10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 14

Meat is Murder

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2010 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Patrick meets Kat during lunch. She's reading something on processed food and hopes people would consider eating less of it. Patrick taunts her but it doesn't sway Kat. Patrick says they should hang out again and Kat's fine with that. Cameron fakes being friends with the goth crowd to avoid sitting with Bianca at lunch. Dawn finds a boy she likes (Max). They then have a great idea – setting Cameron up with someone so that Bianca and him can be friends again. Dawn and Bianca try to figure out who to set up Cameron with later that evening. Meanwhile, Walter wants to sign up for online matching and dating services. Walter uploads a picture of him with hair and also describes himself with lies. This gives Bianca an idea and heads back upstairs to tell Dawn.

The next day, Kat speaks up at the student council meeting (after smirking about less important crises). Kat tells the council about changing the cafeteria menu for Monday to "meatless Mondays" which will at least partially decrease the amount of fossil fuels/carbon produced. They don't have time to consider it right now, so they pencil Kat in for the next meeting to make another presentation. Bianca and Dawn meet Stacey in the bathroom and tell her she's getting a makeover. Stacey is tall so that will work for Cameron and she gleefully accepts the makeover. Kat introduces herself to William who stood up for her in the student council meeting. Turns out he doesn't really care about Kat's issue, but was surprised that he found an American that cares about something like this. Will says he will help out. Patrick looks on from the distance and it seems like the two are flirting from afar. However, Patrick doesn't mention anything and Kat dismisses it.

Bianca tells Cameron about Stacey's crush. Stacey comes down the stairs looking great. Bianca warns to make a move quickly or she'll be snatched up. Cameron hurries over and strikes up a conversation. A few days later, Will preps Kat for the student council sway. Kat tells one media-craved girl that the movement could go national. She tells the president to not come to the next meeting because it will be boring. The president signs an absentee slip. Another girl is told that they could save money to blow up balloons (that she's crazy about). Patrick sees Kat and Will talking from the second floor balcony. Meanwhile, Cameron brings Stacey a gift as well as an extra sandwich. It's a little awkward for Stacey and she soon gives up the act in front of Cameron. Bianca confesses that she tried to set him up with someone. Cameron isn't happy about this. Kat thanks Will because the council passes "Meatless Mondays". Patrick taunts her again which upsets Kat.

At home, Walter comes in wearing a toupee figuring that he should probably look like her picture. Walter admits the girl was older than she admitted as well. But he still had a good time, he mentions a spark of anticipation from the date. On the next Monday, Will causes a stir and says that the school should be able to have meat. He announces he is running for class president. Kat is infuriated with this. Bianca finds Cameron in the hall and says that she was trying to get them to be friends again. Cameron is surprised about the research Bianca has done. Patrick finds Kat at lunch and Kat tells Patrick he was right about Will (in that he was not cool). Patrick admits the soy-dog he's eating isn't so bad. Kat admires that he's actually tried it. They joke around some more.