10 Things I Hate About You

ABC Family (ended 2010)





10 Things I Hate About You Fan Reviews (23)

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  • This show is very entertaining. Like the show and the actors are well picked.

    The show is not very well acted, at first. But ones you watch two to three episodes you will get why they act the way they do. They make the annoying sister and the not/well caring sister are well done. Bianca is very persistend, but it is nice that she has more morals now. But the thing I like best is Kat and Patrick. Even though Kat is a bit more desparate then in the movie, I like that they are showing more of her soft side and there love... The thing I do not like is Cameron. He is to stupid. But that is just because the one in the movie is so good! Joseph did a good job, sorry new Cameron. Anyway, I am hooked on the show. Looking forward for the next episode. Have fun watching.