10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 7

Light My Fire

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Patrick mysteriously shows up at Kat's bedroom window one evening, reminiscent of a scene from "Twilight". Kat lets Patrick into her bedroom. She's in her pajamas. Patrick admires some vinyls and then explains that he has something to tell Kat. But Bianca barges in and sees Patrick, says he's cute. Moments later, Walter yells for the daughters. Kat sends Patrick out the window but Walter only announces that there is a fire and the whole community is heading to the school. But they don't take the time to change while everyone else shows up in normal clothes. Bianca teases Kat about Patrick and says it is impeccable that she can actually produce emotions.

Bianca sees Chastity and another girl who are heading to Room 103 where all the cheerleaders are sleeping. Walter attends to a very pregnant lady, but she's going to be fine. Walter strikes up conversation with a lady who was helping the pregnant lady. Meanwhile, Cameron and Michael are also at the school. They try to figure out how to pick up girls in a situation like this when they hear on a TV that the fire was probably started by pyrotechnics. Cameron says the model rocket they launched yesterday (with Michael) never came back down, so he thinks they started the fire.

The cheerleaders discuss what they could lose. Bianca's is the most endearing – she'd lose all the photos of her mother. Bianca and Chastity are the only girls left after the other cheer girls leave to go be with their parents. They seem to be getting closer. Kat, meanwhile spots Patrick. Kat is expecting him to finish what he was saying in her bedroom, but a girl (presumably another girlfriend) prevents Patrick from finishing what he was going to say again.

Cameron talks to Patrick about starting the fire and feeling so guilty. Patrick says it was only an accident so he should just be honest. Meanwhile, non-cheerleaders have moved into Chastity's classroom-turned-bedroom. Chastity wants them out. Kat spots Patrick again. But Bianca finds Kat and asks for help in getting another classroom for Chastity. Kat argues with Bianca over this. Kat sees Patrick head to stairs that lead to the roof. Meanwhile, Walter and the woman keep the talk going. They seem to be really hitting it off and the wine they find only helps. Bianca tells Chastity that she can't get the family a new room. Chastity suggests the janitor's closet for the entire family of people! Bianca can't take it anymore and explodes at Chastity calling her a bitch and saying that no one likes her. Chastity is actually hurt.

Kat heads to the roof. Patrick explains that the girl downstairs was a girl who was stalking him. Suddenly he stops Kat from talking and kisses her. Kat doesn't stop him. Patrick says he finds Kat interesting because she's different from other girls. But he upsets her by thinking they could just make out and it wouldn't be a big deal. Kat takes this the wrong way (as if Patrick sees her as a slut). Kat soon leaves. Bianca confronts Chastity in the bathroom and is honest about how she feels being around Chastity (i.e. she feels like a slave to her). Chastity explains that she doesn't have any real friends – everyone is vying for her position as top female. Surprisingly, these two have become closer and Bianca is now a cheerleader. Chastity even gives Bianca some clothes to wear instead of her embarrassing pajamas.

Walter and the woman he's met are still talking. Cameron can't take it anymore and says he started the fire. But he only tells a security officer, who says the guy that started the fire has already been caught. Someone announces that the fire has been contained and everyone can head home. Patrick leaves Kat some albums for her to take home. Walter gathers the girls, slightly drunk from the wine, and they all head home.