$10,000 Pyramid

CBS (ended 1976)





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  • Grew up with this show!

    I grew up with this show as a kid as I do all the other shows. As nobody can host it better than Mr Ageless himself Dick Clark. As this show he has no control over unlike the other shows he does. Here, you try to link six to a pyramid with less than twenty seconds. If you win the round, then you get to play up to $20,000 to the pyramid. As it is hard as I think I wouldn't do good with the show. As these others make it look very easy. Glad that Game Show Network does these shows on New Year's Eve, which ironically, they air when Dick Clark Rock N New Year's shows come on. Hope it stays away for a long, long, time.
  • Bob Stewart's New Word-Association Big Money Game Show Series since the Quiz Shows Scandals of the 1950s.

    Bob Stewart has been created "THE PRICE IS RIGHT", "TO TELL THE TRUTH" & "PASSWORD" for Mark Goodson-Bill Todman that've been financed all 3 of them since 1956 and now this (that) year(in 1973) created the non-Goodson-Todman Game Show with the structure of the Pyramid with the "$10,000" Sign on top. For anyone to go to the top of the Pyramid will win big money. Enter Dick Clark whom once host of abc-TV's "AMERICAN BANDSTAND" and now he hosted his 2nd Game Show of his career since "Missing Links," Dick's Previous Game Show also created by Goodson-Todman in 1963. On "THE $10,000 PYRAMID," There's 6 categories are into a form of the Pyramid in contrast of the show's title. Whereas A Star & A Contestant will go naming the words & phrases in 30 seconds to score points and the team scores the highest wins and a make valuable decision either Getting the Clues or Receiving the Clues to the 6 subjects in 60 seconds the contestant will $10,000 and leave the game undefeated or otherwise the contestant will collect some little cash off the Pyramid and became the champion. June Lockhart (Late of "LASSIE," "LOST IN SPACE" & "PETTICOAT JUNCTION") & Rob Reiner ("ALL IN THE FAMILY") are this weekday's Guest Stars. The 1st Contestant wins $10,000 for saying the last clue is "Doughnuts" and the subject is "THINGS WITH A HOLE." Although the Big Money Game Show has debuted since the last Game Show was Canceled called "THE BIG PAYOFF" and there's nothing to do with this show.
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