10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 7

Light My Fire

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • Patrick & Kat kiss.

    This episode was just okay in the beginning, but as the episode progressed, you can tell that this episode was going to be a biggie. There are brush fires, and everyone has to go to the high school as they have to evacuate from their homes. Cameron thinks he started the fire. Finally, after all the buildup, Kat & Patrick kiss. But Patrick basically called her a slut, and she got offended, but he fixed it by going back to the house to get her records. Also finally, Bianca stands up to Chastity. She was being so annoying in this episode. I realized the episode rating goes down when Chastity is in the episode. I know the writers intention was to get Chastity redemption, but not in my book. The dad meets someone that helps him get over his wife's death. Great episode.
  • Big fire makes all residents evacuate to Padua High. Cameron thinks he starts the fire. Bianca tries to become closer with Chastity by setting up their own private room. Pat and Kat make out but it doesn't end that well.

    Ethan Peck/Patrick Verona mania in this episode. I loved it. I love how Lindsey Shaw/Kat in one way or another is playing hard to get. She doesn't even realize it herself. :D They are real cute togehter it's amazing. Bianca should get over trying to befriend Chastity. I was in total shock when she finally stood up for what she believed was right. I thought it was so cute when Cameron asked Patrick for advice again because Patrick had to stand on the staircase to make himself look taller than him. I thought that was hilarious. I felt bad in the end when Bianca said that they wouldn't have to talk he went from a relived excited to painfully hurt by that comment.
  • Season 1, Episode 7

    Dang. This show is getting so good. This is probably one my favorite episodes so far. I just love this storyline. and plus Kat and Patrick kissed! I'm kinda glad they aren't dragging them on, cuz that gets annoying. I loved the beginning when Kat was singing and Patrick showed up at her window. I really like that they were all at the school for the fire and had some great character development. plus i loved when Bianca called Chastity a B. haha. It was hilarious. This show is defintely a great one for ABC Family and I hope it gets a second season. I think that it will.