101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 13

Oozy Does It / Barnboozled

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Sep 17, 1997 on ABC



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    • Cadpig: If only we could reach Cruella's inner child.
      Rolly: Cadpig, I'm pretty sure Cruella's "inner child" is doing ten to twenty in juvenile hall!

    • Spot: Guys, help! I'm... blue!
      Cadpig: Now, Spot, these little sidetrips to unhappy-town have got to stop.

    • Cruella: My pool is ruined! And whoever heard of Cruella De Vil with blue and white hair? There ought to be a law against dumping gunk like this!
      Jasper: There is.
      Horace: But you told us to ignore it.

    • Lucky: We gotta think of a way to stop them!
      Rolly: We can flatten the tires!
      Lucky: Hmm... I know! We'll flatten the tires!
      Rolly: Hey!

    • Rolly: This is awful, she's taken our stuff, she's taken our space, she's taken our food.
      Spot: Look on the bright side, at least we still have our self-respect.
      Cadpig: Spot. We're living in a bookcase.

    • Cruella: I am simply sensational in my new commercial. Don't you agree? Of course, you do. I pay you to agree.
      Horace: She pays you?

    • Spot (after she gets crushed by a toxic drum): Pollution hurts.

    • Horace: You know? We'd be going a lot faster if we didn't have a flat tire.
      Jasper: Thanks for the tip, Einstein!

    • Lucky: Yuck! Pollution!
      Cadpig: How can someone so callously violate nature's bathtub?
      Rolly: Looks more like nature's toilet bowl.

    • Cadpig: Do you see anything?
      Lucky: It's Horace and Jasper!
      Spot: That means only one person is behind all this.

    • Horace: I thought alien mutants from other planets were green.
      Jasper: Of course, they're green. Everyone knows that.
      Horace: Then how come those are blue?

    • Rolly (while wearing jeans): Actually, I prefer a relaxed fit.

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