. Chastity tries to figure out who's free, but it seems all the other cheerleaders are going on dates and Chastity doesn't want to be the odd one out. At home later that night, Kat actually asks Bianca for advice on what to wear. Bianca learns that Kat doesn't even know if this is actually a real date or not. Bianca tries to give her some tips, but it only leaves Kat more confused. Dawn comes over to help Bianca get ready. Bianca wonders if Joey expects sex tonight. Dawn still thinks that Bianca had sex with Mr. Ross, but Bianca confesses that never happened and that she's still a virgin. Bianca wants to wait so she'll have to think of excuses to avoid going further than she wants to. Downstairs, Walter is showing Joey the birth presentation he gives all the boys. It's hard to connect with Joey, however, so he is moreso enjoying the presentation than getting any sort of scare out of it. Patrick shows up just as Bianca and Joey leave. Walter shows Patrick the video again as well. In the car, Joey has another surprise for Bianca, so he blindfolds her and continues driving somewhere. Kat and Patrick have trouble deciding where to eat, but Kat just plans to drive and decide on the way. Joey takes off the Bianca's blindfold at Joey's house. He says he's made dinner for them both and their parents are out of town. After a lengthy dinner, Joey takes Bianca to the couch. Bianca is tense, so Joey gives her a massage. Bianca is feeling a little uncomfortable, so she tries to come up with an excuse. She suddenly says she needs an aspirin. Meanwhile, Kat and Patrick have picked a restaurant, it's a little expensive and the waiter announces they need to move in about 45 minutes for a VIP guest. Patrick offers to pay so Kat orders something more expensive (an entrée instead of just a salad). Kat makes Patrick laugh while drinking and lets down her hair from the ponytail. At the movie theatre, Cameron is talking to some friends we haven't seen before about the previous movies in this series of horror flicks. Chastity finds a seat right beside Cameron, who is trying to keep a low profile because she's alone tonight. Cameron offers to get her some snacks and Chastity takes him up on the offer. Joey brings Bianca home early, she thanks him for everything, but Joey seems to be the awkward one now. Bianca tries to kiss Joey but he goes for the forehead instead of a liplock. Bianca wonders if it's because she's a virgin that Joey is now treating her differently. Joey doesn't answer specifically and takes off. Kat and Patrick continue to have a great time. They get the bill and Kat thanks Patrick for taking care of it. However, Patrick says sure and then says run as they do a classic "dine n' dash" right out of the restaurant. In the car, Kat is furious and she wants to go back and pay the bill. Patrick says it was too expensive, so he didn't want to pay. Patrick doesn't like to call these outings dates because they come with all these extra great expectations. Kat is also feeling nauseous and soon vomits, apparently from food poisoning. Back in the theatre, Chastity and Cameron actually seem to be hitting it off as well. Chastity is sobbing a bit about her "sad" life as of late, but Cameron consoles her and tries to cheer her up. At home, Bianca is binging on ice cream and Sex in the City while Walter tries to find out what happened. Bianca tells him nothing really happened and that Joey gave her a high-five instead of a proper kiss. Back at the theatre, Cameron has his arm around Chastity at the end but quickly removes it when the movie ends and the lights come on. Chastity doesn't want anyone to know about this night. Joey heads back over to Bianca's house and Walter lets him in. Patrick walks Kat to the backdoor and says that at least the first date was memorable. No kiss though. Walter takes charge and gets Kat some fluids. To simplify Joey's analogies, he's happy with Bianca the way she is, even if for now, it's currently something that passes for PG in the movies. Bianca suggests eventually building up to be R-rated, but doesn't know how long that might take.