101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 32

Poison Ivy / Twelve Angry Pups

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 14, 1997 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Cadpig knew what the newspaper article said, despite the fact that the article was on the other side of the newspaper that she was holding up.

    • When Spot asked Mooch where he was on October 14, Mooch replied that was a week away. When Cadpig said her calendar was on the wrong month she turned to June but, Mooch's comment made this episode in early October.

    • When the pups and Spot jumped through the window, Rolly never came through, but he appears trying to clean up the table.
      (Editor's Note: He probably came in while Ivy was calling Roger up to his office.)

    • When Lucky was spying on Ivy when she was in Roger's office, he told the other main pups to look at what she was doing. However, he was standing on Cadpig, who at the same time was standing on Rolly, causing there to be no way for them to gain access to the window.

  • Quotes

    • Cadpig: (Mooch) deserves a fair trial. It'll give us something to do while we build a gallows!

    • Spot: Where were you on the night of October fourteenth?
      Mooch: How would I know? That's next week!

    • Pug: It's began! The great cat invasion! (he shows the Dalmatians the newspaper, 'Cats Attack' is written on the front) Cats attack!
      Spot: Uh, not this again.
      Cadpig: (opening up the newspaper) Lieutenant, it says here "Catsup prices up, DA attacks crime". Hmm?
      Pug: It's code! Like, you know, something that means something else! Now, we've got to build a bunker; we could be overwhelmed by pussy cat paratroopers any minute!

    • Lieutenant Pug: Wake up and listen up, you sleepy eyed sissies! Today's survival mission is one that you'll remember for the rest of your dog days!
      (He gets hit by a falling newspaper)
      Cadpig: Karma! Gotta love it!

    • Cadpig: (referring to Ivy) So, she is a De Vil. The stealth version.

    • Cadpig: Someone took my daily affirmation calender! What will I do? How will I center? How will I...focus my rage so I can rip the lips off the thieving jerk?

    • Ed: Quiet that unruly mob Bailiff.
      Rolly: Uh, your honor, that's the jury.
      Ed: Well at least they haven't formed any opinions.

    • (Talking to Mooch)
      Spot: This is a citizen's arrest.
      Lucky: You have the right to remain guilty.
      Cadpig: Anything you say will be a lie.

    • Spot: Hey, are you guys missing anything?
      Mooch: Well Dipstick is missing his marbles. Whizzer lost his bladder control this morning, but otherwise, nope.

    • Ivy: I bet you puppies would like a nice little treat.
      Rolly: She's won my trust.

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