100 Questions

Season 1 Episode 2

Are You Open Minded?

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jun 03, 2010 on NBC

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  • Mike introduces Charlotte to his new girlfriend, but she has the feeling she is hitting on her. She asks if she is a les and if so, why is she dating Mike? She says that she is "open minded."

    I still don't think this show is going anywhere, but I looked up the cast since it wasn't listed here, at least last week it wasn't. I read that the Asian woman was played by Elizabeth Ho but now when I see the next episode, it had credits in the beginning, and now I saw that it was Smith Cho. Did they change or was my original report erroneous? The black guy at the dating agency who is conducting the 100 questions interview is gay I guess I should have seen that coming, but I didn't give it much thought. Anyway, he is officially gay I see that the guy who plays Mike is also a writer and producer. He is the weakest actor. The other guy didn't really do much better, though. In the first episode I thought he might turn out to be interesting. This episode took an interesting idea but it went nowhere. I am trying to be "open minded" but this show is doomed!
  • 102

    The second episode of NBC's new comedy show, 100 Questions, improves a bit on the pilot, but this show was still dead on arrival and I do not think this episode will change anything.

    The problem with 100 Questions is that it comes off as a complete rip-off of How I Met Your Mother, Friends etc. This actually could've been a script for "Mother" with just slight changes done (like having Smith Cho instead of Alyson Hannigan obsessed with shoes.)

    Sophie Winkleman has the dry British wit down and she's an underrated female lead, and David Walton is really funny in the role, but the other three just are not funny enough to be stars of a primetime NBC comedy series, and that is why this show will fail.
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