10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 16

Too Much Information

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 03, 2010 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Bianca and Joey are watching a modeling show ("The Biggest Poser"). Joey can't concentrate because there are cupcakes in front of him. He doesn't want to eat them so he puts them in the fridge. The show is looking for male models so Joey may enter. Kat returns to her bedroom and finds Patrick lying on her bed. Patrick says he missed Kat. Kat allows a kiss but tells him to leave because Walter will have a fit if they are caught. Patrick asks to stay the night because he got "kicked out". Kat says no, but it seems Patrick really has no place to go as he suggests he'll just have to sleep in the park. Kat lets him stay, but he's sleeping on the floor.

In the middle of the night when Kat awakes, Patrick is gone. Kat looks for him and finds him downstairs eating from the fridge. But Patrick is actually sleep-walking or sleep-bingeing and Kat gets him to snap to wakefulness. Patrick eats all of the cupcakes. The next morning, Bianca wonders where they are. Walter denies eating them. At school, Patrick now asks Kat to borrow her car after school tomorrow. Kat asks why he left yesterday night (after the cupcakes) and why he needs the car now. Patrick doesn't mention any problems at home or any other stressors. Meanwhile, Joey has signed up for the "Biggest Poser" and tells Bianca and Chastity to be his cheerleaders. Bianca asks about the cupcakes, but Joey didn't eat them. Bianca thinks Joey secretly ate those cupcakes and potentially has an eating disorder.

Inside the school, Cameron asks Kat if she's seen Patrick and is carrying a box marked with his name on it. Kat is suspicious and asks what the package is. Turns out, Patrick is having his mail sent to Cameron's house, but it's supposed to be on the down-low. Kat suggests following Patrick with Cameron; Cameron doesn't initially want to do this but is now blackmailed with the package thing (supposed to be on the down-low). Meanwhile, Joey is trying to tape an audition tape, but they've already done 17 takes and Joey doesn't think it's perfect yet. Chastity turns to the girls and says that he may really have an eating disorder. So the cheerleaders get together and plan an intervention.

Kat gives the keys to her car to Patrick. Patrick wants to know if there's a catch but she denies there's one. Cameron picks up Kat in his mom's car and starts following Patrick. The girls continue planning. Instead of doing a direct intervention for Joey, they're going to wean him into admitting he has problems by giving a fake intervention to Bianca first. On the hunt for Patrick, Kat makes Cameron follow Patrick into a corporate building. Cameron takes too long to park, however, so they don't end up following him inside. Instead they'll wait until he leaves to follow him wherever he goes next. Meanwhile, Dawn, Chastity, and Bianca put on the fake intervention show about eating disorders to make Joey try to admit that he has one. Joey even calls Ms. Tharpe in, figuring it'd be best to call in someone who can really help. Back in town, Kat and Cameron have been waiting over an hour in the parking lot and Cameron now has to pee. Kat suggests a beverage cup, but Cameron won't go for that. He instead heads to the bushes. Patrick finds Kat in the car.

Patrick asks why Kat and Cameron followed him. Patrick is upset but says he was talking to his therapist. Kat asks why he's seeing a therapist. Patrick says he's not exactly having a great time lately and walks home tossing Kat the keys. Ms. Thorpe tries to talk to Bianca about the eating disorder. Bianca tries again to out Joey's assumed eating disorder. Walter then comes in as well thinking Bianca has an eating disorder. Bianca mentions it was fake to get Joey to talk. Joey storms out of the classroom. Joey shows Bianca his food log, which doesn't list any bad carbs. Bianca apologizes but she explains she was just making sure Joey wasn't going overboard with the whole modeling thing. Kat pulls her car over to where Patrick is walking and asks him to at least let her drive him home. They don't have to talk. Surprisingly, he gets in, but he wants Kat to drop him off at school. Patrick asks why Kat cares so much and she replies that she cares about him. Patrick opens up a bit and says he has a step-father that isn't very nice. The package was a Snuggie (the blanket with arm holes). Patrick holds Kat's hand as they continue to drive.
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