101 Dalmatians: The Series

ABC (ended 1998)


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  • Season 2
    • Dalmatian Vacation, Part 3: Dearly Beloved
      When Anita runs away from Roger when she thought he chose baseball over their marriage, Cadpig goes with her while the rest of the pups try to help Roger out. As every minute passes, Cruella gets closer to gaining ownership of the farm, but will the pups be able to re-unite Roger and Anita before it's too late?moreless
    • Dalmatian Vacation, Part 2: Cross-Country Calamity
      Cruella finds out that she can steal the farm away from the Dearlys if they don't get married in ten days so she attemps to stall them so that she can get the farm. Meanwhile Lucky and Rolly are traveling with Cruella to figure out what's going on and Spot is still trying to catch up with the rest of the family, but will Roger and Anita be able to get to the church on time?moreless
    • Dalmatian Vacation, Part 1: Road Warriors
      Roger plans a second honeymoon trip for him & Anita to renew their wedding vows. But the Dearlys wind up taking the 101 dalmatians and then Cruella along with them or Anita will be fired. Will Roger and Anita still enjoy their vacation, and what about Spot who missed the bus and is trying to catch up? As the unexpected constantly occurs, will the vacation wind up ruined?moreless
    • Good Neighbor Cruella / Animal House Party
      Good Neighbor Cruella: P.H. DeVil splits Cruella's good side into a clone meant to improve her image, but when Cruella�s good side starts to get on the nerves of the Dearlys, Cruella decides to let her force them to move; though she once again underestimates the pups.
      Animal House Party: The Dearlys, Pongo & Perdita go off on a romantic weekend leaving the main pups in charge of the house. But the Swamp Rat takes over the house for a party and Cadpig succumbs to Petting Deficit Syndrome. Will they be capable of removing Swamp Rat and his guests before the Dearlys come home?moreless
    • Dog Food Day Afternoon / Spot's Fairy God-Chicken
      Dog Food Day Afternoon: Rolly notices something different about the kibble, and leads the others into discovering Cruella behind the change, but will Rolly and his friends be able to stop Cruella’s evil ploy?

      Spot's Fairy God-Chicken: Spot gets her wish granted after she finds a four leaf clover, in which she wishes that she was a Dalmatian, though she soon discovers that her old self wasn’t as useless as she thought.moreless

    • Jurassic Bark / My Fair Moochie
      Jurassic Bark: Lucky stumbles upon Cave Pup, a 10000 year old prehistoric dog that he revives and tries to protect from Cruella and P.H. DeVil, though he soon learns that a prehistoric pup may not be the easiest thing to control.

      My Fair Moochie: Cadpig and Mooch fall in love, but Cadpig forces Mooch into acting the rigid way she wants him to act, but when Mooch was supposed to wrestle El Diablo, it’s up to Rolly, Lucky and Spot to get Mooch into fighting shape; all the while being disturbed by Mooch and Cadpig’s relationship.moreless

    • DeVil-Age Elder
      DeVil-Age Elder
      Episode 47
      While out on a picnic, the Dearly's and the main pups' discover DeVil Ville, the enchanted village that appears only once every 100 years. However, the longer one stays there the more they forget about the real world, and in time the world vanishes, capturing all who are still inside. Will the pups' be capable of getting their family out of the town before it's too late?moreless
    • Horace and Jasper's Big Career Move
      After getting fired by Cruella for messing up all the time, Horace and Jasper are trying to get new jobs, in which at an interview they are explaining what their previous jobs were in a clip show.
    • Best of Show / Walk on the Wild Side
      Best of Show: Spot helps out when the Dearly's enter the trio in a dog show against Cruella's new pet, Vendela, but when the pups are prevented from entering the show due to Horace and Jasper’s meddling, it’s up to Spot to enter the contest herself.

      Walk on the Wild Side: Fed up with always being a sucker, Rolly teams up with the Swamp Rat to become an expert scam artist; though he soon discovers that being mean isn’t necessarily a good thing.moreless

    • The Making Of...
      The Making Of...
      Episode 44
      In this behind the scenes episode of 101 Dalmatians: The Series, the pups along with various other characters from the show discuss what it was like filming the series and how the series came to be in existence.
    • Channels / Un-Lucky
      Channels: The main pups go to Grutely to help Anita while the other animals fight over what channel to watch.

      Un-Lucky: Lucky thinks he's a jinx when the fur of his horseshoe spots falls out, but will the others be able to convince him that there is more to luck than meets the eye?moreless

    • Every Little Crooked Nanny / Cone Head
      Every Little Crooked Nanny: Cruella disguises herself as housekeeper Cranny in order to gain information about Cruella’s clients when Nanny breaks her spy camera. However, Cruella soon learns that it isn’t going to be as easy as she expected; especially with the pups around.

      Cone Head: When Lucky dives off of a high branch into Hiccup Hole, he gets injured and is forced to get some stitches. However, when he discovers that he is being forced to wear a doggy cone, he becomes the target of humiliation.moreless

    • Coup DeVil
      Coup DeVil
      Episode 41
      Cruella holds a family reunion so they can figure out on ways to get the Dearlys' farm, but will they be capable of coming up with a plan that won't be ruined by the Dalmatians?
    • Beauty Pageant Pandemonium / Hog-Tied
      Beauty Pageant Pandemonium: The main pups thwart Ivy's attempts to beat Anita's cousin Amber in the Junior Miss Grutely Pageant by cheating, though with Cruella having the judges booth in her pocket, will they be able to succeed?

      Hog-Tied: A bored Dumpling wants to join the main pups but they will not allow her to hang out with them because she only makes problems; though will Dumpling permit them to just forsake her?moreless

    • Humanitarian of the Year
      When Cruella is trying to lie her way into the Humanitarian of the Year award, the pups come across a box of incriminating evidence that proves that she isn't as nice as she's trying to claim she is, in which they reminisce about past things Cruella has done.
    • K Is For Kibble
      K Is For Kibble
      Episode 38
      When kibble has been mysteriously disappearing from the chow tower, Spot becomes Pullet Marlow again to help solve the mystery. However, while she may have been helpful in the past, will she be capable of solving this mystery before someone is once again wrongfully punished?
    • The Artist Formerly Known as Spot / The Nose Knows
      The Artist Formerly Known as Spot: Cruella's art critic friend Leticia judges some paint marks Spot makes as great art, which causes Spot to become excited due to the possibility that she might be an artistic genius.

      The Nose Knows: Pug puts Rolly through a tough endurance test in an effort to get him kicked out of the Bark Brigade, but will his plan work or is he underestimating Rolly's worth?moreless

    • Cupid Pups
      Cupid Pups
      Episode 36
      The main pups secretly help Cruella romance Baron Efrem Von Schnittkerdoodle so that she can marry him and move away, in which they hope that she will never bother them or the farm again after she does so. However, they soon discover that Cruella has some competition and that it may not be so easy to play cupid.moreless
    • Virtual Lucky
      Virtual Lucky
      Episode 35
      When Roger’s computer begins to act up while he is developing his game, Roger and Cruella get zapped inside the computer game when they try to compete with each other on the game. However, they soon realize that they need to beat the game in order for them to get out alive, but since they are playing multiplayer, only one of them will be able to escape.moreless
    • Robo-Rolly / Splishing and Splashing
      Robo-Rolly: Cruella downsizes Anita so that she'll then work for Ralphie. Then she has P.H. DeVil kidnap Rolly and replace him with a robot double to spy on Anita's work.

      Splishing and Splashing: Pongo and Perdita forbid the main pups from using Hiccup Hole when Lucky won't apologize to Lucy for splashing her.moreless

    • The Good-bye Chick
      The Good-bye Chick
      Episode 33
      When Spot’s mother disowns her because she acts too much like a dog, Spot moves in with the Dalmatians. However, when she realizes that the Dalmatians are tired of the way she acts, she decides to run away because she doesn’t fit in with anyone on the farm. However, when Spot’s mother realizes she is missing, she sends the Dalmatians on a quest to find Spot and bring her back; but will Spot even want to come back to the farm?moreless
    • Poison Ivy / Twelve Angry Pups
      Poison Ivy: Cruella's seemingly innocent niece Ivy comes to the farm to visit for awhile when Cruella has business to attend to, but whe pups soon find out that she may not be as innocent as she seems.

      Twelve Angry Pups: Someone has stolen many items from various farm animals and they eventually blame Mooch for the thefts, but Ed Pig decides to hold a trial and Lucky is placed in Mooch's defense, though even Lucky thinks Mooch is guilty.moreless

    • Snow Bounders / Gnaw or Never
      Snow Bounders: The main pups stowaway on Roger and Pongo's winter camping trip but wind up stranded in woods with Cruella.

      Gnaw or Never: Rolly suddenly develops an insatiable desire to chew on expensive shoes, and Cruella schemes to use his addiction to bankrupt the Dearly's.

    • Film Fatale / My Fair Chicken
      Film Fatale: Lucky talks the others into trying to sneak in the Cruellaplex to see "Thunderbolt - The Movie".

      My Fair Chicken: The trio helps Spot relearn how to act like a chicken in time for the Silver Egg Social, while Jasper and Horace hunt for feathers for Cruella's new designs..moreless

    • The Maltese Chicken
      Spot becomes Pullet Marlow, Private Chick and tries to catch the thief who stole Cornelia's new giant egg in this film noir parody, but will she be able to find out who stole it, despite the fact that there are multiple suspects?
    • Hail to the Chief / Food for Thought
      Hail to the Chief: Rolly doubts that he can live up to the legend of great grandfather, Rolondo, when the pups participate in a contest for the position of Chief Firedog.

      Food for Thought: P.H. DeVil uses Rolly's appetite to lure him into the animal testing lab of his Double Dip Ice Cream factory.moreless

    • Cruella World
      Cruella World
      Episode 27
      Lucky discovers that Cruella's new theme park is actually a front for an illegal oil-drilling operation, but when he tries to warn everyone but finds that no one believes him because of his bad habit of telling fibs, it's up to him to try to save the day, and possibly the world, alone.moreless
    • Fountain of Youth / Walk a Mile in my Tracks
      Fountain of Youth: Cruella thinks the Dearly's water can make people young again so she plans to try to steal some, but will she be capable of doing this deed with the Dalmatians in her way?

      Walk a Mile in my Tracks: Pug and Cornelia boast that each can do the other's job and then switch jobs to prove it that they can, but will they be successful?moreless

    • Treasure of Swamp Island / Lord of the Termites
      Treasure of Swamp Island: After watching an exciting television program, the main pups decide to play a game where they pretend to be pirates. However, when they discover a treasure map that belongs to Cruella, they decide to play the game for real though they all want the treasure for themselves should they find it. Will they be capable of finding the treasure, despite the fact that they're not working together?

      Lord of the Termites: The Dearly household is having a termite infestation, and after Cruella's wooden clothing line gets devoured, she decides to sent the Dearly's away in order to get Horace and Jasper to spray the farm. Meanwhile, Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot are at the Hiccup Hole because they were sent out of the house for causing problems. When they return and see the farm empty, they decide to live the good life with no rules, but will they find it different than they expected?moreless

    • Spots and Shots / On the Lamb
      Spots and Shots: Lucky hides in the DeVil manor when the vet visits to administer shots to the pups, but will he be able to get away from the vet, despite him knowing that the DeVil manor could be worse than the vet?

      On the Lamb: An adventure-hungry Lucky leads the others in a lamb hunt for Lambo, a deranged lamb running amok in Grutley, but will they be able to find Lambo, and if they do, will they even be able to stop him?moreless

    • Shrewzle Watch / The Life You Save
      Shrewzle Watch: Cruella claims to have spotted the rare solitary tree shrewzle on Dearly property. So the Dearly's must sell the farm to Cruella for her to convert it to a shrewzle sanctuary.

      The Life You Save: To Lucky's annoyance, Dumpling starts serving Lucky hand and foot when he inadvertently saves her life.moreless

    • Mall Pups
      Mall Pups
      Episode 22
      Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly and Spot decide to skip out on Pug’s map reading training in order to go to the mall to meet the President’s dog, Filibuster. As they head to the mall, Pug thinks they went AWOL and begins to chase them down, so will they manage to meet the first dog or will they end up with a court martial from the Bark Brigade for their actions?moreless
    • Shipwrecked
      Episode 21
      While the Dearlys and Cruella are out on a river tour, Lucky and Scorch, whom is Cruella's pet, fall overboard and get stranded on a small deserted island. Will they be able to overcome the hatred for one another to work together to find away back to civilization?
    • Double Dog Dare / Mooove It On Over
      Double Dog Dare: When Lucky double-dog dares Spot to steal Cruella’s sleeping mask when she is sleeping, Spot must accomplish this task in order to be able to be a member of the group. However, when it turns out that Lucky hadn’t been double-dog dared, he must help Spot out in her endeavor.

      Mooove It On Over: When Princess and Duchess get into a feud about space, Cadpig attempts to resolve their dispute through following a book on the subject; however, when her headstrong efforts only make matters worse, she discovers that she may have made a mistake.moreless

    • Smoke Detectors / Lobster Tale
      Smoke Detectors: When Cruella moves in with the Dearlys after she burns her house down to her smoking habits, she promises the Dearlys that she will stop smoking. However, when Cruella breaks her promise, the Dalmatians decide to help her quit in order to get her out of their lives as soon as possible.

      Lobster Tale: Cadpig liberates a lobster named Lance from his restaurant water tank and attempts to find a new home for him. However, with Cadpig’s headstrong desire to do the right thing justifying her every move, she fails to remember some of the more important issues regarding the matter at hand.moreless

    • Close but no Cigar / Invasion of the Doggy Snatchers
      Close but no Cigar: The main pups try to get to the county fair when they miss the bus going there. Will they be able to find another way to get to the fair, or did they miss out this year?

      Invasion of the Doggy Snatchers: When the trio won't let Spot into the barn, a hen named Sal asserts that the pups have become possessed by aliens. Will Spot be able to convince them that their friends aren't aliens?moreless

    • Valentine Daze
      Valentine Daze
      Episode 17
      Cruella mistakenly assumes that Roger’s valentine is for her when he intends on giving it to his wife, Anita. Meanwhile, Horace and Dumpling try to find romance with a reluctant Nanny and Lucky respectively.
    • Frisky Business / Cadet of the Month
      Frisky Business: When Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly and Spot attempt to steal Cruella's car in order to drive to a Kanine Krunchies tasting party in Stiffle, Roger becomes worried because Cruella is visiting the farm to ensure Roger isn't stealing anything. Nanny and Horace go on a road trip to find the Dalmatians and bring them back, but will they get back in time before Cruella notices her car is gone?
      Cadet of the Month: In order to get a steak through winning the Cadet of the Month award, Lucky decides to put Pug's life in danger so that he can save him and get the sixty merits, enough to win the steak. However, when the false danger becomes real danger, Lucky and his friends must team up in order to get Pug back before anything serious happens.moreless
    • Citizen Canine
      Citizen Canine
      Episode 14
      Due to Ed Pig's constant abuse of power as mayor, Lucky eventually decides to run for mayor with his friends help. Lucky starts off pretty well by being honest and working hard, but when Ed Pig begins to buy votes, Lucky realizes that he'll need more than honesty to become mayor, but will he be capable of beating Ed Pig in the election, and if so, at what cost to himself?moreless
    • Oozy Does It / Barnboozled
      Oozy Does It: The animals all join forces when Cruella dumps blue dye from her blue jeans factory into Hiccup Hole, but will they be capable of stopping her before its too late?

      Barnboozled: Cruella will take possession of the farm if she can maintain residence in the barn for 24 hours, but will she be capable of doing this deed, or will the pups’ devise a plan to end her plan?moreless

    • You Say It's Your Birthday
      When Roger is donating some stuffed animals to a charity event, the main Dalmatians misunderstand him and think they are being given away. Meanwhile, Cruella thinks Anita is moonlighting for her competition and she sends Horace and Jasper to investigate.
    • Alive N' Chicken / Prima Doggy
      Alive N' Chicken: Spot mistakenly believes she has only until nightfall to live. Knowing better, the trio takes this as an opportunity to get her to live life to the fullest.

      Prima Doggy: Lucky wins a starring role in Cecil B. DeVil's latest Kanine Krunchies commercial.

    • It's a Swamp Thing / Roll Out the Pork Barrel
      It's a Swamp Thing: The main pups' first meet the swamp denizens when they defy the Colonel's orders and explore the swamp, but Swamp Rat steals Lucky's scarf that the Colonel gave him. Will the Dalmatians manage to get the scarf back so that the Colonel will not know they went into the swamp?

      Roll Out the Pork Barrel: Rolly becomes Ed Pig's protégé when he has a fallout with the other pups and Ed gets fed up with Dumpling. Meanwhile, Dumpling is frustrated because she's been tossed aside with Lucky and Cadpig are depressed because Rolly is no longer living in the barn, but will Rolly make the right choice and return to his family, or will he be happy with Ed pig?moreless

    • Four Stories Up
      Four Stories Up
      Episode 9
      When their favorite show is delayed due to Cruella, Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot take turns telling one another how they feel the episode should end, but how will their versions of the episode differ from the version on the show?
    • Market Mayham / Lucky to be Alone
      Market Mayham: The trio sneak into the supermarket to make sure that the humans buy Kanine Krunchies instead of Anymutt dogfood, but will they be able to complete this task without being ran out of the store?

      Lucky to be Alone: When Lucky wants to live alone, Pongo and Perdita send him to live with Perdita's rich cousins Coco and Beamer Vandercreme, but will Lucky enjoy what he wanted, or will he realize there are more important things?moreless

    • The Fungus Among Us
      Cruella has been running out of money recently so she needs a new idea in order to get some more profits, so she sends Scorch to the Dearly farm to find out what Anita is working on. However, after Scorch falls under the barn and runs back to Cruella, she realizes that he smells very good and she decides to go figure out why. She soon realizes that the cause of the smell is mushrooms underneath the barn and she decides to use them to make perfume, so she sends Horace and Jasper to collect them for her. However, will they be able to collect the mushrooms with the Dalmatians in their way?moreless
    • Two Faces of Anita
      When Anita wins the Designer of the Year award instead of Cruella, Cruella schemes up a plan to prevent Anita from going to the ceremony. However, Cruella also plans to get plastic surgery so that she will look just like Anita, in hopes of going to the ceremony herself and ensuring that the award is given to her instead. Unfortunately for her, the main pups just happened to sneak into Anita’s belongings before she took them to work; they discover Cruella’s plan and they decide to work together to help Anita get to the ceremony and to prove that the fake Anita is actually Cruella.moreless
    • Our Own Digs / Goose Pimples
      Our Own Digs: When the gang find their own place to hang out when the barn becomes crowded, they decide to keep it a secret. However, when Pug finds the location he decides to turn it into his own military headquarters; will Lucky and his friends be able to get their club back from Pug, despite the fact that he outranks them in the Bark Brigade

      Goose Pimples: While on a midnight march in the woods, Pug attempts to scare Lucky and his friends by telling them of the story of Lockjaw. However, when the Dalmatians slowly begin to disappear, it begins to look like Pug’s insane story isn’t as insane as they thought.moreless

    • Leisure Lawsuit / Purred It Through the Grapevine
      Leisure Lawsuit: Cruella fakes an injury on Dearly property so that she can sue them for the farm, but will the pups be able to prove that she is faking it before it's too late?

      Purred It Through the Grapevine: The trio get an emergency Bark Brigade message but don't know how to translate it, but will they manage to figure out what is wrong before the message becomes useless?moreless

    • Shake, Rattle, and Woof / Cadpig Behind Bars
      Shake, Rattle, and Woof: Cruella dupes the Dearlys into signing onto a terrible variety series where they'll forfeit the farm if they quit, but will they manage to find a way that they can get off the show without violating the contract?

      Cadpig Behind Bars: After she is thrown into the pound, Cadpig tries to help her fellow inmates, though her optimistic personality soon makes them grow weary of her.moreless

    • Tic Track Toe / Lucky All-Star
      Tic Track Toe: The main pups help their idol Go-Go the Greyhound when a racetrack accident leaves him afraid of bunnies, but will they be capable of helping him overcome his fear?

      Lucky All-Star: Convinced that he is Roger's favorite, Lucky bitterly competes with Tripod over whom Roger will enter in a bone-digging contest, but will Lucky realize that there is more than just being the best, or will his desire to succeed block his judgment?moreless

    • You Slipped a Disk / Chow About That?
      You Slipped a Disk: The trio chases after Scorch when he steals a diskette that Roger ordered Lucky to keep out of Cruella's hands, but will they be able to get it back in time for when Roger needs it?

      Chow About That: The trio try to figure out a way to break into the food silo when they miss lunch, but find it is harder than expected. Will they be able to get something to eat before the next meal?moreless

  • Season 1