10 Ways to Save 10 Grand



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10 Ways to Save 10 Grand

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10 Ways to Save 10 Grand is the DIY Network series where host and licensed contractor John DeSilvia shows his top 10 DIY projects that can save you big money. DIY network, standing for "do it yourself", is the channel dedicated to projects you can do in your own home. The channel was launched in 1999, and has since provided programming for all kinds of DIY pursuits. From auto repair to home repair, renovation, quilting, scrapbooking, woodworking, gardening, and much more. DIY has become one of the best resources for crafty folks looking to get inspiration for their own projects. In their series 10 Ways to Save 10 Grand, we get money-saving DIY tips from expert contractor John DeSilvia. John is a Brooklyn native, a former union carpenter, and a licensed contractor. Johnny D studied at Pratt Engineering School, and learned the ropes from leading construction firms before striking out on his own. He opened his own company, Design Tech, and works on high-end homes. John has hosted several shows for DIY, including Run My Renovation, where he leads renovations for 13 homeowners, Under Construction where he refurbishes homes in the Big Apple, and 10 Grand in Your Hand where he shows homeowners how to save up to $10,000 on their renovation project. In the special 10 Ways to Save 10 Grand, John counts down his top money-saving projects that you can do in your own home, while saving big. Learn tips for fixing up bathrooms, kitchens, basements and more, while maximizing savings in the DIY Network series 10 Ways to Save 10 Grand.


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AIRED ON 3/15/2011

Season 1 : Episode 5

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