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  • its amazing!

    Is there anyway for us to get it back on!! i know how people feel about it being canceled plz if anyone has any idea please! I've watched the movie and loved it and still watch it! now I've recently came across the series and immediately fell in love with it, it might not be the same as the movie but that's the point its not the movie its a series that lots of people love and and first season was a huge HIT! but if ABC was to let it carry on for abit more it would'nt need to be canceled! please any body anybody with info try and get it back!! we can do it if we try!
  • ABC Family chose a winner by adding "10 Things" to their lineup!

    I really like this show a lot. The writing is clever and the actors' comic timing is great. Sept 1st episode was hysterical! Plus it's filmed at locations, instead of only on a soundstage. I LOVE Patrick Verona and Kat, how they spar words back & forth. I'd like the story to have them date, but don't want to lose the cat and mouse game either. One thing that I feel - and producers listen to this please! - is this show needs to be a one hour show! ABC Family chose a winner by adding this to their lineup!
  • It's never too late

    I just found out about this show and I love it, love it, love it. I can't believe it's cancelled. I finished all the episodes in one day. I hate it when tv companies don't at least end shows properly. This show has so much potential. someone plz bring it back :(
  • It's About Time!!!!

    Thank God Patrick finally kissed Kat. This was the best and my personal favorite episode. I mean it's about time. Like, you almost kiss her at a Filthy Souls concert. Then, she gets a call from her sis, and while she's gone, you flirt with a barbie blonde.
    After that, you freak out because of some accident with your backpack! And then, finally, you kiss
  • A Lot Better Than I Expected

    10 Things I Hate About You is a show that teeters on the precipice of being really funny, but doesn't quite make it. Lindsey Shaw, who plays the main character Kat, is fantastic in the part, playing an unapologetically smart and politically-minded teen, who tries hard not to care about the popularity contests of high school. In contrast, her sister Bianca (Meaghan Jette Martin) is obsessed with becoming popular.

    The problem is their paranoid father (Larry Miller) won't let Bianca date until Kat does. And Kat has no intention of dating. Until she meets the "mysterious" Patrick Verona (Ethan Peck, grandson of Gregory Peck). In the movie, a geek with a crush on Bianca pays Verona to date Kat, so he can date Bianca, but that hasn't happened yet. The show doesn't try to copy the plotlines and characters of the movie, and I think the show is the better for it.

    This show has a lot of things going for it: Lindsey Shaw was a pleasant surprise (since I wasn't all that impressed with her on Aliens in America), and the chemistry between her and Ethan Peck is great. And every episode is full of great quips.

    It's a little surreal, which I think works both for and against it. Meaghan Jette Martin and Dana Davis, who plays the mean girl villain of the piece, both go at their roles with over-the-top panache that makes the show fun to watch. But the over-the-topness is really annoying in the case of the nerds, especially Michael (Kyle Kaplan). They're a little too pathetic and clueless for my taste.

    But overall, this is a really good sitcom. Lindsey Shaw is a star.

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  • I think I like it.

    10 Things I Hate About You is a new show on ABC Family, airing Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM. It stars Lindsey Shaw (Moze from Nickelodeon's Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide), and other people who I don't know . . . Anyways, the show is funny, though it can get kind of stupid. It seems to be getting better as it goes on, though I found Episode Four: Don't Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation, to be kind of stupid, at least Bianca's plot was. A flaw I see with the show is that all the characters seem pretty selfish and one-dimensional, though I think it could improve over time. Overall, I think ABC Family has got something here that could become a hit. I definitely see some potential.
  • Love It, Want It!!

    I literally fell in love with this show that I ended up watching it in a whole day... I as absolutely gutted to get to the end and hear that it was cancelled due to not having that many viewers... Can't we start a petition or do something to get this show up and running again? I really want to find out (by watching, not hearing/reading) what happens after Walter catches Katrick in bed and to Bianca and Joey...
  • i love this show.

    i loved this show and only recently started to watch it, then i found out it got cancelled. i love the movie its based on but this spin off was great and even how they completely changed the story line was amazing. i would love to see how it all ends, surely they cant leave it on a cliffhanger like that!! i mean joey kissing on the biggest poser and kats dad finding her in bed with patrick, even if they just put it online somewhere i would be very grateful.
  • Probably the best teen show I've ever seen.

    I can't believe it got canceled when awful, undeserving shows like "The Secret Life" are still on. At first I didn't want to watch this show. The movie was a favorite of mine, and I was sure the show couldn't live up to my expectations. Eventually I gave it a shot, and I'm extremely happy I did. The plot is good and the acting is great, but what really makes this show so awesome is the writing. It is pure genius! This show most likely has the best dialogues since Gilmore Girls. They are hilarious, and has subtle, clever references of pop colture.
    Over all, This show is just genuinely funny. Each and every episode made me laugh out loud and write down quotes, and yet, care for the characters. I wish more shows had this kind of humor.
  • This Show Is really great.

    I actually loved it and in the beginning i thought it was boring but then i kept watching it. i can't believe their not showing it anymore. why is that? i want to know if anyone knows y they stopped it plzz tell me so we can find a way to bring it back!!!
  • This show is very entertaining. Like the show and the actors are well picked.

    The show is not very well acted, at first. But ones you watch two to three episodes you will get why they act the way they do. They make the annoying sister and the not/well caring sister are well done. Bianca is very persistend, but it is nice that she has more morals now. But the thing I like best is Kat and Patrick. Even though Kat is a bit more desparate then in the movie, I like that they are showing more of her soft side and there love... The thing I do not like is Cameron. He is to stupid. But that is just because the one in the movie is so good! Joseph did a good job, sorry new Cameron. Anyway, I am hooked on the show. Looking forward for the next episode. Have fun watching.
  • Widowed Ob/Gyn Dad raises two teen daughters, discourages sex with "life." Teen boys play an outside influence on girls' storyline, smart girls with different agendas. To achieve popularity in the teen bubble of life versus popularity in the real world.

    I consider this one of my guilty pleasures. I dont think i should like it as much as i do. Should a 40 year old mother of 3 already whiny girls enjoy this show? In spite of the teen angst i usually find tiresome, the hapless wisdom of the gyno-dad versus the streetwise of the TD+H man-boy, the petty genius of the would be cheerleader versus booksmart but surprisingly clueless enviromentalist, makes for humorous episodes that keep me coming back for more. Maybe i'll get tired of it later. How long can they draw out the movie in tv format?
  • Its an awsome show

    I just barely notice this show! I finished watching all the episodes plz bring it back. I've watched the movie also, and they are both awesome! How can we make it come back? I want to know what happens next please don't leave us like that!
  • I loved 10 things I hate about you.

    I loved this show, sadly i kept missing it on telly cause i was busyy, so i watched it on the internet, it was maddd!
    I have seen the movie, which i liked but not as much as others did, wasnt a reall favorite for me. But even though this show is BASED on the movie it is amazing. I don't understand how they can cancell it, i enjoyed the show cause in a way they made the movie for the younger generation, but im still sure my mum would still like this show, and the movie was a fave of hers.
    I hope maybee it might stay with fox 8 cause im in oz and thats what it aired on ;) i will be mass bummed if they cancell it from like all the places it was airedd.
  • If you watched the movie you probably know the premise of the story - the gist being that the popular sister Bianca can only date if her "shrew" sister Katerina does.

    Now this time around, the cast is still branded with the same names but the dynamic of these characters are different. The sisters are still fire and ice, the father is still hilariously overbearing and the supporting characters are all there but Chastity is now the most influential person in school, Patrick is NO Heath Ledger (RIP) and Joey Donner is a good guy that is too stupid to be vindictive.

    I'm a lover of both the Shakespeare play and the original movies so I was expecting to be disappointed, but it is starting to feel as though it is another re-telling that stands alone from the movie in a good way. I am actually liking Kat with all my might this time around because she is learning to let herself go gradually instead of overnight.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You

    The show is a little boring. I actually kind of like the show 10 Things I Hate About You. I mean the movie was amazing, do not get me wrong, but the show is good too. Not as good as the movie. I cannot believe Lindsey Shaw switched from Nick to ABC/Disney. Well she is perfect for the role though. That is like the main reason I watch the show. I am not sure Meaghan can act all that well. Chastity's voice is annoying to me! These actors and actresses are getting a step up though from the G rated 7 year old programming.
  • Surprinsingly good...but will they manage to keep it good?

    Just like millions of others, I've watched the movie with Julia S. and Heath L.and when I first saw that they made a tv show out of it, I laughed. And then, I watched it. And I laughed, except, this time, I wasn't laughing at the show.
    I was surprised at the freshness of it all, and the fact, and I have to say, I prefer the TV Kat to the Movie Kat.
    I'm not sure yet if they'll live and manage to score a 3rd season, or if all should stop here, but the particular format, may be the way they'll manage to do it...
    Seriously, it betters to keep viewers wanting more than drowning them in a 50 min drama...We already have enough of that on CW.
  • An interesting start, but will it succeed in the long run?

    I absolutely love the movie, and i have to admit, the first episode was impressive. my only concern is will it be able to continue. I like the characters and the plot is really good. It has a bit of humor which will never hurt anyone. And there is a lot of interesting scenes like when Kat smashes into Chastity's car after they get into an argument over a parking spot. I like Bianca's character as well.

    But, i have to admit, I'm not to impressed with the Cameron's character. He seems a bit of a nerd. At least the Cameron in the movie was a little cute. though, I'm sure if i watch some more episodes, i will like him more.

    All in all, the first episode was OK. :)
  • An entertaining show if not taken too seriously

    If you took this show seriously, and criticised its writing, actors, storyline and general pretence then I am sure you will not enjoy it!

    This show is literally a piece of fun! You can laugh, cringe or even cry at it but it is really just meant to be entertaining and cute for anyone to watch when they just don't feel like thinking.

    No-one can review this without mentioning the absolutely brilliant film with Julia and Heath, but it's a totally different storyline for the most part, although uses some of the scene and obviously has the same characters.

    If you forget about its parent, then this kid is a great watch!
  • This show is the spin off of the movie. The show itself would be good, if it wasn't taken directly from the movie.

    The show might have been good if it wasn't supposed to resemble the movie. The premise is good, but I hate it 100%, especially when comparing it to the movie. The dialogue is lame. I disagree that it's a smash hit. Maybe it's a smash to the newer generation that hasn't seen the movie. I think it's even worse that the dad from the movie is in the show. This show was a fail, they should have kept the premise, but changed the name of the title and characters, then maybe people would have watched it.
  • The show is a half-hour, single camera series based on the 1999 film of the same name, originally based on the Shakespeare play The Taming of the Shrew. It's about Two very different sisters

    The war between men and women is nothing new, witness The Taming of the Shrew: The archaic language can't conceal a story as pertinent as anything written today and twice as sharp.This teen-oriented gloss on Shakespeare's tale is cute and occasionally quite funny, but it's undermined by slack direction: Far too many scenes are allowed to play way longer than they should, and Gil Junger's TV roots are revealed in his excessive reliance on close-ups and the cast's preponderance of TV actors. This show can be sometimes so childish that you wonder if it's made for 10 years old girls.

    A great plot but the show is stil very bad.
  • I normally like most shows that get put out, especially silly teen shows but this is terrible!!!!

    Now i watch alot of silly tv shows and even if they aren't that great then they still do have their good points, but in the first 10 minutes watching this show i realise that i had just lost 10 minutes of my life that i would never get back. The acting is terrible, they may be young but that is no excuse there are good actors out their somewhere otherwise we are in serious trouble for future tv and film! the characters are an awful rip off of the 1999 film and if something is going to be remade actors need to put their own flare into the characters, there is no point redoing the exact same characters again. It is terrible. All the extra stuff they have added to make it into a series does not make the story line any better, it was great the way it was. Good luck to anyone who wishes to watch this show, and sorry i was so harsh but the truth needs to be told.
  • Just plain bad... This show soils the movies memory with a pathetic attempt to revamp the plot and characters.

    ABC family launches another teen demographic aimed show, but unlike some of their better work (i.e. Kyle XY) this show is just plain awful. The character's blocking is obviously rehearsed to death and forced. The dialogue is equally terrible making this show painful to watch. The characters are unlovable and don't live up to their predecessors. The casting director's choices are astoundingly horrible, causing me to wonder if no one bothered to show up to the casting call; which could be a good career saving move because this black hole of a show will obviously be a stain on all it's participates resumes.

    The idea is brilliant, reworking a Shakespeare classic much like the movie did for Taming of the Shrew, The Lion King did with Hamlet, or Get Over It did with A Midsummer Night's Dream, but unlike the listed above the show lacks comedy, the character depth, and actor talent.

    However, it was refreshing to see the cameos that appear throughout the show. This show follows the movie closely with such similarities as, Joey is an IQ challenged male model, The Dad is still played by the gifted Larry Miller, Letters To Cleo reappearing to play I Want You to Want Me, and much more. With that in mind though the viewer wonders how long can ABC Family stretch a 90 min moive plot?

    To wrap up, IF you didn't enjoy the movie, then I suggest you skip it entirely and save yourself the nausea this show would induce. IF you did like the movie you will hate what this remake, and regret spending half an hour of your life shifting through the poor imitation that is 10 Things I Hate About You.