10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 2

I Want You to Want Me

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 14, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Chastity directs cheerleading practice when she notices Bianca isn't in her penguin suit. Bianca thought that she should learn the routine just in case someone got sick. Chastity proclaims that change has come to the cheer squad – they have a new type of pompoms and they cost $100 a pair. One girl complains that parents are complaining that the uniforms are already too expensive. Bianca suggests starting a fundraiser. Meanwhile, Kat finds Patrick with another girl in the hallway and steers clear, heading for the girls washroom, but a boy walks out claiming he is gender confused.

At home that night, Kat is critiquing the photos she took that day for the yearbook. She is unhappy with most but finds Patrick in one of them and crops it to zoom in. Bianca asks Kat and Walter (their father) for ideas for a fundraiser. Walter suggests a car wash, but Kat persuades him that half-naked girls with soap all over asking for money wouldn't exactly be appropriate. Walter sees her point and disallows a car wash. Walter gets a package at the door and the delivery lady seems pretty interested in him. However, Walter shows his ring (he must still be wearing it, but the wife died a long time ago).

Cameron tries to make Bianca understand that he likes her in French, but Bianca can only repeat what Cameron says, not understand it. Then Bianca gets the idea to sell flowers (carnations) to raise money for those pom-poms. Bianca advertises carnations, yellow for friendship and red for love. Kat takes a picture for the yearbook and then complains about Bianca's flower fundraising. Then Bianca realizes that she needs to get a flower, or else she'll look really bad. The next day, Cameron buys his red carnation for Bianca but Chastity (taking orders) eyes it cautiously. Chastity also notices a yellow card from Joey for Bianca as well, so Chastity isn't too happy. Meanwhile, Michael explains how buying 100 flowers for himself will increase his popularity. Bianca comes by to take over for Chastity and wants to see if she has any flowers, but Chastity takes the box of ballots away.

In the girl's room, Kat gets another photo request, but doesn't comply. Mandella applauds and then explains that Patrick Verona was seen buying a carnation. In class, Bianca doesn't get a flower. Kat is taking pictures of people who didn't get one. When Kat gets back to her desk there's a red flower there. It says to look behind her, but it's only Charlie. However, Patrick is seen sliding out of the way moments before, so it may have actually been Patrick that bought it. But Kat thinks it was Charlie who isn't too happy about it. Meanwhile, Charlie is seen slipping something into Kat's locker, but Kat notices he has a black eye from someone. The note is an apology from Charlie.

At home, Kat actually sympathizes with Bianca who didn't get that flower. The next day Michael is trying to show off his many roses. His plan isn't working so great. Cameron thinks that Bianca got his rose but Bianca soon discovers that Chastity has tampered with the flower ballots. Meanwhile, the cheerleading team loves their pompoms. Bianca declares that someone has betrayed her, but then abandons her plan to make Chastity look bad and gets a girl named Michele in trouble with Chastity. Kat bumps into Patrick on her way out of the school and tells him that she isn't interested in the bad boy type that he is. She thinks he beat up Charlie, but he didn't. Kat sees Mandella as well who has detention because of something, but Kat doesn't immediately pick up that it was because she punched Charlie.

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