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    [1]Sep 8, 2011
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    Ledge Hammered:

    A Workaholic Leaves His Wife To Get More Work Done. one of his papers flies out of the window of his office fife stories up. while climbing out of the window to get it, he falls five stories and dies.


    A Man Tries To Kill His Partner so he Can Get the fame During A Circus Act. He Cuts The Rope So His Partner Will Fall Off during the trampese ac. however, he gets the rope he cut and falls. the fall only breaks his legs. while laying on the ground, unable to move, he gets attacked by tigers from the act next to them.

    Foul Balled

    A Baseball Fan Pushes A Kid To Catch A Foul Ball during a baseball game. he misses and gets hit in the head with a baseball which cracks his skull.

    Heavy metal

    A Magician Cheats Juggling By Putting Metal implants in His gloves And Juggles With Magnetic Balls. he Finishes The Act By Throwing The Balls At the Celing (Which Are Made Of Metal) but misses and the 3 pound ball hits him in the head.

    For The Birds

    a Man Steals picnic Baskets In The Woods. While Eating The Stolen food he Gets Attacked in The Face By a flock of birds. while blind from the attack, he runs into 2 bears who both attack him.

    Prison Broke

    a prisoner escapes prison. while running from the cops he goes into the woods. he gets lost in the woods and gets found by police dogs. who bit him, crushing his tracnea


    while camping, a nature hater stays up all night watching horror movies on a portable DVD player. the next day he thinks he sees a monster but its actually a bear and he gets mauled.

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    [2]Sep 9, 2011
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    A prison Escapee Hides Under A Diner. While Under There the Owner Sprays rat poison Under The Building While He Is Sleeping. He Breaths It In And Dies 3 days later.

    Cuffin To Death

    a Woman Who lives Alone gets cuffed to a chair and gets her mouth taped shut by a robber. the robber leaves. the woman is stuck in the chair for 7 days and dies of starvation and dehydration.

    Bad Wax

    A Thief breaks into A Wax Museum To Steal A Statue. He Falls Into A Vat Of Wax. he Dies From The Heat Of the Wax And Ingesting The Wax.

    Gone Green

    An Obese Man Decides To Eat Healthy But Chokes On A Cucumber Piece And Dies.

    Zooner or later

    A Man That's High breaks Into A Zoo And Gets Attacked By A Lion. While Trying To Escape He Hides What He Thinks Is A Harmless Animals Cage But It Turns Out To Be A tiger Cage.

    Fish And Dips

    A Terrorist Hides In A Sushi Shop And Eats Fish That Is Thrown Away. He Does this for months but one time it is a bad piece of sushi that was not meant to be eaten. he dies from poisoning.


    a kindergarten Teacher Gets Drunk Before Going To Work. He Spikes His Coffee With Booze And One Of The kids Spills paint In It And He Drinks It. he Dies That Night.

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    [3]Sep 9, 2011
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    Tanks A Lot!

    A Trucker Who is Dim Witted Decides To take A Shortcut through A Desert. The Gas He Is Carrying Heats Up And Explodes.

    Tooth hurty!

    A Dentist Who Tells His Patients that They need Surgery When they Dont So he can charge more money. with a knocked out patient he accidentally falls onto his drill which slices through him.

    The Greater Gooed

    a scientist believes he has created a medicine to cure every disease so he gets a disease to try it. but the goo doesn't work and he dies from the disease he got.

    Prank Pwnd

    A Prankster Pretends To Get Hurt Multiple Times As A Prank. But One Time He Gets Electrocuted And Dies Of Shock.

    Third Dies The Charm

    A Man Survives Being Electrocuted And Getting Shot But Dies When he Falls Down Stairs And Breaks His Neck.


    A Crafter Breaks His Back. He Puts A plank Of Wood On Both Sides Of his Body to Get his Back aligned. The Next Morning He Wakes Up Covered in termites. While Running Away he Falls Off His Balcony And Dies From Trauma After Breaking his legs, skull, and neck.

    A Bit Rusty

    A man Who Makes Metal Skulls Gets Sick. he Cuts Himself While Working. While Wiping his Nose He Gets Rust In His Cut And Dies of Poisoning.

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