101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 4

Leisure Lawsuit / Purred It Through the Grapevine

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Sep 04, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Leisure Lawsuit: Cruella decides to visit the Dearly's while they go out on a picnic. She and Anita relax while Roger plays with the dogs. As Lucky and Mooch fight over the frisbee, Lucky ends up bumping into Cruella making her fall down a hill. She pretends to be seriously injured, and Anita decides to carry her back to their house and take care of her. Meanwhile, Lucky finds out that Cruella was not really hurt, and she called a lawyer to sue the Dearly's and have them lose the farm. The main pups try to come up with a way to prove to Roger and Anita that Cruella was faking her injury, or else they'll lose the farm. The main pups are certain that Lucky is the one at fault of this, while Cadpig denied it. They first try to get Cruella to chase after her cigarette box, but nobody sees her, and she ends up getting slammed into the front door. Once again, she pretends to be hurt, and this time, she sues the Dearly's for everything they own. The pups think they could try to get a picture of Cruella walking. Roger's camera was in a place out of range for the pups, so they had to stack up on one another, although a bowling ball was in the way of the camera causing balance to be a problem for the pups, and the bowling ball smacks Cruella, making her injury even bigger. Lucky then overheard Cruella record her whole scheme on her tape recorder, so he bypassed Cruella and got her tape recorder from the table next to her bed (Cadpig gave him a little boost). Just as everything seemed to be going well, Lucky turns around to find Rolly eating Cruella's oatmeal, and the two of them trip over a rope flinging Cruella out of bed. Her fake injuries were then revealed to Roger and Anita, and to make up for it, she became their temporary maid until Nanny returned.

Purred It Through the Grapevine: During a barking code class, the main pups sleep through it. Colonel recieves an urgent message and sends Lt. Pug to substitute in his place. During class, the Colonel calls out an urgent action message: "Yip, yap, yow!" Thinking it's about a cat invasion, Pug goes crazy. Meanwhile, having no idea what the message translates to, the main pups decide to comb the farm and see if there's somebody who could help them translate the message. No such luck. Spot knew part of the message was "Sheep in...", so that got them somewhere. Then, when Steven came in and tried to eat Spot, she started screaming, "YOW!" This gave Lucky the idea that "Yow" meant "trouble", which meant the urgent message was "Sheep in Trouble". It turned out to be a false alarm as two black sheep were just playing a trick on the rest of the sheep. Colonel found out about this and rewarded the pups with a little snack and put Pug in charge of an important emergency.

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