101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 1 Episode 1

Home is Where the Bark Is

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Sep 13, 1997 on ABC

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  • So starts the beginning of a wonderful series!

    "Home is Where the Bark Is", the first official episode of "101 Dalmatians", and also, coincidentally, one of the very best. This episode captures a lot of essence of the animated movie, and it's probably the closest the series ever gets to the movie. It also shows a fine example of what kind of fun lies ahead in the series.

    We start off in the big city, where the dalmatians were living where the movie left off. When Roger and Anita find a house in the country they decide to move to (which was also said in the movie), three specific pups, Lucky, Cadpig and Rolly, are not pleased to hear such. Once they move to the farm, they try to get aquainted with the other animals living on the farm (most of which happen to be the same animals that Pongo and Perdita met in the movie). Well, in summary, the three pups just don't like it, so the next day, they decide to go back to their own home.

    This, I might also add, is one of the three episodes in the entire series where Spot doesn't play a role in the plot. She is seen for a split second in this episode, yet she doesn't speak, she just clucks, so if you missed her, than you blinked.

    When the pups return to their old brownstone, they discover that it's not as fun any more. There are more important things than comfort: family. This is when Lucky decides to make the decision that they're going back home. We see in this episode that Lucky is really the one who makes all the decisions while Cadpig and Rolly just follow him; this makes it very understandable that Lucky is the leader. I must admit, the various attempts the pups made to get out of the brownstone were entertaining to watch. The little short stack they made to get out through the chimeny is likely to be a foreshadowing of "Leisure Lawsuit". (*wink, wink*)

    While I'm not really as interested in Cruella as I am with the puppies, the scheme she pulled off in this episode was very well thought out. It really expresses how villainous she can be. We also sort of get an idea as to why Cruella wants to get the farm from the Dearly's since the original owners wouldn't sell it to her.

    In the end, the pups decide that they moved to a good home, and they end up getting used to the surroundings and make good friends (more or less) with the other animals.

    In conclusion, if you're getting started with this series, this episode, by all means, is a perfect place to start. It shows a perfect example of what kind of fun is in store for you on this series. "Home is Where the Bark Is" has hands down earned my reccomendation.

    "I'm having trouble getting centered! It's all this unfamiliarity! I need a sense of place!"
    -Don't worry. You're guaranteed to get used to it. "Home is Where the Bark Is"
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