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10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 17

Just One Kiss

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 10, 2010 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

It's movie night at Padua High, and Bianca sets Cameron up on a date with Dawn so that they can double date with her and Joey. Meanwhile Kat is upset that Patrick told her she can date anyone she likes, so she decides to accept Blank's date night invitation. Patrick doesn't deal well with seeing Kat with the other guy, while Walter hits it off with the school counselor, and romance ensues.moreless

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  • Bianca is nuts!!! Cameron has a girlfriend, wow! Dad's getting it on!!! Patrick called Kat his girlfriend!!!Yeah!!! Loved this episode! Best Yet!!

    Bianca is at it again. She is determined to set Cameron up with a girl. This time, it's her own friend. Of course, once she realizes that this match might actually go somewhere, she doesn't seem too thrilled...Gee, I wonder why?!

    Mr. Stratford is the Chaperon at Padua High's make out movie night. That is until he started making out with the other chaperon.

    Kat gets asked out by the schools British snot. She says no, but then, after Patrick doesn't seem to care, changes her mind and goes. The date starts out fine, until 'Blank' starts insulting Patrick, at which point, the date is basicly over. As they are leaving, Patrick shows up, and shows how cute he gets when jealous. In the end, they decide on exculsivity.moreless
  • So confusing writers!

    I swear sometimes the writers don't have an actual clue what they are doing for this show!

    Bianca sets Cameron up with Dawn and then acts extremely jealous one minute, and completely overhead inlove with Joey the next. I'm confused as to where her true feelings lie and what was her motive for setting him up, or for trying to get him to not fall in love!

    Meanwhile, Kat and Blank.. I actually like! I have to admit they are interesting and if the show did actually go on it would of been great to explore them as friends or something more to challenge Patrick.

    Real life is not set when it comes to relationships and I think that a little jealously is always a good thing.

    I liked Patricks big boy act at the end - it was hot ;)moreless
Chris Zylka

Chris Zylka

Joey Donner

Recurring Role

Benjamin Stone

Benjamin Stone

Blank / William Blankenship

Recurring Role

Ally Maki

Ally Maki


Recurring Role

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    • Bianca: (In French) Come with us [to the movie].
      Cameron: Come on you guys are a couple and I don't want to, you know, get all up in that.
      Joey: (Sternly) No you do not.

    • Kat: [William] asked me out.
      Patrick: Oh yeah.
      Kat: Yeah. I mean… yeah.
      Patrick: So what'd you say?
      Kat: What do you think I said?
      Patrick: I don't know, I wasn't there. Are you going to go?
      Kat: Why would I do that?
      Patrick: Why wouldn't you?
      Kat: (Shocked) So you'd have no problem with me going on a date with him?
      Patrick: Why not. This is a free country, you remind me of that all the time. If you want to go, go.
      Kat: Okay, I will.
      Patrick: Have a nice time.
      Kat: I plan on it.

    • William: There it is, I knew I could make you smile.
      Kat: Oh that wasn't a smile; that was a wince.
      William: Really?
      Kat: Your humor causes me physical pain.

    • Kat: Hey.
      Patrick: Hey back.
      Kat: Do you want to see this cool modern art show tonight?
      Patrick: Let me think for a sec, spend the night staring at blobs of paint pretending they don't look like bird crap –
      Kat: Ahh but this is different. Some of his paintings are made with bird droppings. He believes in using everyday materials. Ugh… nevermind.

    • Kat: I'm dying to see [the art show]. Wait, I don't like you.
      William: You can't still be upset about Meatless Mondays. That was two weeks ago. What if I reluctantly but sincerely begged for your forgiveness?
      Kat: Hmm, sorry, I'm not charmed by the masterpiece theatre act. Jack the Ripper had a British accent too.
      William: You honestly find me that awful?
      Kat: I think you should be deported and if I didn't have such strong reservations about the INS, I would report you.
      William: Alright then, pleasure as, well, ever.
      Kat: Fine, I'll take them off your hands.

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