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  • This i my favorite show ever........................................................................

    I think it is funny and goofy.. I just love it...

    ..and for those who think the humor is cheap..it isn't you just have to use you're brain to get it.. Ps. there is just one thing the writers and directors could change to the, hopefully, upcoming episodes.. make something more out of wayne and charlottes relationship.. i'm not saying they have to be together--YET..(we can all see that there is something between them).. just make it a little more obvious... give charlotte a boyfriend, who is cheeting and the only one who knows is wayne... that would be great.. well i will let the writing e your part, and not mine

  • One Question--how did this show get on the air?

    100 Questions is an amazingly bad show. Primarily, it is simply not funny, which is a problem for a comedy. The premise is a blatant copy of Friends. The writing of this show is consistently juvenile, hackneyed and unoriginal. Lead actress Sophie Winkleman is so awful in this show it is just astonishing. Her flat and stilted delivery of the unfunny dialog in her weird lispy British accent is a wonder to behold. She doesn't gel with the other actors at all--in fact she seems to be in a completely different show. She truly appears to have no comedic skills whatsoever. The rest of the cast are simply bland. Only Smith Cho shows any hint of comic sublety or acting talent. 100 Questions is a horrible blemish on the otherwise wonderful NBC Thursday night lineup.
  • A show set in New York City where a single woman is answering questions at a dating service. Each episode expains the answer to the question proposed at the begining of the show.

    This is one of the WORST shows I've ever seen. NBC has an amazing line up on Thursday night, which now has a pile of crap in the middle of it. 100 Questions is Friends 2.0, with more ethnic diversity, the same bad laugh track, and even less creativity. NBC has 4 great comedy shows on Thursday night that do not use a laugh track because they are actually funny. 100 Questions has the standard sexual tension that kicks off right from the pilot between the beautiful Sophia Winkleman (Charlotte) and David Walton (Wayne) that will keep every teenage girl wondering, when will they realize they are so perfect for each other. The only thing I was wondering after this show was when will my nausea will pass.

    If you saw this show, you know what I'm talking about. It was unfunny & the acting was absolutely horrid. How it ever got on the air, I don't know. But I just read the news that it was canceled and I have NEVER been happier about a show being taken off the air!

    On top of things, the acting in this show was so bad that I would seriously recommend the actors go back to acting classes. If this is the crap their going to be doing in their career, I wouldn't look for many of them in the future.
  • This show has cheap humor and no hook. The characters seem as if they could be interesting but the words that come out of their mouths are idiotic and childish and make the viewer cringe.

    This show is about a women who is being interviewed for dating service. During the interview, she shares her stories about her past relationships and failures. Because of this plot line, which centers on the popping up of memories, there is no flowing story line. None of the stories relate to each other so it feels to the viewer as if they themselves are stuck in an endless interview and not in an entertaining love story. And that is another issue altogether, this show is supposedly about relationships, yet there is no spark of romance between any of the characters. I wouldn't be surprised if this show was canceled after the end of this season.
  • A woman with a British accent goes to a dating service that claims they can find her soul mate based on her answers to 100 questions. She has just broken up with a man who proposed after dating her for 3 months, at a Yankee's game on the Jumbotron.

    OK, this show seems like a pilot for a summer replacement series. Like when the fall shows get canceled they throw a bunch of shows against the wall to see if anything will stick. There is the framing device like in How I Met Your Mother, but here it is the dating service. The black guy who conducts the 100 questions interviews is cheeky and too bad he is not one of the principle 5--the friends of the woman with a British accent who is looking for her soul mate. She has a blonde friend and an Asian friend, and there are two guys. One is kind of nerdy and the other is scruffy looking but with a certain raffish charm. The nerdy guy thinks up pick up lines but they don't work. The scruffy guy can say the same line and it does work. It is all in the delivery. They have a bet that no matter how bad the line, he can make it work. The nerdy guy writes something like "During the 1700's there was an epidemic of scrotal cancer among chimney sweeps." This works. But then he writes another pick up line, to go double or nothing, and the guy declines. Latter they find that the line he didn't want to say was the truth: "Hi, my name is (whatever his name was) and my father is a billionaire but he recently cut me off without a dime. I have never had a job and I am sleeping on my friend's couch." He can't make this line work. Oh, yeah, the Asian woman goes out with a guy she met at the ball game who paints himself in his teams colors. She meets him and finds out that he is an albino. She gives him a chance and finds that she likes him. Then when he tries to meet her friends, they are freaked out. The nerdy guy squeals like a girl. Is this what we have come to? Where we have to make fun of albinos?

    I can't see this show developing into a hit or even a cult favorite. The scruffy guy seemed to have the most potential, once his back story was revealed. The nerdy guy the least potential. It was like he was on a different show than everyone else. Like he was Screach on Saved by the Bell while comparison the rest of the cast was doing Shakespeare. Sometimes these shows will have maybe one or two people who really have something, but they have to try quite a few shows before they find one that clicks for them. British accent woman, the "star" was kind of appealing, but her accent is already tedious. Asian woman girl friend looked familiar. If she is on her second or third show, she still hasn't found the right vehicle. 100 Questions? How did this mediocre show get the green light, for starters. How long before it's canceled? Oh, I can't take another 98 questions.
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