101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 41

Coup DeVil

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Jan 19, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cruella holds a family reunion that Cecil, P.H. and Ivy would never miss (specially after what happened to the last DeVil to miss a family reunion attended by Malevola DeVil - Cruella's mother). All DeVils fear their matriarch, Malevola, which made them rush for the reunion. After the whole family gets reunited, Malevola immediately takes over and announces she wants the Dearly's farm and, to the DeVil who gets it for her, she'll leave her entire fortune, for the dismay of Cruella, who expected to receive a big part of it as a direct descendant to Malevola. Cecil and P.H. are the first ones to try and both of them fail. Cruella begs for another chance and is granted this chance after Ivy comments about how fun would it be to see another failure. Cruella invites the Dearlys to the family reunion and, while they are there, Horace and Jasper move their home, barn, and everything else from the farm to the swamp and drive the Dearlys to the swamp. With the Dearlys not suspecting they're not at the farm, Cruella becomes happy with this unlikely success, until Malevola announces she intends to live in the farm. Cruella loves money, but not to the point of living next to her mother for it. Cruella's niece, Ivy, offers help to get rid of Malevola if Cruella agrees of making a will leaving her fortune to her. Cruella agrees, saying that's a little price for her independence. Ivy then programmed a missile to destroy the farm so Malevola couldn't live there. The main pups, trying to save the farm from destruction, reach Ivy's computer and reprograms the missile to hit Villa DeVil - Cruella's home. At that point, the only way to save Villa DeVil was redirecting the missile to the swamp, which has sent the Dearlys and their stuff back to the farm. Malevola was just starting to reprimand her daughter for this other failure, when Cruella says how much she hates her mother and that no money will make her disguise it, what made Malevola proud of Cruella, who proved to be worthy as a DeVil. Malevola then made Cruella her only heir, which made Ivy happy, because she will someday inherit both Cruella's and Malevola's fortunes.

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