101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 14

Citizen Canine

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Sep 18, 1997 on ABC

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  • Okay, I must start out by saying that this episode was a little harsh, but I enjoyed it a lot.

    Okay, I must start out by saying that this episode was a little harsh, but I enjoyed it a lot.

    In this episode, Ed Pig, the so-called "Mayor" of the farm, has been passing laws that are unfair to the main pups. Some of which include Cadpig not being allowed to whistle and Rolly not being allowed to say the word, "bacon". After consuming a whole tub of ice cream the main pups found, he then states that it's illegal to complain. That's the last straw!

    After the main pups said their complaints about Ed to the Colonel, Lucky said that anybody could be the mayor of Dearly Farm. This gives Cadpig the idea to have Lucky run for mayor. Lucky liked this idea, and Cadpig, Rolly and Spot all agreed to be part of his committee if he won.

    The main reason Lucky wanted to run for mayor was so that he could declare all of Ed Pig's unfair laws to be null and void. However, the competition to run against Ed for office was pretty tough, because Ed gave the farm animals what they really wanted. In order to get their votes, Lucky decides to make bigger promises to the farm animals, and as a result, he won!

    Things, however, started looking pretty bad for Lucky from this point on since the other animals wanted to know how Lucky planned to keep all those promises he made. Thankfully, his three vice mayors managed to stall for him. Lucky sure is lucky to have a friend in Cadpig (who has a very high I.Q.). That night, Lucky turned out to be a jerk and discovered that he was no better than Ed Pig. Shortly afterwords, Lucky resigned from the office, and Ed became the mayor once again. Now is this a bad thing or a good thing? Hopefully, Ed realized that what he did to the pups was wrong in taking advantage of his mayor-ism. I guess he did learn his lesson letting the pups have some ice cream at the end of the episode.

    Overall, this episode stands as another great installment to the series. It's a little harsh, but it still earns my recommendation as a viewing. I'm sure you won't regret it.

    "Everyone knows the real power is in big corporations."
    -You just said a mouthful! "Citizen Canine"