101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 5

Our Own Digs / Goose Pimples

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Sep 05, 1997 on ABC

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  • My review for Our Own Digs and Goose Pimples.

    101 Dalmatians the series came on when I was five now I\\\'m fifteen and its still my all time favorite cartoon series. Our own Digs and Goose Pimples were both good episodes and two of my favorites. From what I\\\'ve seen This episode as well as: You slipped a disk and Chow abou that, Four Stories up seem to be the most popular. Although sother episodes and the series might be just as popular. I still consider Our own Digs and Goose Pimples to be series classics.
  • "Our Own Digs" and "Goose Pimples" are two of the worst episodes of "101 Dalmatians". I have discovered a lot of flaws in these episodes and wish to go into more detail in my full review.

    These two episodes of 101 Dalmatians are, in my opinion, two of the worst episodes of the series. I have witnessed many flaws in each of them. I will try to explain them all in this review. *Spoilers Ahead!*

    To start things off, "Our Own Digs". Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig want to find their own hangout because there's not a lot of room where they are due to their gazillion brothers and sisters running around. They find this cool hayloft, and they move all their stuff in and even get cool sunglasses. They tell Spot about their hangout and want to show it to her, but as soon as they get back, all their stuff has been thrown out of the loft, and surprise surprise, Lt. Pug has taken over the hayloft! Why of all things? I never liked Pug! He doesn't belong on the show! He's been my least favorite character from the beginning! I would have enjoyed this episode a lot more if Pug wasn't in it! Anyway, I've noticed that in this episode, unlike most in the series, this one has a running gag. Lucky talks about moving hay blocks, Spot says that they're too heavy, Cadpig says, "We can use the __________," Rolly says, "We can use the __________," then Lucky says, "No, we can use the pulley!" That is like one of the lamest running gags I have ever seen in my entire life. Moreover, what's a pulley doing in a hay loft??? Overall, this episode's plot could use some extreme improvement, and it doesn't need Pug...or Cruella!

    Now we start the next episode, and hopefully, this one will be better than the first. But guess what? Oh no. This one's actually worse! This is yet *another* episode with Lt. Pug! Pug has, for some reason, been forcing the main pups to hike all day. When they decide to camp out for the night, Spot suddenly gets awakened and startled by the sound of Rolly's stomach. Or was it Cadpig's stomach? I don't know. My mind's mixed up. Anyway, Pug tells the pups the myth of Lock Jaw. Cadpig mysteriously disappears. Lucky goes out alone to look for her (Spot and Rolly were too chicken to go out with him). The others then hear monstrous footsteps, a loud jaw crash, and Lucky screaming. The remaining three runaway, but they lose Rolly, and he gets eliminated. Now all three of my most beloved pups have disappeared into the arms of Lock Jaw! How worse can you get??? Spot and Pug get separated, and Spot goes crazy. Just as she's about to meet her doom, she has been discovered by Captain, who for some unknown reason was taking the dalmatians on a hay ride. Of course, you gotta do hay rides at night, that's the best time of any day! Spot joins in on the ride and finds out that Lucky and Rolly are okay. But wait a second...where's Cadpig? We then cut back to Lt. Pug, who has apparently been discovered by the real Lock Jaw! Okay, yes, I get it, Lock Jaw is real, and Pug gets revenge from him, and this is the funny joke at the end of the episode, yeah, whatever, ha ha. But *what the heck happened to Cadpig?????* Oh, wait...there she is. Alright, Cadpig's okay; I'm relieved. Overall, this was just another poor episode. The episodes of the series where the main pups get separated in some way have always been amongst my least favorites.

    In short summary, both of these episodes are poorly-made, and stand out, in my opinion, as two of the worst episodes of the series. If the series ever comes back on the air, and you haven't seen it before, I would not recommend starting with this episode. Check the listings before watching, and if this episode is listed, just skip it for the day. I recommend watching a few of the show's most excellent episodes before viewing this one. I should know, because this was the fourth episode I've seen of the series, and the three previous ones I saw before this were in my opinion some of the series' best. But if you only want to see the good episodes of this series, then I recommend you don't watch these at all, because "Our Own Digs" is frustrating, and "Goose Pimples" is just too painful to watch.