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Gone Too Soon

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    [1]Sep 12, 2006
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    I wish we'd had a chance to get to know this one better.  So much great stuff was going on, I think the American public needed more time to get into it, and that's not something networks like to give us these days.  (Did they ever?)  I was, unlike now, pretty busy during its run, and more often than not set the tape and never got back to it.  Some day I'm going to find all those tapes and watch the ones I only saw part of all the way through, the ones I never saw, likewise all the way through, and the ones I saw all the way through... all the way through again!


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    I really agree, "gone before we got to know ya." This "courtroom drama" is to Any Other Lawyer Show as Homicide--Life on the Street is to the Law and Order franchise. That is, unlike the many "procedurals" of numerous occupational settings--lawyers, doctors, cops, cowboys--this drama was about the people and their relationships, internal and external. Viewed in order, the series showed the development of individual characters and their growing or diminishing relationships with each other. I can only compare it to my favorite "occupational" show, DaVinci's Inquest, which features the best writing and most clearly developed characters of any recent drama.

    I was disappointed that the series was yanked before it found its audience, before word-of-mouth buzz could take off. I liked the fact that the characters were mutli-hued, with admirable characters whose shoes were filled with clay, and irritating folk with redemptive moments.

    I wish I had taped the show myself. Who knew that such a great show, so respectful of the intelligence of its audience, would be stillborn?

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    [3]Sep 28, 2009
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    I wish I have recorded the episodes of show too.

    I hope some network broadcast the re runs soon.

    It was my favorite show on 2002.

    If someone has an idea where I can have them, please contact me.


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