100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Eye Of The Mongrel
    Eye Of The Mongrel
    Episode 12
    Justin and Eddie discover a Frisbee dog, Spitfire, in the park. His owner, Slade owns a scooter shop and is too busy to enter him in the Frisbee competition. Slade agrees to let Justin enter Spitfire in the contest for him. Eddie and Justin train Spitfire for Saturdays contest, but he seems bummed. He wants his owner to be his trainer and feels like he's letting him down. Justin and Eddie get Slade to throw disks for Spitfire at the competition and Eddie picks up a deed.moreless
  • You Talk Too Much
    You Talk Too Much
    Episode 11
    Eddie spies on Justin's conversations by walkie-talkie and the Drifter punishes him by taking away his ability to talk to Justin. Eddie also takes Tori's favorite rugby jersey and it goes into the sewer. After losing her jersey, Tori feels homesick and plans a flight back to England. Eddie realises what he's done and retrieves Tori's jersey. After getting it back she decides to stay, and Eddie picks up a deed and gets his voice back.moreless
  • Whistle A Happy Tune
    Mr. Taylor is having trouble with a dog on his mail route. Eddie volunteers to help keep the dog at bay. Meanwhile Justin takes up the trumpet, but can't play. At Eddie's suggestion, he begins playing a tape so that it sounds like he's practicing. Eddie is baffled by Ike, the seemingly harmless dog that suddenly snaps. Doug threatens to have Ike sent to "the room" if he does it again.moreless
  • Ruby
    Episode 9
    Eddie finds another dog, Ruby, that is going through the same thing he is however she only has one deed to go. Determined not to lose her now, he devises a plan to keep her from getting her last deed.
  • Sick As A Dog
    Sick As A Dog
    Episode 8
    Justin has to sell licorice for a school fund raiser. When Eddie eats some it makes him sick and Sally convinces him that he has the dreaded doggie disease, Black Tongue. Justin isn't having too much luck selling licorice. Everyone in his family, except him, is eating the licorice when they have problems. Doug can't fix the car, Lisa's casserole burns, Tori's health food diet isn't working. Eddie's preparing for the worst.moreless
  • So Shoe Me
    So Shoe Me
    Episode 7
    Eddie has a new love for the taste of shoes. Any shoe in site is fair game. The Taylors are thinking of taking drastic measures to stop him, doggie boot camp? Meanwhile Lisa wants Justin to take dance lessons, Justin wants no parts of this. He tries everything in his power to keep from going. Tori teaches him that dancing can be fun, and a good way to meet girls and he decides to give it a try. Eddie finds a box of shoes in an alley and keeps a homeless women away from them. He realises that she needs them more then he does and he's cured of his taste fro shoes and gets a deed to boot.moreless
  • Matchmaking Mutt
    Matchmaking Mutt
    Episode 6
    Eddie and Justin meet a girl and her dog at the park. Using the dogs as an excuse to become friends with her. Eddie has to date her dog....much to his dislike. Meanwhile Tori finds a dress that she wants for the dance. Mrs. Taylor says since the dress is expensive she'll make it herself...too bad she can't sew. When talking to Phillis, the dog, he finds out that her owner already has a boyfriend. When Eddie tries to tell Justin, Justin doesn't believe him, but he soon finds out for himself. Eddie saves Justin from making a fool out of himself. Eddie gets a deed, and Justin finds another girl at the park. Mrs. T finds out sewing isn't her thing, she buys Tori the dress and as for her creation. well, Eddie has a new pillow.moreless
  • A Star Is Born
    A Star Is Born
    Episode 5
    The Taylors volunteer their house to shoot a dog food commercial in. The commercials star pooch, Mojo, has a dangerous run in with machinery, and can't shoot. Eddie fills in for him and the fame goes to his head. Tori tries her hand at cooking for the crew, however most of her creations don't go over so well. With out Mojo working in show business his owner and him become poor. Eddie realises what he's done wrong and gets Justin to help him give his job in show biz back to it's rightful owner. They're successful and Eddie gets a deed. Tori also finds out that cooking is not her thing.moreless
  • Eddie Loves Tori
    Eddie Loves Tori
    Episode 4
    Ah, love is in the air. Eddie is begining to fall for Tori, only one problem...he's still a dog. Sariffa has been getting into the habit of calling Justin early in the morning to tell him about her dreams. Tori says it's because she likes him. But is it true? Meanwhile Tori brings a friend, Ethan, over after school. Eddie gets jelious and chases him out of the house.Tori gets upset because she thinks Ethan just abandoned her. Justin finds out it's all a misunderstanding, Sariffa doesn't like him. And Eddie realises if he cares about Tori, he should want her to be happy. Whether that's with Ethan or not. He protects Ethan from some bullies near the raliroad tracks and gets another deed.moreless
  • Personal Trainer
    Personal Trainer
    Episode 3
    Sally, the dog next door, gets a new dog trainer who Eddie has the hots for. Eddie pretends to be bad and gets Shelby to be his trainer too. When Justin sees her, he falls for her too. Now these too friends are fighting for the same girl, and they don't play nice. Eddie makes it seem like Justin's a bad guy and makes Shelby not like him. In the end, he helps her realise that the bond between him and Justin in special. Shelby gives Justin another shot and Eddie gets another deed.moreless
  • Homeward Hound (2)
    Homeward Hound (2)
    Episode 2
    Eddie gets involved with a group of guys in a circus sideshow that want to hurt Eddie. Justin comes to his aid, but then finds himself in danger. Meanwhile his parents get to England and realise it was all a misunderstanding, Mr. Watt also realises he has been mistaken. Eddie saves Justin from the circus crew and picks up a deed. Eddie has learned to accept his new family, and that family now has a new British guest...Tori.moreless
  • Homeward Hound (1)
    Homeward Hound (1)
    Episode 1
    Gwen joins a foreign exchange student program and goes to England. The Taylors have a phone mishap with Tori who mistakes Mr. Taylor for a taylor. They decide to go to England and save Gwen from the Sloans (Tori's parents). Meanwhile their neighbor, Mr. Watt, suspects the family to be behind a jewel heist that has recently been on the news. Eddie decides to go on a journey of his own and look for his family, since he doesn't feel like a part of the Taylors. Justin goes after him and has Sariffa fill in as him until he gets back...good thing it's only Crazy Grandma watching him!moreless