10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 3

Won't Get Fooled Again

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 21, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Kat is playing scrabble with her dad, but he is focusing on Bianca being late for curfew. Bianca comes back and explains that she saved someone's life and that's why she is late. The next day Patrick shows up with the same band T-shirt as Kat. He invites her to a rock show tonight and tells her to bring a fake I.D. Bianca seems to be grounded for a weekend and Cameron is still trying to get a date. Bianca plays up that she's not grounded and vows she will be at someone's pool party that night. Bianca says Cameron can come along but he needs to find out where the party is so Bianca doesn't look bad.

Meanwhile, Kat places her "order" for a fake I.D. with someone who remains anonymous in the boy's washroom. In the boy's locker room, Cameron hides in the laundry basket to find out where the party is. It's a success. Kat finds a fake I.D. in her locker later on. It looks pretty good. Now that Bianca has the location she has to get out of being grounded. She makes a dinner for Walter and Kat and then explains that she was invited to a "bible study" gathering tonight. Kat also lies, however, explaining there is a foreign art festival she wants to check out. Walter agrees, but then agrees to let Bianca go as well since Kat is going out. Kat doesn't agree to drive Bianca though, so now she has to find her way to the party.

Kat says she's actually genuinely happy to be going out. Bianca has already left, Cameron having arranged a cab. He somehow forgets his wallet, so he has to pay in shoes. It's actually not the right house – all that hard work for nothing. Meanwhile, Kat gets into the rock show and finds Patrick. Patrick says Kat is excited to see her, but Kat dismisses this. Cameron and Bianca are still walking. And Bianca's cell phone is dead as well. Cameron passes his phone to her. At the rock show, Patrick and Bianca get quite close to a kiss, but Bianca breaks it up in good time. While Kat is on the phone, Patrick already has another girl talking to him, so Kat agrees to pick up Bianca and Cameron from wherever they are. Bianca finds out about the fake I.D. and that she went to a club. Now Bianca has a blackmail bargain, they both agree not to say anything about what happened to either of them tonight. Kat goes into the house and finds out Walter knows that Bianca has sneaked out.

Bianca is caught outside and is prepared to slip out what Kat actually did, but doesn't. Kat tries to explain to Walter that she isn't a trusty cactus. Kat shows Walter the fake I.D. but Walter isn't too upset. There's still a "trial" for both of them tomorrow morning at which they will receive their grounding. The sisters make up in the end and if anything has been accomplished, it's that they have a better understanding of each other.