10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 6

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 11, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Kat and Mandella are discussing a writing assignment, something personal to them. They must have read each others papers, but Kat lies – she didn't have time to read Mandella paper. The teacher who just got engaged seems to have given everyone an A. Kat complains to the teacher about this, but the teacher is more interested in her ring. Chastity plans a shopping spree and manicures/pedicures. Dawn and Bianca are running out of money trying to be Chastity's friend. They need to come up with money fast.

Kat complains to the school psychologist about the grading policy. She also adds that she just got engaged (seems like the psychologist was into the man of the relationship). The psychologist, Ms. Tharp plans to investigate this further. Bianca tries to get Walter to get her a credit car, but he simply finds it outrageous. Walter suggests getting a job or getting injured on the job (to get compensation). Dawn and Bianca come up with a web talk-show idea that will make money. Cameron is asked to help out with the web cast.

Patrick overhears Cameron and tells him that Cameron is being way too nice about trying to get girls. Girls like an alpha dog, Patrick says. Back in class, the writing assignments have been remarked and this time Kat is one of the only ones to get a B-. Kat gets upset – she thought her paper was really good. Meanwhile, the web show is streaming but Dawn and Bianca are only talking about shoes and flipping through magazines. The girls notice that they get more viewers when they are… um… touching each other (e.g. rubbing each other's backs). Michael calls friends to tell them to tune in. Soon enough the audience grows.

The next day, Kat tries to reason with the English teacher, Ms. Sommers. In the process she puts down Mandella's report, and Mandella overhears this. Ms. Sommers does have a point though, she wanted to find out more about Kat and her paper was written in the predictable feminism attitude she displays regularly. Dawn and Bianca strategize how to make more money from users. Many of the boys at school are already watching. Kat creates a petition to protest grade retaliation now. She tries to get Mandella to sign it, but Mandella says no and finds out that Kat didn't even read her story. At, home Dawn and Bianca head upstairs to do more web shows. Kat asks her dad is she is self-centered. Walter says yes. Kat realizes that she needs to stop being so defensive and take in others' opinions. Dawn and Bianca actually plant a kiss on each other for the web show but Walter walks in with dinner right during that moment. Walter is later seen removing the door to Bianca's room.

Kat rewrites her paper for Ms. Sommers, who will consider regrading it. Kat realizes she deserved that earlier B-. Kat has also read over Mandella's paper and tells her that she could really feel the emotions in it. Amends are made. A guy comes up to Bianca who wants her to take her top off on the webcam show. Cameron defends her by pushing the bully out of the way. Bianca also helps and she thanks Cameron with a hug.

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