101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 49

Dog Food Day Afternoon / Spot's Fairy God-Chicken

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Feb 23, 1998 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Rolly knocks Cadpig into the food trough, Two-Tone is seen sitting right next to him. However, in the next scene where the dogs are eating the kibble, Two-Tone is seen on the opposite side of the food trough.

    • In "Spots and Shots", Lucky did not want to get a shot. Sometime before "Spot's Fairy God Chicken", though, he must have learned that taking the shot is better than being sick, hence the reason he's in line to get his shot.

    • It shouldn't have at all been possible for Horace, Jasper and Rolly to survive the roller coaster collision. The cars really should have crashed causing an explosion, and they would have died.

  • Quotes

    • Spot: Hey! This sock smells like feet! My heat's filled with toe germs! I could get sick! What is I get athlete's nose! That could lead to nasal rot!
      Cadpig: She looks like a pup, but she's still her old, neurotic self.

    • Spot: (as a dog) Look guys! I'm a dog!
      Rolly: Uh-huh, and your point is?
      Spot: It's me! Spot!
      Lucky: Yeah right, and I'm Thunderbolt!
      Spot: No, really! I just got changed into a dog!
      Cadpig: You know, there is something familiar about her.
      Spot: I'll prove it's me! I'll tell you something only Spot would know; like, uh, where Rolly keeps his secret stash of fritters!
      Lucky: Big deal, everybody knows that!
      Rolly: Uh, they do?!

    • Rolly: They opened a new Kanine Krunchies plant without me knowing about it?
      Spot: Do they have to clear things up with you?

    • (Rolly sucks up a large quantity of the kibble as well as Cadpig, then he spits Cadpig out.)
      Rolly: Yuck! What is this?
      Cadpig: Possibly your head after I get done with it!

    • Cadpig: And what did our horoscope say today, Rolly? That it was a good day to be rude!?

    • Cadpig: I always try to be supportive, but...GET OFF ME NOW!!!

    • Spot: Hey! What's going on? I'm having some sort of butt-quake!
      Drumstick: That's your tail. Get used to it.

  • Notes

    • Cadpig sort of gives a hint as to why she isn't always at the top of the totem pole.

    • Cruella's Memo: Replace sawdust in the dog food with dirt; it's even cheaper.

    • Spot finally gets her life-long wish, to be a real Dalmatian, in which she becomes a brown dog with black spots. However, she eventually choses to return to being a chicken after she had time to realize that she'll always be herself regardless of what she looks like.

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