100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd

Nickelodeon (ended 2002)


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  • While it wasn't the best thing on television, this series had an excellent plot and I thought that it was one of the more enjoyable live-action shows on Nickelodeon.

    When I was younger, I seldom cared about live-action shows. I always preferred animation, though 100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd was the exception to that fact. I know that the series wasn't anything special, and I know shows involving bullies have been done many times, but I felt that there was something unique about this show. I liked how the bully was turned into a dog, and how he could only talk to the last person that he had bullied; my only real complaint about the series is that it was cancelled before Eddie could ever complete his task and get back to being human. In the grand scheme of things, I realize that my opinion hardly matters. The series will likely never see the light of day again, but I liked the show and I think it was kind of good.
  • One of the best Nick shows there ever was. Totally should have stayed on the air. Now we have all this stupid stuff and could totally use a show like this.

    100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd was one of the best Nick shows there ever was. Totally should have stayed on the air. Now we have all this stupid stuff and could totally use a show like this nowadays. I was only like 9 or 10 when it was on, but I remember it being fantastic and funny and ust plain awesome. Why do all the good shows get cancelled and we get left with pointless ones? I'd love to see the episodes somewhere, and since it went all the way to 100 in Canada, they shoudl release those episodes, too. =(
  • This is show for me was the best non-animated show in Nickelodeon because it was really funny. I think they should bring it back.

    This show for me was simply one of the best. Because Eddie was a funny dog, and he talked and that is one thing I liked about him the fact that he was really funny. Also the deeds that he had to pass I thought of them as great ones and so far this show has demonstrated good storyline and comedy and that's what I like about it. And Eddie was Justin's dog and that was great. The best thing in the show that I think was the comedy and Eddie talking. Many seasons of this show I truly enjoyed watching them. And this show was a good one and I would like if it could be brought back in television.
  • "100 Good Deeds for Eddie McDowd" is a descent show to watch. It did not last though.

    This show was cut way to fast. I guess because Nickelodeon did not like it because it wasn't a huge success. It was about a boy who was a bully, and he was changed into a dog owned by the kid he bullied. He needed 100 deeds to change back,... But when he changed back he would never remember being friends with the kid he bullied. Always wanted to see the ending of the show but it never lasted long enough to see. My prediction that it would have ended as Eddie not wanting to change back because he wanted to keep his friendship with his owner...
  • omg! loved this show! one of my favorite old nickelodeon shows! but the left us on a cliffhanger nd thats not cool! i wanna know what happens to eddie! if he ever finishes his deeds or not...nickelodeon should really consider bringing this show back...=D.

    ok so wasnt eddie like 2 or 3 deeds away from his final 100?! why cancel it?! obviously a lot of ppl agree w/ me when i say BRING IT BACK! i wanna see eddie finish those deeds! plus the show was totally cute nd funny! if nickelodeon reads this...BIG MISTAKE taking this off the air..BIG..HUGE MISTAKE! >=p
  • Eddie has more deeds to cover bring back the show!

    100th deeds for Eddie McDowd is basicly about an middle or high school student.Who bullies students and causes trouble.When an drifter changes him into an dog.Now he must do 100 good deeds in order to return back to an human.Man! This show was tight! This show I used to watch it every time it was on Nick.Each episode it seem so touching.But now.....Nick doesn't air this show anymore.I am disappointed! I mean they should bring this show back.I mean really they should.I hadn't seen the rest of Eddie good deed.They left the unwritten.
  • 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd=Bring it Back Nickelodeon

    100 Deeds for Eddie Mcdowd was one of Nick's signature shows in my opinion. I couldn't believe that it was gonna be cancelled before Eddie completed 100 good deeds. Nickelodeon that was a messed up thing to do. Eddie was a bully who was turned in to a dog by a strange man and in order to be turned back into a human he would have to complete 100 good deeds. I think he used to talk to the boy that was his owner. Its been such a long time since I've watched it. He only completed 40 or 60 deeds I'm not sure. Bring Eddie back I really miss him.
  • What was that?

    This show was lame. I hated it! I got bored of it so fast. Faster than how Peyton can get 400 yards in 1 game. I just deeply got bored and wished it went away. A guy is mean and gets turned into a dog. Big whoop. I can think of better show ideas than that!
  • watching like a daily deed, Eddie is my favorite breed.

    I miss One hundred Deeds for Eddie Mcdowd. I love the plot line. I love how Justin and Eddie turn into weird types of friends. It was a classic Sunday night Nick comedy, which was inventive and interesting all the same.

    Eddie Mcdowd, overtime, turns into someone other than who he started as. Thanks to Justin, and those who turned him into a dog. What i love is how only Justin can hear Eddie, which of course leads everyone to think at one point or another that Justin is absolutely crazy.

    But it's a really great, classic, almost forgetton, show. Eddie helps Justin find his confidence, and Justin helps Eddie tame down.

    ... I only wish they'd gone on to the very last deed.
  • pleez pleez pleez pleeze bring this back!

    this show was so cool i used to wathc it when i got home from school on nickelodeon i wish they'd bring it back it was sooooo funny.it was cool and unique i don't even know why they took it off now people are forgetting about this show when it was a great and unique story line and not a copy cat show like regular shows today it was so much fun to watch i know it wasn't realistic but seriously who cares?all the funny fun stuff in it makes up for the unrealistic stuff.i hope nick brings this back i hope nick brings back all o'l school nick stuff because ol school nick well face it you can't get any better than that.

    ~pink_girl~ stay pink!
  • Eddie Mcdowd was a big bully so he was turned into a dog. To become human again he would have to do 100 good deeds.

    This was an awesome show and I don't think Nickelodeon treated it with the respect it deserved. I used to watch it all the time. Eddie only completed like 40 deeds. Although it didn't finish it was good while it lasted. The creator of the show was a genius. The plot of the show was great and the actors did exceptionally well too. I wish Nickelodeon would at least show reruns of this truly classic show. Hopefully the DVD set will come out as a part of the Nick Rewind Collection. But until then I will forever miss this show.
  • Why is it gone?

    I used to honestly like this show but I was wondering, did he ever turn back to a human? It has been gone for so long that I can\'t seem to remember it. This was a very interesting show that I can\'t believe that went away so soon. There was honestly nothing wrong with it. This was a good show in my opinion. I give it an 8 because, it went away too fast and I can\'t seem to remember it. I miss the show too.
  • A "bad boy" gets a wake up call when he goes too far, and gets turned into a dog. Can he do 100 good deeds and turn back into a teen, or will he be stuck as a canine forever?

    It was a pretty good show. I liked it a lot! Sad we didn't get to see all 100 good deeds. it would've been cool. i thought since they came up with 100, they'd at least get that many ep's, but i guess not. that creepy guy who turned the kid into a dog was really weird tho! but a dang good show! i miss it!
  • it's totally cool!

    eddie mcdowd is a teenager who was turned into a dog for misconducts. in redeeming himself, he needs to complete 100 deeds alongside justin taylor, a kid he bullied before turning into a canine. succeeding in this mission would have to be a coaster ride-- anything to be human again.

    a unique concept with quality storyboards. funny, witty, and definitely worth seeing. its episodes tackles on teenhood problems, canine dilemmas and other predicaments we keep facing everyday. seeing life in a dog's perspective? this is one heck of a show you wouldn't want to miss. with constant appearances from the drifter, witnessing eddie accomplish one deed after another, it'll certainly tickle your fancy on how the hell does a dog do it.
  • It was pretty good! Why did they have to get rid of it?

    It's about a boy who gets turned into a dog, and wont turn back into a human until he does 100 good deeds. He ends up living with a boy,who is the only one who knows the real story, and his family. He helps him out with the deeds. I accually liked it, I wanted to know if he turned back or not! It was good, but now it got replaced with this new crap!
  • Now, before Eddie can shed the canine curse and become human again, he must make amends by performing 100 good deeds.

    School bully Eddie McDowd has been terrorizing practically every kid in town for years--and getting away with it. But when a mysterious drifter turns him into a dog for running new kid Justin Taylor up the flagpole, it looks like Eddie's picked a bone with the wrong guy. Now Eddie has to perform 100 good deeds if he ever wants to walk on two feet again. To make matters worse, it turns out Justin is the only person in town who can understand Eddie's bark. While the two, er, kids, couldn't be more different, they realize they can help each other: Eddie can help Justin fit in at school, and Justin can teach Eddie a thing or two about right and wrong--and keep him out of the doghouse! "100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd" stars a School Bully who got turned into a dog by a drifter for being a bad kid. He then ends up in the Pound where he's adopted by the last kid he bullied. From there, Eddie McDowd (played by a 5 year old Australian Shepard/Husky Mix named Rowdy) has to perform 100 good deeds in order to become a kid again. This show also stars Brandon Gilberstadt who plays 12 year old Justin Taylor, his sister Gwen, (Morgan Kibby), and his best friend, Sharifa (Brenda Song).

    I truly miss 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd. It was a classic Nickelodeon show that never got all of its episodes to run. I wish one day, I'd see it back on television.