1000 Ways To Die

Season 2 Episode 9

Waking Up Dead

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on Spike TV

Episode Recap

#662 Phone Boned: May 10, 2005, Kaisertown, NY - A woman who is addicted to texting suffers from various ailments such as constant headaches and insomnia that are a result of her constant texting. In an effort to get better she receives acupuncture treatment. When her cell phone rings, she tries to reach for it but rolls off the bed and falls face down to the floor. The needles puncture her body, and she dies when a needle that was placed in her chest punctures her heart. #521 Toilet Rolled: August 5, 2006, Kingman, AZ - An alcoholic steamroller driver is drinking while he drives his steamroller. He then gets off of his steamroller and uses the portable toilet but forgets to set the steamroller's hydraulic brake. The steamroller, which was parked on a slight hill, then begins to roll downhill toward the portable. The man is eventually crushed inside, when the steamroller runs over the toilet. #559 Mile Die Club: October 2, 1997, Clarkdale, AZ - An abusive husband tries to stop his wife from leaving him by sneaking aboard into the cargo bay of her airplane, but when the plane takes off, the change of the atmospheric pressure causes the temperature to plummet. The man later dies from a combination of hypothermia and asphyxiation. #140 Bitch Zapped: June 16, 2001, Tampa, FL - A verbally abusive wife attempts to show her husband how to mow the lawn correctly, when she feels that her husband is not doing a good enough job. She later dies of electrocution, when she accidentally runs over the power cord of her husband's arc welder. #311 Texas Fold 'Em: March 7, 1999, Silver City, NM - A man cheats at poker with players from the mob. They notice it and chase him into the junkyard he owns. He hides from the mob in a wrecked car, but the mechanical claw grabs onto the vehicle and pins his leg down making him unable to escape. It carries him to a car crusher, where he is then crushed to death. #168 Written Offed: April 28, 2009, Glendale, CA - A gun store clerk who faces foreclosure is confronted by a banker who comes by to repossess the store. After signing the contract, the store owner throws the banker's pen away, so the banker demands a new one. The clerk ends up giving the banker a pen gun, which the banker aims at himself and shoots himself with. #817 Ball 'N Pain: May 1, 2002, San Franciso, CA - Two drunk men play inside a Zorb Ball that was left unattended. They die when they roll down a rocky cliff going 45 mph, breaking their skulls and most of their bones.