$100 Makeover

Saturday 10:00 AM on A&E Premiered Jun 19, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Nick and Rachel
      Nick and Rachel
      Episode 10
      Nick & Rachel have furniture that is mismatched and too big, and they both have trouble throwing anything away. But that is nothing compared to the mounds of clothes covering two bedrooms AND the laundry room!
    • Michael and Sharon
      Sharon and Michael live in a beautiful home, but have absolutely no design sense between the two of them. The entryway features their dining room table, the walls are painted bright crayon colors, and there's absolutely no art on the blank walls!
    • Rhonda and Michael
      Rhonda is at her wits end with her husband Michael and their kids! Coats, shoes, and book bags clutter the entry and living room. Our Team helps Rhonda and Michael de-clutter and rebuild their rooms.
    • Jenn and Anthony
      Jenn and Anthony
      Episode 7
      This couple's three bedroom home is completely dysfunctional. Their two young kids have practically taken over the living room with toys and coats. Anthony loves to cook, but the small, cramped kitchen makes cooking pretty difficult.
    • Jay and Stephanie
      Jay's parents come from out of town to help care for the children a few days a week. Unluckily for the Grandparents, they have to stay in a red, cluttered, mess that looks more like a flophouse then a bedroom!
    • John and Amy
      John and Amy
      Episode 5
      John, Amy, and their two-year old daughter Sophia are growing out of their three-bedroom home. There's plenty of room, they just have way too much furniture. Amy has a home office, but it's so cluttered with furniture that it's impossible to work in!
    • Jessica and Drew
      Jessica and Drew
      Episode 3
      Drew and Jessica have a full house! Three little girls, two dogs, and a collection of Star Wars action figures are taking over. The girls share a bedroom and their beds practically cover the entire floor space. The living room has never been updated.
    • Pamela & Carey
      Pamela & Carey
      Episode 2
      Newlyweds Pamela and Carey are already facing their first marriage dilemma: space! Carey just moved all of his stuff into Pamela's three bedroom home. Now Carey's stuff remains in boxes and he feels like a visitor.
    • Elise & Bobby
      Elise & Bobby
      Episode 1
      Designer Leslie Segrete, Organizer Robbie Laughlin, and Carpenter Rib Hillis help Bobby and Elise fix their home in Cedar Park, just outside of Austin, Texas. All for under $100 a room!