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  • Torture Porn accidentally labeled as a Documentary

    This is torture porn. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that... it has a stimulating effect for many people without reflecting their own behavior. However, to call this show a documentary would be a bit of an overstatement.

    Each episode begins with a fun title sequence of stick figures getting killed by a variety of different things, followed by a disclaimer that names have been changed to protect the identities of the deceased, along with the obvious "don't try this at home," because even a show titled "1000 Ways to Die" needs to warn people that doing stupid things can kill you.

    There are about 6 or 7 deaths per episode, in no particular order. Most of them take place in the . within that past few decades, but sometimes they'll throw in a "historical" death for good measure, like a weird torture device used during the Spanish Inquisition. For the record, I remember at least 5 deaths in the show that were by electrocution and 2 by falling from high up, so it's not always 1000 DIFFERENT ways to die.

    Each reenactment starts off by showing who the character- *ahem* I mean, actual person under an altered name was and what they were doing before they died. This part of the show is very important, because the producers really want you to know how stupid, obnoxiously self-centered, or just plain evil these people are, so that their death can be as gratifying as possible for your viewing pleasure. Seriously, this show should be called "1000 ways to be unlikeable enough to kill off for

    So, after the actors are done milking as much cringe-worthy character building as they can without sounding like a reality show with an honest narrator, we get to the fun, gory part. Surprise, surprise, somebody dies. Then, they bring in some expert to explain how falling off a cliff can kill you, while an informative animation shows a goofy-looking skeleton getting crushed on impact and oozing blood everywhere like the last scene in Final Destination 4.

    Every reenactment has somebody come in and explain something, because remember, this is a "documentary". Usually, it's some medical expert explaining the death itself, but sometimes, it's just someone who shares the same lifestyle or career as the person who died, from airplane pilot to drag queen. It's very diverse.

    The worst part about the show is the puns. At the end of every death, you get a final snapshot of the fake dead body with the caption, "Way to Die #(arbitrary number)," and a dumb title, like Die-Arrhea or Dead-dy Dearest.

    Personally, I don't get offend-dead (see what I did there? Expect a lot of that while watching this show) when people make jokes about death, but they're really stretching the limit of what can honestly be classified as a documentary. The show is basically cheap entertainment for the kind of people who secretly liked the Saw movie franchise and just want an excuse to watch more of that kind of thing. And to be fair, it's really not that bad of a show to watch with some drunk friends or even by yourself where nobody can see you indulging your guilty little pleasure of watching people drown or get decapitated. Just remember to take everything with a grain of salt, because the deaths may be based on real stories, but the characters are greatly fictionalized.
  • This show is for sadists.

    1000 Ways to Die has a promising premise and a nice campy horror movie feel to it, but it takes such sadistic glee in its subject matter that in the end it just becomes depressing. It might not be so much of an issue if most of these deaths hadn't happened to actual people, but in light of that information it just comes across as cruel when they mock them. It also really bothers me that they try to make the victims unsympathetic so you won't feel bad when they die because almost nobody deserves the deaths this show routinely dishes out, and the effort they put into making the victims unsympathetic just serves to remind me that the real victims were probably perfectly ordinary, totally undeserving people. I can't even comprehend how numb to human suffering one would have to be to enjoy this show without a twinge of regret, and it legitimately frightens me that so many people seem to do so with no problem whatsoever.
  • An Unique concept

    I love how we get to learn unusual deaths. The only feedback is that some of the shooting locations are inaccurate. Too bad we didn't hit 1000 deaths. But we just got enough for me to enjoy. Great job. 97/100 Awesome
  • Not for the faint of heart

    A show of reenactments of some truly bizarre deaths that range from grisly, ironic, to just plain unfortunate. Some morbid/dark humor is in it. Sometimes the person was some jerk, creep, or evil person who deserved it. Others were ignorant, unlucky, careless, or just plane dumb. (Quite a few of these are Darwin Award Yet the reason for the death is always explained even in gruesome detail. By all means I don't enjoy others suffering and dying, but I do know that the human body is quite fragile and life can end in a number of ways and many of these deaths were preventable. Quite a few simple things had caused death. Still I found it fascinating but graphic. Don't watch if you get sicken or distressed easily.
  • The one reason for me to watch spike TV

    I heard this got cancelled because the actors went on strike or something. Too bad, this show was way cool. The announcer cracks me up sometimes.
  • Gotta Love Karma

    Before Bar Rescue, 1000 Ways To Die was my favorite show on Spike. It almost always showed a jerk, moron, or very evil person die in very gruesome ways, usually as an act of Karma itself or the persons own stupidity.

    Sometimes the actors in some stories have weak acting skills, but like stories in porn, we don't care about the acting, we just want to see the action. And the acting is still good enough so we know we want the person dead.

    As a person dies from the misfortune, there are people who comment on the science of the death. Also, while this show is violent and gruesome, it is also a way to teach us not to be so stupid and as Ron Perlman stated, 1000 Ways to Die is a guidebook on how to live.
  • Different

    This is my favorite show, I believe that most of us got to learn to do good all the time and don't do stupid things because you will pay with dead. sounds horrible but it may happened to anybody it is like Karma. anyway it is pretty entertaining and different.
  • Really among the few shows on Spike that didn't suck ass!

    I loved watching this show. Not so much that so much that I like graphic violence, but I found the deaths to be fascinating to watch, and the tongue-in-cheek approach to it was all the more entertaining. Up until the producers and stars of the show ran a strike against Spike demanding more money and Ron Perlman was no longer the narrator anyways. Why couldn't Spike spike just increase their salary like they wanted? Wasn't the show making them enough money. After all, let's face it, violence sells. I'm sure whatever money they were pocketing could've gone into the staff's salary and funding for more episodes. What a shitload of fuck. :(
  • Death of Santa Claus

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  • 1000 Ways to Die... Laughing?

    Always amusing to see stupidity kiss with the Grim Reaper in this raunchy black comedy format of a show. Each episode consists of 6 to 7 scenarios in where some schmuck deemed bad for society faces multiple ways of how the world can kill you. This can be from gory to clean to complex and curve ball and is all backed up by science to prove that these scenarios can be very real to you or me.

    Exercise Karma kids!
  • Get what's coming

    The deaths are fictional accounts based on real reported deaths but they all have something in common. Every person that dies is depicted as deserving death. They are given huge character flaws and are usually mean or cruel to others
  • Brutal but Enjoyable

    Sure they may not be the exact deaths that the people went through but it can't be far from that and it's amazing the unexpected ways people can die. I do also like how they use the skeleton graphics to show a more visual approach of what went wrong. It's as good as the Final Destination movie series!
  • the guy on the forwheeler gettin decapitative


    i was going about 35 mph on a gocart and i got closed lined by a barb wire fence but all it did was split my neck open and i live so what i would really like to know is the truth about it because i dont think it can happen if it didnt happen to me

  • Great little show


    I was expecting this show to be something like the old faces of death video's I remember from when I was a teen, dark, serious, disturbing and so on, I was pleasantly surprised. This show looks at various deaths of real people, usually under somewhat odd circumstances (like getting the bends on an airplane flight) or through sheer idiocy (like the man who decided to let a black widow bite him and then try to "ride it out" rather than going to the ER). The difference is that it approaches these deaths from a rather lighthearted mindset, it gives each death a quirky name, the narrator often snaps jokes at the deceased's bad decision making and also gives a medical or specialist-based idea of just WHY this would kill, how the aforementioned black widow bite works in the body for example.

    This winds up making for a thoroughly entertaining, somewhat perverse show. It lands somewhere in the black comedy area, I often find myself shaking my head or laughing out loud at the stupidity of some of these people and then finding myself feeling like a total jerk for having laughed in the first place.

    I think we as a society have become so distanced from death that it's nice to see a show that approaches it as what it is...something we're ALL riding towards. We tend to think of ourselves as immortal, we subjectively know "well I'm going to die one day", but very few have the capacity to really take that reality and accept it because it's not something we really like to think about. Our bodies are basically big balloons of primarily water, with thousands of moving parts and organs...and if any one of those are interrupted our balloon of mostly water will keel over and croak. It's refreshing to see a show that doesn't treat death as some dark, sinister entity lying in wait for us, but rather as just a simple fact of life like sex, relationships, and so forth.

    Well worth a watch for anyone who isn't bothered by the fact that at the end of the episode you'll be 30 minutes closer to that death...if you can accept that then you'll likely enjoy this show.

  • From Jacka## to Viva La Bam,this is another exception

    Now,there's another show to watch now,and that's this show.It's basically about deaths of people that happened over the years.For example,there's two people snorting fire ants,but they sting inside their noses,which causes them not to breathe.The funniest thing about this show is what they call the deaths.Like Oprah Winfried,Chippin Dale and many more.But some deaths are just disgusting to watch,like a guy was burping too much and his date punched him in the stomach to help,but it caused a hole in his organs and he died.Ouch!I give this an B.Score:
    Humor:Deaths are not funny,but what they call the deaths are funny.
    Voices:Don't care

    Finally,a good show on Tv that's painful
  • Good idea. Badly executed.

    The show itself isn't to bad but I hate how they try to trick the viewer into believing the footage being shown is real when it's so blatantly obvious it's professionally shot. Obviously showing real footage is uncalled for and I understand why they wouldn't but they could at least put more effort into making the footage look real by making it look as if the it was shot by amateur.

    Another thing that bothered me is that the show seemed as if it was at times trying to be comedic and failed nearly every time. I love the concept of the show but they should of done it with more of a documentary type style.
  • perfect

    ever since i started watching this i watch it like every day now! some of the stories are interesting, like the girl who tried the tape worm diet the narocleptic falling asleep... some of the content is kind of grotesque but that's why it's TV-14. It's really interesting to see some of this stuff, and imagine "Did that really happen?" Some of the stuff i find hard to believe but overall this is a new personal favorite show of mine, and because of all of this my overall grade is of course going to be an A+. Simply perfect show
  • Um, I guess the title of this show really speaks for its self. It just looks into the many face of death and really comes out with some surprising things, and some that you just can't help but laugh at.

    Well, first off, I'd like to say that I have a... thing... for dark and sarcastic humor. I find it hard not to laugh at things that are completely innapropriate to laugh at, and it may be taken "offensive" by some, but to those who are the way I am, it's ok. That being said, Not only is this one of the most interesting shows on TV, I have to say, it is one of the funniest. Not nessicarily the grim fact of death, but the way it is presented and the corny and ironic humor used to depict it. This show really digs deep into many odd, interesting, and ironic ways death is faced in real life. And, at the end of eace episode, you walk away feeling like you've learned a little somthing too.
  • People die in strange ways.

    First off people complain that they think the deaths are fake because they look up the date and place and find nothing. First off the names/places/dates are all fake. The deaths are either real or urban legends. To find out if it is real, google the manner of death.

    That said the show is fun. The embellish the stories a good bit, but only to make for better TV. The show is definitely very low brow, but that is part of the appeal. Plus the experts diagnosis give a good explanation of what a body experiences going through the trauma.

    As I mentioned earlier you need to google the manner of death to find out if it is real. Here are a few I discovered:

    - In one segment a drunk guy steals a hot dog from a convenience store and chokes to death on it. This did happen more or less as told in the story in the 1980s.

    - A death row inmate is given a lethal injection but it seems to have no effect. When the release the straps the drugs surge into his body and he dies. This is similar to a death row inmate, but in real life he never tried to smash the glass to the viewing area.

    - Another segment has a guy die while having sex with an electrified cow heart.. This is confirmed fake according to Snopes.

    - Lastly one involves a girl fishing. The fish flies out of the water and lands lodged in her throat where she chokes to death. In real life a deck hand was joking with grade school kids and choked to death on a bait fish.

    Overall it is a fun interesting show. Morbid and gruesome yes, but still fun
  • A comendic, Gross, and based on simliar weird deaths

    Quick Review

    Good things
    -CGI Animation of how it happened
    -Somwhat how people die are funny(with beer)
    -So-so and weird(paraody on x-files, maybe)music

    Bad things
    -Heavy and anonnying death implications
    -Terriable Death event names(what about, Electrovision, or tummy bank?)
    -Bad ways of comendic speeches
    -Some death events are extremely gross and scary(e.g a person get shredded alive, or a woman bleeds to death after her huge fake boobs exploded in mid-air, or an animal lover gets his balls ripped and dies later of shock)

    Overall 7/10 - fictional show that shows simliar death in the strangest ways with cool animations, funny people, and good music. but the problem with the show is too much of the implications of death, terrible and anonnying death event names, some death events are too gross, and bad ways of showing things in a funny way. This show is good, especially for people that wants to avoid the same fate.
  • Series showing off the many and tasteless ways others have met their demise

    I have to admit this show is addictive. It can can get a bit queasy and offensive it parts, but the science is what makes the show interesting. The show premise is showing six segments an episode of the strange ways people have died in forgotten news reports and then using graphics and recreations to show how it happen. It's sort of "Mostly True Stories" crossed with "Mythbusters." Each "death" gets a number from one to a thousand, not sure where this list is, or just how many of them are true. The cases are supposedly based on true stories, but two of the cases involving exploding breast implants and lighted flatulence was busted by the Mythbusters. Overall, the show is fascinating to watch, but the credibility at time is a bit strained.
  • Sometimes hilarious, sometimes disgusting but usually quite entertaining!

    The stories themselves are the high point - it's just amazing how dumb some people are. Other stories are more geared towards freak accidents or tragedies, but usually the main theme is that the person did something that led to their own death. However, the show could be much better. I think they need to take more than 4 or 5 minutes setting each story up. Remember that show a few years ago called "Fact or Fiction"? They should deliver this show in a similar method. Have some of the stories be true and some false, and the audience plays along wondering which are true and which are false, which is revealed at the end of the show.
  • 1000 ways to die..im sure there are more than that. crazy ways people have died and some , very rare cases when people should have definetly died but didnt.

    this show is something i like to watch when i have time to spare. Mind you im a very busy personso i dont watch much tv. i like it alot. The footage of the deaths is obviously proffesionally shot, nobody can capture that many deaths on video that well. I dont really like the fact that it tries to be comedic at times and it doesnt work. there are some pretty strange deaths out there and it has made me more aware of my surroundings because you never know what you might die of, even a banana peel on the floor and getting a hemorrage.
  • Brilliant!!!!

    In most of the cases within the show, it really would not take a rocket scientist to figure out what would or could actually happen. But then again, like I always say, everybody does not have common sense. Other cases really make you think about how science and reality correlate in order to cause such tragic untimely demises. Please do not think that this show involves totally gruesome stories. It is educational. Above all, it demonstrates how, in some cases, curiosity and imagination can sometimes take complete control.

    I would LOVE to meet the genius who thought of this idea for a show. What else can I say?? This show definitely gets all stars across the board and thumbs up. It is very informative!!
  • If the grim reaper had it tough on his job, now he has an 1,000 more reasons why his job doesn't get any easier.

    If the grim reaper had it tough on his job, now he has an 1,000 more reasons why his job doesn't get any easier. The program explains about how victims now have another 1,000 ways that their lives can come to an end. Some by accident like being stuck in a drying during repairs, and others by -what were they thinking-, like the guy in France who loved in spider, a black widow, to death... no joke! For those who has the guts, go ahead and watch. You won't be bummed out. BE glad it wasn't you! Enoy the viewing. K