10 Years Younger

Daily 1:00 PM on TLC Premiered Feb 08, 2004 Between Seasons


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  • I love this shop I always find in enjoyable but always find myself asking how they pick the people how get to have the make over?

    I love this show I always find in enjoyable but always find myself asking how they pick the people how get to have the make over?
    I found the show with Lorraine Harvey a bit upset. I mayself have lost over 10 stone after having to have a stomack repair after the end of a damaging relaytionship. When I was seeing the footage and everthing she had to say about her body because I fell much the same about mine. I was even larger where it all happened and I was very round and busty and now I fill like a very young at heat 42 year old trapped in sink of an 80 year old. I will be alone for the rest of my life because I will not get undresses in front of anyone much less let anyone touch me. I wont even go swimming anymore even if it only all female swim time. I could never walk on a beach in a swim suit. I know she only got to go on the show because she had the money to pay for the work she had done. It left feeling very sad.
  • I watch 10 years younger on a regular basis wishing that it was me on there getting pampered, to where I feel much better about myself. Is there any hope at all for me?

    I Absolutely Love the show, and Dream constantly about that being me,having a whole new look! All those people are very lucky and very fortunate to have the results done like I have seen on the show. I truely wish that I could experience the same thing! I have been hoping and praying for a true miracle like this over the years. I am a cancer survivor and a very strong willed individual, that just needs a liitle boost, to be happier with myself, and I truely believe that 10 years younger can help me! It would truely be a blessing in disguise to be able to have my dream finally come true. My teeth are so bad, that I don't even dare to smile and show them. If I smile, I make sure that I don't show my teeth, because I am too a shamed of them. I have also gained 30 pounds in the last year, and I don't feel too good about myself right now, but I sincerely believe that your show would change all that for me! Please help me feel good about myself again!

    Yours Truely,
    Melinda Fay Moore
  • The show is fine.

    Oh noes. The dreaded "BOX". When the people go into the box, they survey 100 people and ask how old the person is. Their goal on the show is to get the people 10 years younger then how old the people acutally are.

    I think the show is okay. I dont think they do nearly as a good as they do on What Not To Wear.

    And the make-up guy is g@y! Ugh. He bothers me!

    And I wouldnt trust the hair style-ist. She has pink/purple hair most of the show. I would afraid she'd die my hair green or something.

    Thats all ^_^
  • The show "10 Years Younger" is a makeover type show that picks people that have applied to be on the show in and give them a complete makeover from head to toe.

    Everyday after I watch the "Y&R" I flip it to TLC to watch 10 Years Younger. It is a very underestimated makeover show thats gives people a chance to look 10 years younger from either the age they truly are or the average age people estimate them to be. Then they are sent off to normally a dentist or orthodontist, an ophthalmologist, and/or a dermatologist. Then they are sent over to in the newer episodes Mark Montano for wardrobe or in the older episodes Jamie Austin. Then it's off to hair with Jenn MacDonald. And lastly, Damone Roberts for makeup. At the end of the episode they are brought into a room with a sort of runway carpet, and stand before the 3 stylists. They are asked to look at a picture of themselves when they first arrived and then it is flipped to a mirror which reflects their new and improved look.
  • Can't think of anything for this show

    10 Years Younger takes one person that looks older than they are, and invites them to step inside the "box" — a display case in the middle of LA. Complete strangers guess the age, and critque the appearance of the guest, while the "glam squad" is standing by to give them a completely non-surgical makeover, to take a decade off the person's look in a mere 10 days.
  • this show seems to be pretty effective on some people.

    the only thing is that i wonder how many of the people that are on this show maintain their new look. the teeth, sure. but the facial treatments, hair, and makeup? they seem hard to keep up with.

    some of the people's stories are very touching. reasons why they look so much older than they really are. and alot of the time, they genuinley do look alot better. i just wish that they could get some therapy as a part of being on the show, when needed. otherwise, i see alot of them just going back to their normal look. i admit, the show can be depressing at some points, so dont watch if you dont want your mood to be let down a bit.
  • some shows just get you ....10 years younger has some amazing guests

    i just finished watching a rerun episode of 10 years younger. it featured a 48 year old man from manhattan, frank. he was a self employed pizza vendor. first, i cry occasionally because i am touched, and of course wish i could behelped myself!, however this man was so incredibly grateful and warmed and welcomed by these hosts, dentists, doctors and the glam squad, that i was overwhelmed for him. these people on the show are genuinely concerned and sympathetic. it is amazing to me, how much you feel the love displayed for these guests. this man touched me, as well as the entire crew who worked on and with him. he seemed like such a wonderful and deserving man.
  • The show could be so fun if the \\\"stylists\\\" didn\\\'t need the lessons themselves.

    The host, the hair stylist and the makeup artist are wrong wrong wrong. Yes the people do come out looking younger, if that\\\'s the only requirement, fine, but they could look SO much BETTER too. Certainly no competition for \\\"What Not To Wear\\\". It seems that they don\\\'t take anything really challenging. They get the most run down people they can find and of course they\\\'re going to come out looking a tad younger. I suspect they work them over before these people get aired in the first place. JMO but I think if they sent these guys on a fashion course of their own, their victims would\\\'nt suffer so badly.
  • It actually is midly-interesting. And somewhat funny.

    Yeah, so people who look a hot mess go on this show to look ten years younger, for some kind of reason; like marriage, new job, or some kind of other special event. The thing is that they are acutally really young it's just that they look really old so they want to look younger then what they are. So the host and his team of specialist go to work on these people doing things like fixing their teeth, preforming laser eye surgery on them, and giving them make-up, and hair tips. This is why I call midly interesting cause that exactly how it is.
  • 10 Years Younger, where they pick someone who looks 'old' and makes them look 'young'. While a neat idea, I guess, it really gets old after watching it a bunch of times. They use pretty much the same stuff over and over again for everybody.. and it just g

    10 Years Younger, where they pick someone who looks 'old' and makes them look 'young'. While a neat idea, I guess, it really gets old after watching it a bunch of times. They use pretty much the same stuff over and over again (facial treetments, etc) for everybody.. and it just gets boring. Occasionaly there is an episode or two that is interesting.. but for the most part, I'll only watch this if there isn't anything else to watch.