101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 30

Film Fatale / My Fair Chicken

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 10, 1997 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Near the end of 'Film Fatale', when the main pups catch the very end of 'Thunderbolt - the Movie', Perdita is colored to look just like Pongo. In the next few shots, this goof fixes itself.

    • When Scorch catches the pups in the theater, Lucky exclaims that they've been spotted, and then Cadpig says they were born spotted. Technically, that's not true. Dalmatians are born without spots, which they don't gain until they are a few weeks old.

    • Towards the end of 'My Fair Chicken', one of Rolly's ears turns black during one of the scenes, and then it turns white again.

  • Quotes

    • Cruella: Are You cracked?! it's called "El Pollo Poncho, not "El Pillow Poncho".
      Horace: But, Ms. Cruella, Sir--
      Jasper: But, Ma'am, the Feathers are--
      Cruella: ...Are Duck feathers. "Pollo" means chicken. I... need... CHICKEN FEATHERS!

    • Rolly: No, no, no, Spot! You're a chicken! You have to eat like a chicken!
      Spot: As in...eat it off the ground? Gross!
      Rolly: I'm going to have to agree with her here.

    • Spot: The Silver Egg Social? But that's for chickens!
      Cornelia: Exactly! And it's time you started acting like a chicken instead of some bone-digging, kibble-eating, tree-sniffing dog!
      Spot: But I am a dog! I'm a dog trapped in a chicken's body!
      Cornelia: I don't care if you're an ardvark trapped in a baboon's pinky!

    • Lucky: We're in.
      Cadpig: We're winners.
      Spot: We're missing somebody. Where's Rolly?

    • Cruella: This box has been opened. Are you shorting me again? I'll count every straw.
      Delivery Man: But this is for the straws you were shorted last week.
      Cruella: Oh, so it is. Well, don't let it happen again or it'll be the last straw.

    • (While picking up Spot)
      Jasper: Do we serve nuggets?
      Horace: No.

    • Cruella: All our designs are on sale at the concession stand. Don't be afraid to make a fashion statement, people.
      Boy: They're scary, like you.
      Cruella: I take it back. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • Cadpig: Don't hold onto the past, Lucky. Let it go. Move on. Catch it on cable!

    • Lucky: I wish I could get my mind off Thunderbolt! I can still hear his theme music!
      Cadpig: Don't listen! That's just your subconscious tormenting you!
      Rolly: It's tormenting me too, from over there.
      Cadpig: What incredible kinetic power! You're throwing your subconscious!

    • Lucky: We've been spotted!
      Cadpig: We were born that way, Lucky. It's part of who we are.

    • Cadpig: Lucky, your obsession with Thunderbolt has caused you to lose your moral center.
      Lucky: But we have to sneak in. They won't sell us tickets.
      Cadpig: Shifting the blame to others. Good save!

    • Lucky: What do you want to do for fun today, Rolly?
      Rolly: Well, let's see, there's breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, high tea...
      Lucky: There's something new.

    • Cruella: It's true! The camera does put on pounds!

    • Lucky: I'm not an animal, I'm a dalmatian!

    • (Cadpig had just finished hypnotizing Spot to try to get her to think she was a chicken.)
      Rolly: Did it work?
      Spot: Uh, yeah, it worked alright.
      Cadpig: Bock, bock bock bawk bawk! I think I'm gonna lay an egg! Bawk, bock bawk!
      Lucky: Ten to one, it's gravel.

  • Notes

    • The beginning of "My Fair Chicken" reveals the main pups' singing vocal ranges. Rolly's a bass, Lucky's a tenor, Cadpig's an alto, and Spot's a sopranno.

    • Cruella's Memo: Move up liposuction appointment.

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