101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 1 Episode 9

No Train, No Gain

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 08, 1997 on ABC

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  • A colossal waste of money this episode was.

    "No Train, No Gain" is undeniably one of the worst episodes of "101 Dalmatians" ever! I don't know what those writers were thinking when they made this episode, but it deserves to be rewritten. I mean, it's one of the earliest episodes of the series, and it was all going so well until this one came along.

    Okay, so in the episode, Cruella is attempting to steal a train car, which happens to be the Colonel's house, and sell it to some rich kid. She is of course, using Horace and Jasper to transport it over there. The main pups hear about this and try to get it back.

    I gotta say, this episode was lacking so many things. There were just so many things that pissed me off about it. For one thing, the scene where the pups jump onto the caboose of the train, but Rolly doesn't quite make it and is dangling for dear life. Lucky attempts to save him, but then Cadpig interjects that due to Rolly's weight, Lucky will fall off too. Since when does a character say something like that in a cartoon? Instead, Spot saves him. I hate that chicken!

    I gotta say, I do enjoy the little specialty those main pups have of forming totem poles in order to do certain tasks, but this time, they managed to throw the Colonel in to one of these, which was nice, but why the heck did Lucky have to sit out on it?

    What else is there to say about that episode? Well, there are all these puns that drive me insane. Also, the fact that it's a full-length episode just makes it less watchable, and on top of that, the ending to this episode is completely rushed! Is there ever such a thing as a cliffhanger?

    The only thing I really liked about this episode is the part where Horace and Jasper mess up while singing "I've Been Working on the Railroad". "Just to pass the time a-hey!" That's good for a laugh.

    This is just a horrible episode. It's almost as bad as "The Good-bye Chick". This is just another one of those episodes where if you're new to the series, skip this one for the day and watch some of the more superior episodes before catching this flik. If you want to watch this episode, be my guest, but just count me out. I'd rather watch "Ninja Turtles III" then watch this episode.

    "Save that question for a rainy day, Cadpig."
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