101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 50

Good Neighbor Cruella / Animal House Party

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Feb 27, 1998 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the first scene with the Dalmatians in Good Neighbor Cruella, Cadpig's spots weren't blackened out, though they regained their color in the next scene.
      (Editor's Note: This was probably due to the lights from the TV that were causing her spots to look like they weren't blackened out.)

  • Quotes

    • Roger: Did we forget anything? Did we leave the bathtub running?
      Anita: If it is, you'd better go catch it.

    • Cadpig: My worst suspicions are confirmed! I have P.D.S., Petting Deficit Syndrome. It means I wasn't petted enough as a puppy.
      Lucky: What? You want a bandage or something?
      Cadpig: There's only one known cure. I need to be petted! (screaming) And I need it now!
      Lucky: (points at Rolly) He'll do it.
      Rolly: (points at Spot) She'll do it.
      Spot: Mother.

    • Spot: Who knew there'd be so many goldfish with fin envy?
      Rolly: Or lovebirds in need of marriage counseling?
      Lucky: Or that we've spent our one weekend without parental supervision watching Cadpig's nasal drip?

  • Notes

    • Cruella's good side causes her a headache while trying to come out. It was revealed when her good side comes out and Cruella comments about losing her usual headache and it's confirmed when the good side disappears and Cruella says her headache is back.

    • This is the fifth time in the series Lucky's fur is a different color, and it's the second time his fur is blue.

    • Cruella's good side's hair looks like the one Cruella was using in Disney's live-action movie, 102 Dalmatians, while she was using the persona of 'Ella'.

    • Lieutenant Pug's nemesis, Persian Pete, returns in the episode Animal House Party. He was last seen in 'Howl Noon'.

    • This is the final appearance of Lieutenant Pug.

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