101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 16

Frisky Business / Cadet of the Month

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Sep 22, 1997 on ABC

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  • Though rather silly, these were both very well made episodes of "101 Dalmatians".

    Though rather silly, these were both very well made episodes of "101 Dalmatians".

    Personally, I liked "Frisky Business" better. The main pups decide to steal Cruella's car and drive it to Stiffle so they can sample some of the new K9 Krunchies flavor.

    I thought it was kind of mixed up having Lucky come up with the idea to try to drive a car, but it was still rather amusing. The main pups' positions on controlling the car I felt were very appropriate. Lucky on the wheel, Cadpig on the gear shift, and Rolly on the pedals made some perfect sense. It kind of reminds me of their standard totem pole lineup (Lucky on top, Cadpig in the middle, and Rolly on the bottom).

    This episode is mainly a strong vehicle for Lucky and Spot, and while Rolly and Cadpig didn't have very many lines, they are still very important to the episode. Like "Leisure Lawsuit", Cadpig only has a couple of lines in this episode, but they're still as memorable as anything she has ever said; her line, "I prefer the term: locationally challenged", is classic Cadpig.

    Roger also proves that despite the fact that he hates Cruella, he can easily drive her crazy if he tried really hard.

    "Cadet of the Month" isn't as exciting as the other episode. It did make me feel sorry for the main pups not having as much paw merits as Tripod. It kind of makes me think back to my days in Boy Scouts. Lucky cleverly plotted a scheme to try to save Lt. Pug, but Swamp Rat ends up saving him. Not only are the pups disappointed, but Tripod is too (that's a relief). The ending I didn't feel was appropriate, but it was a little funny to see the pups crushing cans with their butts.

    Overall, though silly, these episodes are strong and amusing, so they earn my recommendation.