10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 2

I Want You to Want Me

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 14, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • Red carnations.

    Eh, this episode was just okay in my opinion. Nothing really happened, I guess it just shows the characters grow more, and their personality. Like Patrick & Kat have to pick up trash together, and in the end, and through the hole episode, Kat is getting followed by a pervert, and when he gets beat up, she assumes its Patrick, but it turns out to be Mandella. What does that mean? It was weird, the whole situation. Cameron sends Bianca a carnation. But stupid Chastity had to throw it away. Gosh, she is so annoying. It was Bianca's idea for the carnation sale in the first place! Well this show is getting better.
  • Season 1, Episode 2

    This episode was quite good. It showed how good this series is and how it can grow to become more than just a movie made into a tv show, but it can actually be a tv show by itself. Bianca wants to show Chastity that she can be helpful by throwing a fundraiser for the cheerleaders by selling carnations. Chastity sees that Joey and Cameron sent Bianca carnations so she gets rid of them and Bianca is very upset she didn't receive any flowers. Kat gets a flower from the perv from the girl's bathroom. The perv is beat up and Kat thinks it was Patrick, but we find out it was Mandella. Mandella is definitely a fun character that I enjoy watching on screen and I wasn't as annoyed by Michael as much as the pilot episode. Can't wait for the next episode!
  • A charming episode

    I am all for long love stories with UST and biting your nails to see what will happen and I was really kind of looking forward to see how the writers deal with both Patrick and Kat, and Bianca and Cameron but from this episode I was confused.

    First off, Bianca and Cameron seemed doomed before they even start. How are they going to work that, or are they even going to make it go the same way as the film?

    Secondly, Kat and Patrick seem to like each other already and giving the fact we barely know what Patrick sounds like from his complete lack of lines, how is that even possible? Moving too fast? Definitely in my opinion.

    I fear that doing this the writers are just signing their chance for a longer series away.
  • OK, the show is getting a little better.

    I was impressed that the second episode was as good as it was. this is the episode were the heat starts to rise.

    Bianca sets up a fundraiser in order to get money for the cheerleader's pom poms. She hopes to get some herself but mean Chastity throws them away. She tries to confront her, but she brakes at the last minuet. I have to say, I really like Kat. She is being stalked in this episode by a weird perv who likes to go into the girls bathroom.I love how she believes that it is Patrick but it is really Michael.

    Better then the first episode I'd say. :)
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