10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 15

The Winner Takes It All

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2010 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Bianca and Walter are watching a home video of when she and Kat were kids. There's a talent show coming up and Bianca wonders what she can do for the show. Kat wants Walter to review an article she wrote for a paper. At school the next day, Joey shows Bianca his Russian dancing, which will be used for the talent show. Patrick comments from afar with Kat about Joey's weirdness. Cameron comes by and shows Kat one of his magic tricks. Patrick reminisces about Cameron in middleschool and how he was embarrassed at one of the talent shows back then.

At home, Bianca has picked her song to sing and dance to while Kat is indifferent about the whole thing. At school the next day, Cameron can't do the magic show because Michael has quit as his assistant. Kat gets Cameron to not quit the show and offers to be his assistant. Patrick wonders why Kat is so interested; he understands Kat wants Bianca to lose. Patrick goes ahead and bets that Cameron will win (because he knows how Kat works) in the hopes to cash in big. Meanwhile, Chastity, a usual shoe-in to win, is practicing in the courtyard but she's singing Bianca's song. Chastity isn't going to back down easily from her song selection.

At the talent show, Patrick sits beside Walter and informs him that Kat is actually in the show. Walter is surprised but accepts. Patrick mentions Kat is jealous of Bianca and that this show is going to be good. Principal Holland opens the show. The first student plays an accordion. Cameron is up next with Kat, but he's nervous to go on. Kat encourages that the show will be great. Bianca and Joey are also preparing. They see Cameron as well and then Kat. They are on stage next and as they start, Kat gets stage fright. It only gets worse. Backstage, Charlie (re: punched by Mandella way back from the first couple of episodes) informs Chastity that her auto-tuner is broken. Chastity can't compete without it. Bianca asks Charlie if she can switch back to her original song. Back on stage, Kat is still having a hard time. Cameron makes her disappear but is unable to get her back.

Backstage, Chastity is talking to her mom. Chastity thinks she can still sing, but her mom sort of puts her down and says to not embarrass herself. Bianca overhears this and suggests a duet with Chastity. It goes better than expected and both have a great time. Patrick finds Cameron and tells him he bet on him so he has to get back out there and make Kat reappear. Instead of continuing magic, he breaks out in song with the classic "My Girl". Patrick pushes the accordion player back on stage to play along. Backstage, Bianca talks to Kat and tries to cheer her up. They're both jealous of each other for some things. After Cameron is finished, Principal Holland gets everyone on stage. Bianca grabs Kat from the back and brings her front-and-center. Walter kisses both with his T-shirt that now says "--Kat and-- Bianca's dad" instead of just Bianca's dad. The winner ends up being Joey who scores a walk-on role for a gymnastics show.