10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 3

Won't Get Fooled Again

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 21, 2009 on ABC Family
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Bianca asks Cameron to help her to fit in with the popular group at a party. However Bianca's dad forbids her from attending the party.

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  • Season 1, Episode 3

    This episode was great! The characters are really great and the actors are amazing. Lindsey Shaw is amazing as Kat. Bianca and the dad are great too. Cameron used to kind of annoy me but not as much any more. I'm glad that Cameron's friend isn't a main cast member because seeing him once in a while is annoying enough. This was a nice episode break without him in it. Chastity wasn't in this episode either, which didn't bother me that much.

    We finally see Kat rebel and get a fake ID so she can see a band at a club, and Bianca sneaks out when he father grounds her so she and Cameron can go to a pool party when Bianca realizes that she isn't popular when they get the decoy address. Bianca finds out what Kat did and Kat confesses to her dad.

    I really like this show and i hope it contnues as well as these first few episodes were.moreless
  • Sneaking out.

    This episode was very enjoyable, and entertaining. Probably one of the best of the season. Cameron & Bianca sneak out to get to a party. Sort of typical but I like how they took the storyline with the decoy house. Kat goes to a 21+ club, and gets a fake ID just to spend some time with Pat Verona. He doesn't look like a player, and it just feels awkward when he's talking to some blond bimbo. So I think the writers should change that characteristic of him. Kat ends up needing to pick Cameron & Bianca up, and try to sneak Bianca back in. Dad finds out, and Kat is safe until she tells her dad about the club. She doesn't want to be cactus. Nice family moments, I gotta say this show is perfect for ABC Family. Good choice there.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Details on Kat's Fake ID/California Driver's License:
      • Expires: 09-08-12
      • Driver's License No.: 27581902
      • Name: Kat Stratford
      • Address: 23S Evergreen Street Escondido, California 92029
      • Sex: F
      • Hair: BRN; Eyes: BRN
      • HT: 5-07; WT: 110
      • DOB: 09-08-86

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Walter: Why would [Bianca] put me through this. When she comes back, we're having an exorcism!

    • Kat: (referring to Bianca) If she is your little flower, what am I?
      Walter: You're my big tough cactus!
      Kat: Green, spiny and phallic. That's great, Dad.

    • Bianca: When I go out, I have to file the flight plans with the FAA. But she gets to go out without questions asked?!
      Walter: (to Kat) Gonna drink?
      Kat: No.
      Walter: Drugs?
      Kat: No.
      Walter: Sex?
      Kat: Gross.
      Walter: (to Bianca) Satisfied?

    • Walter: Bianca, calm down. I'll take you to the party... and I'll just wait for you in the car outside.
      Bianca: Sure, Dad, why don't you carry me in a BabyBjörn?

    • Kat: So, you snuck out of the house to go to a party, but you had the wrong address. How does that humiliation taste?
      Bianca: Like your stupid soy burgers.

    • Cameron: (after giving his shoes to the taxi driver in exchange for the fare) Ow, I think I stepped on a syringe.
      Bianca: It's just a bottlecap. It didn't even break the skin.

    • Patrick: Looking for me?
      Kat: Yes, if you were the ladies' room.

    • Cameron: I forgot my wallet.
      Taxi Driver: For your sake, I hope your girlfriend has some cash.
      Cameron: What-do you have-wait, you think she could be my girlfriend?

    • Kat: And the Oscar goes to Bianca Stratford for Lying To Her Father!

    • Kat: Boy, that movie was long. Europeans should really learn how to edit.

    • Kat: I showed dad my fake ID. Are we even now?
      Bianca: Not until you get me one.

    • Bianca: Would you like to know what Little Miss Perfect did tonight? She went (Kat interrupts her) to a movie that featured male full frontal nudity.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Kat: Way to go MacGruber!

      Kat references the Saturday Night Live shorts featuring Will Forte as MacGruber, a meandering detective who fails to get out of tricky situations. This is a spoof of the more successful detective on MacGyver (1985).

    • (as Kat found the bathroom cubicle empty just after talking to a guy in it)
      Mandella: Oh, he's like Criss Angel.

      Criss Angel is an illusionist/escapologist who performs death-defying stunts on television, most notably on his A&E Network show Criss Angel Mindfreak.

    • Bianca: Ooh, like 24.
      Cameron: Terrorist bad.

      24 is the FOX action-drama series starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, a government agent who is tasked with protecting the United States from terrorist threats and attacks that happen within one day.

    • The episode title is a reference to the 1971 The Who song of the same name.