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  • This show is quite stupid!

    OK,i know alot of people love this show but i for one hate it it has horrible storylines though it does have good voices apart from that this show is really horrible i dunno why most people like it this is my opinion and it's not close to the original film called: 101 Dalmations i just think this show is horrible that's all don't hate me for it we all have our opinions i would rather watch this than some shows like Robotboy and Teletubbies other than that this show sucks.
  • Bad show! No treat for you!

    "101 Dalmations: The Series" left me feeling cold. Ok, so they changed stuff around from the original animated film, like (inexplicably, but I'm guessing that the live action movies had something to do with this) moving everyone to America. Ok, I could deal with making the show an AU (alternate universe). But the characters were all just... awful. None of them were really likable except for the chicken Spot (and that's saying a lot), and most of them were pretty boring as well. Seriously, how do you make puppies unlikable? Cruella Deville just doesn't work as a reoccuring villain. Toss in a stereotypical "bad" animal to play the antagonist (in this case, Cruella's ferret), weak writing, and bam, you get one bad series. Disney has really gone downhill with their animated series. Hercules was the last really good one they made. My advice is to see "101 Dalmations 2: Patches' London Adventure", a direct-to-video movie that is FAR superior to the series here and with more of the heart and spirit of the original animated feature.
  • enjoyed the movie, but not the show

    101 Dalmatians: The Series is based on Disney's famous animated movie 101 Dalmatians. There's always lots of fun with 101 Dalmatian puppies as they grow and play. This series focuses on the life of three main Dalmatians as they cope with their new life on the farm, as well as their chicken friend and various other characters. Cruella DeVil wants to steal the farm that the Dearly's live on, in which they are the owners of the Dalmatians.
  • This was a cute show but not for me. It wasn't as good as the cartoon movie.

    I always and still do love the cartoon movie. But the cartoon was kinda weird but cute and cute stories. It had some weird looking animals helping the puppies. And some of the puppies looked weird and acted weird. This was one of the cartoons based on a Disney movie that wasn't its best but not its worst. I have liked other Disney movie based cartoons, just not this one as much. I could only get into a couple of episodes but most of all I couldn't get into it. If I had to tell you if you should watch the show I would mostly say don't waste your time.
  • It was at best sometimes barks up the wrong tree

    I gave it a chance and I found myself not caring too much for it. I wouldn't recommend it unless you are a die hard fan of 101 Dalmatians. Although I did and still do love the original movie and the remake. The sequels weren't too bad. My biggest gripe is that the creators of this series changed the dynamics of this show drastically from the original film. Was this a spin off or a remake? A remake would have been fine and they added in some other characters that didn't fit in too well sometimes making this a chore to watch.
  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series is based on Disney's famous animated movie 101 Dalmatians. There's always lots of fun with 101 Dalmatians puppies as they grow and play. This series is on how the puppies cope with their new life on their farm with friends.

    The 101 Dalmatians: The Series was a good series when I watched it when I was a kid. I used to wait for it to come on or watch it when nothing else was on that I find interesting to me. I laughed a lot watching those puppies on their adventures throughout the farm land they had. Also, all my young cousins loved watching the series because it was funny, fun and interesting for us kids when there was nothing else to watch television. If they ever brought back the series I would let my younger cousins watch it on television.
  • It was good, and good is good, gooder then my grammar. ;)

    the series took three dogs from the 101 dalmations movies. One of them was Lucky, we all knew, and the other two were oens I've never heard of, Cadpig and Rolley. They had tons of fun adventures kids and some others would enjoy. The animation was good and voices were developed well. The colors were bright and happy making it a sure win with happiness value. It was a real kicking show while it lasted. The plots were pretty much like most other cartoons and sometimes predictable, but overall it was good for a days fufillment of animation. :) Goo-ha!
  • i love it :)

    I love the film and also love the show :D wish it was still going
  • Disagree of what they said. 101 Dalmatians: The Series is greatness. A scale of 8 to 101. Damn Chihuahua of mine.

    Up with 101 Dalmatians fans & Disney fans love about dalmatians, they say, "Dude, 101 Dalmatians will equal, landmark of movies." But, when the show got its debut, we were... barking. Oh yeah, barking.

    Toonsy the Toonsday Chihuahua: HI!

    Myself: Who the crap are you?

    Toonsy the Toonsday Chihuahua: I'm Toonsy the Toonsday chihuahua. Somebody say everyone hates you, so I'm here. I'm going to be your mascot.

    Myself: Hey, get outta my review. So, yeah. Barking. Even with my idiotic Toonsy dog, this show looked cool.

    Toonsy: No, it sucked.

    Myself: HEY! We don't need a self-promoting chihuahua, get outta here. What's cool about this show?

    Toonsy: It sucks. Toonsday's awesome.

    Myself: The drawings. And the voice. If you like the dalmatians & the 1961 movie, you'll love this show.

    Toonsy: If you like to get the crap out, you'll love being beaten up.

    Myself: That doesn't make any sense, just get outta my review!

    Toonsy: Ya idiot!

    Myself: Friggin' dog. Crap! Damn it! And notice the difference between the 1961 movie & the 1990's show. I think it had to do with different drawings.

    Toonsy: You're a different drawing!

    Myself: GET OUT! Anyways... So this is a cool show. Even for the 1990's. 1997-1998 that is. So that's makes the show cool.

    Toonsy: Toonsday's better than this show! YIPEE!

    Myself: *sigh* Kill me, will you?
  • A great cartoon, hands down

    I remember watching this show, I saw a few episodes of it but then I never got to see it again. I enjoyed it though, it was truly one of the better cartoons that I've watched. It spun off of the original Disney classic show and most of those don't end up well if they spin off or become a sequel to a classic. Yet, the classic and this show are loved by many, and far from bad.

    I would recommend this show to anybody and I would personally love to see it again, sadly, that may not happen unless they actually have this on DVD.
  • Cute

    Another cute Disney spin-off of an old classic. They adventures are good, and it also has a good does of adult humor for the big guys and girls. Since i am a big Laverne and Shirley fan, i really love David Lander/Michael McKean aka Lenny and Squiggy as Cruella's side-kick counterparts.
  • This Is A Classic

    Even though it airs on a channel that is way past my demographic (and way past most people's bedtime), 101 Dalmatians: The Show is a classic Disney series. This actually documents the events after the first movie more so than the official sequel, which I also kind of enjoyed. My favorite character is Lucky, because Pamela Adlon did a fantastic job voicing his character and gave this character a lot of personality. I also enjoy Rolly and Spot, but Cadpig is kind of annoying. I'm sorry, but her shtick of finding the inner good and positive in people is run into the ground and makes the character sort of unlikable. The character is played out well by veteran voice actor Kath Soucie (who also played Rolly), but still, I find that shtick to be really annoying. Other than that, 101 Dalmatians: The Series is great, and I would rather let your children watch this than stuff that fills the Disney Junior airwaves such as "Sofia the First" and "Doc McStuffins".
  • puppies

    i rember watching this show when i was a kid i wish it was still on
  • I thought it was a good show.

    Originally intended to be titled Dalmatians 101, it was changed to 101 Dalmatians: The Series just before its premiere. In the series opener, Roger and Anita Dearly (no longer called Radcliff as in the original animated film, but Dearly as they are in the original children's book and in the live-action film), with Nanny, decide to move to the country where the 99 puppies will have room to grow and play (there wasn't enough space in their city brownstone apartment house back in Topstown). The fact that the Widow Smedley's farm, which the Dearlys purchased, sits next to the de Vil Mansion didn't bode well for Cruella de Vil, its prime occupant. She's become a corporate criminal. Of course, she no longer wants the Puppies' hides since it is not 'policially correct' to wear fur (she would eventually go back to her old tricks in House of Mouse a few years later), but she definitely wants the Dearlys and the Dalmatians off the farm. To this end, she has hired brothers Horace & Jasper of "H & J Concepts." Also, Cruella's pet ferret, Scorch has made it his business to terrorize the puppies himself.
  • This is a cartoon based on everything '101', if you catch my drift.

    This is one cartoon that gave me all the inspiration to become a cartoonist in the future. It is one of my favorite cartoons to watch like 'Ducktales' and 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'. I like all the characters in the show, especially Cadpig. She is one of my favorite characters in a cartoon. She inspired me to design one my own characters I like to draw. If you've never seen this show, you don't know what you're missing! Not only is it based on the classic Disney animated movie, it is also based on the live-action movie as well. I just hope it gets released on DVD someday!
  • Man, I like this series cartoon.

    Retrojunk users was right, this cartoon does over 9000 times way better than Spongebob Squarepants and Dora itself. Why? Because, Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig were cute and funny, the theme song sound way better than Spongebob and Dora, the episode were great.
  • 101 dalmatians series

    as this show was on,i loved watching it ,cuz i also really like the real movies and the animated movie ,my fav is the animated movie and so i loved the series , i would like to see it on tv again
  • I'm seeing lots of spots, plenty of polka-dots...

    This show, to me, can go very unappreciated at times. This was one of the best animated adaptations at the time.

    101 Dalmatians: The Series picks up where the movie left off. It combines elements from the 1961 animated movie, the 1996 live action movie, and some elements, such as Cadpig, from the 1956 novel. It, unlike it's predecessors, takes place in America instead of London, maybe to be more familiar with younger audiences (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh did the same).

    This show originally aired as part of One Saturday Morning, with Pepper Ann, Recess, Disney's Doug, and many others. It actually started out in syndication, but was removed after The Disney Afternoon ended. It was produced by Walt Disney Television, Buena Vista Television, and Jumbo Pictures (Doug, PB & J Otter).

    The main pups are Lucky, the TV lover with a huge ego, Cadpig, the little cutie who while tries to make peace, is somewhat violent, Rolly, the fat, food-obsessed pup, and Spot, a high-strung chicken. I think Spot would've worked more as a background character, and I wish the other pups could have as many scenes taking the spotlight as well as these four.

    Some of the other pups were Two-Tone, a tomboy who was a member of Mooch's gang until (chronologically) "Love `em and Flea `em", who's considered Lucky's girlfriend, Dipstick, another member of Mooch's gang and is somewhat dimwitted, Whizzer, the constantly-urinating pup in Mooch's gang who's Mooch's right hand, but usually nice when not around him, Tripod, the athletic, over-achiever who's rivals with Lucky until (chronologically) "Lucky All-Star", and Patch, the muscular and friendly pup (he looks more like his book counterpart). The parents, Pongo and Perdita, were there, too.

    The pups were also part of the "Bark Brigade", taught by the Clonal, Sgt. Tibs, and Lt. Pug. Then were the antagonists. Mooch, a grey mutt and Lucky's other rival (and he's somewhat based on Roger Klotz from Doug), Swamp Rat, a con artist rat who lived in the swamp, with Steven the Alligator and Cydne the Snake. And where there's 101 Dalmatians, there's Cruella De Vil, as well as her henchman, Horace and Jasper.

    The storylines were very good. A few weak spots (no pun intended) during some places, but mostly good. In each episode, there was a lesson learned from it, but they never drilled them into your head. Unfortunately, there wasn't much merchandise (McDonald's toys, some books, and a video were some of the only ones). It also ended with 65 episodes due to Disney's episode policy.

    After ABC, it started airing re-runs on The Disney Channel, Toon Disney, and now on The Disney Channel again as part of Disney Junior (which is odd, considering it's not a preschool show, it's more for the same audience as Recess and the others). However, it's only on 4:00 AM on Fridays.
  • This show was so cute. I wish Toon Disney would bring it back.

    I'm sure I watched this show a lot as a little kid (I don't really remember), but I really started getting into this show about a couple of years ago when I was at home sick. I flipped through the channels and happend to see this show on (it was the "Market Mayhem" episode) and I fell in love with it. From then on I got up at 5 in the morning just to see it. (I'm not kidding.) All the characters were so cute, especially Cadpig, and the stories were very funny. I was heartbroken, however, when it was taken off the air. (And repleaced with Power Rangers...ugh.) I feel sorry that I only taped one episode, I never thought it would be canceled. This was an adorable show based on one of Disney's best films and I think it deserves to be back on TV, or on DVD. I hope Disney will one day come to it's senses and realize it had a great thing going here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • My review on 101 Dalmatians: The series.

    101 Dalmatians came on when I was 5. Now I'm 15 and it's still my all time favorite cartoon show. I have most of the episodes on tape. I which the show would come back on the air if not I hope Disney releases it on DVD. I love dogs nad Dalmatians are one my favorite breeds aside from my number 1 favorite which are Beagles.

    This show had some good story lines, even though the show had a 2 season run I still think it could use a second chance. When I saw the live action 101 Dalmatians film it was funny and enjoyable my favorite character in the film was Whizzer, he was pretty cute although I didn't like the way he looked in the cartoon series though.

    Other then that 101 Dalmatians was a series I enjoyed watching and I still enjoy it now.

    I have a feeling certain Dalmatian and animal lovers will possibly enjoy watching this show.
  • my fav

    i watch this show back in 1998 and i watched it until feb 1
    2006 but i have not seen it sence i would love to see it
    because i all way loved lucky he is a cool pup and i got some pics but i want more some please tell me when it will come back on tv again always got up at 7:30 am on saturday to watch it on disneys one saturday morning on abc but sadly
    one saturday morning stopped airing in may of 2000 but i have not given up hope because i love the 90's mostly 97,98,99 where great years of my life.
  • Yeah I like this show. It is a little better than the movies!

    I agree with The Huntsman, it is too underappreciated and hated by many fans who think that this should be completely like the movies. However, I like this because it wasn't. It added a few new characters into the mix, like Cadpig and Spot the chicken and I actually find them very good characters. Cruella was very comical and I like the way they handled her, and her drippy henchman, Jasper and Horace.
    The movies are good, but I think the series is better because it was a little more interesting and funnier.

    Good series which I feel should get more appreciation. After all, which show would you rather? This, or Teamo Supremo? (I hated that show)
  • Spots Everywhere

    This cartoon may be a gold mine, but I found some episodes that I am not really a huge fan of. This doesn't ruin the fact that this show still deserves a thumbs up. Cadpig is my favorite character in this cartoon if you might ask. Overall, I think this series is just in the phase of descent to great.
  • I personally love this show! It easily out does the movies.....

    I truely think this is one of the best cartoons of all time next to Beavis and Butthead, Family Guy, and Cowboy Bebop. I mean this cartoon easily triumps(sp?) over the competition and is/was seriously very under-rated......I mean what's not to love about this show(except maybe for Lt. Pug and Cruella)but still they provide great comedy relief for the show and cannot go un-noticed either. Anyways my fav. character has and always will be Lucky Dearly(he's just soo cool), and Cadpig she is just too funny(and cute) lol. Anyways this show is truely the best in it's genre and must not go un-noticed for any longer and definatly should not be canceled(if it does i will be veery angry lol) That's all I have to say for now but....."I'll be back!" LOL
  • A great show. The heck with "it's a baby show"!

    101 Dalmatians: The Series is a great show. It's simply great. It's amazingly humourous. It can't be a baby show. The story lines are great. I never saw a single episode that I would classify as below average. This show has complex words and grammar that no baby would understand. It's a fun show to watch. I laugh so much at this show. It doesn't matter if you are two years old, twelve years old thirty years old or one hundred years old; 101 Dalmatians: The Series is a great show to watch. It's a great show that your whole family can love.
  • While there are many who hate this series with a passion, it has always been a personal favorite of mine; in fact, I would go so far as to say that it's one of the best television programs that I have ever seen.

    101 Dalmatians: The Series has been my favorite television program for years, though it shames me to admit that I once nearly forgot about the show that brought me so many hours of entertainment. Shortly after rediscovering the series on Toon Disney, back in 2004, I began to watch the series as often as I could and I fell in love with the characters and the plots all over again. I've seen nearly every single episode in recent years and the ones I haven't seen recently are ones I've seen back in the days of my youth, though I feel that the series has truly withstood the test of time. Sixty-five episodes were produced and they all covered a wide array of excellent plots, some of which are rather unique and unexpected in comparison to other animated programs that were airing at the time the series debuted.

    I admit that the series isn't perfect, though I still consider the series to be perfect because it's as perfect as I believe was possible. I've watched several episodes that I've found rather stale in comparison to some of the series' more entertaining episodes, though I feel that such isn't a flaw of the series, rather, a flaw of heightened expectations. These episodes that I consider stale aren't necessarily bad; on the contrary, I've found them quite entertaining and I would gladly watch them many more times, though I realize that average fans of animation may not like them as much as I did. These individuals are not incorrect for their beliefs, but I feel that the flaws of the series are rather insignificant in comparison to its merits, and I feel I am justified in loving the series as much as I have.

    The characters in the series are very enjoyable to watch and I feel that they drive the episodes to make them as entertaining as I've found them. The series focuses on four main characters: Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot, though there are also many side-characters that I consider beneficial to the series as a whole. However, I must confess that some of the characters aren't capable of holding a plot together on their own; for example, episodes that tend to focus mostly on Rolly are generally less enjoyable than episodes that tend to focus more on Lucky or Cadpig. I suppose this may be due to the fact that I've enjoyed Lucky and Cadpig as characters more than I have Rolly, though as a fan of the series, I've felt that Rolly was best as a supporting character and the episodes that strongly revolved around him were generally the weaker episodes in the entire series.

    Cadpig is my favorite character and I wished to devote this section of the review to her because she represents the series in my eyes. Cadpig's personality is something that I've loved since the first day I saw the series as a child; I've always considered her behavior to be brilliant and I credit that to the excellent way in which the writers wrote out her actions. The script in regards to Cadpig's lines was typically top-notch and many of the best jokes and humorous lines throughout the series took form through Cadpig's character. However, it was due to Kath Soucie's brilliant voice work that Cadpig truly excelled in my eyes, as to this day I still consider Cadpig's voice to be the best voice for an animated character that I've ever seen. Take into consideration the fact that Cadpig related episodes were typically some of the more interesting episodes in the series and you have a formula that guarantees the character's success, so I stand by my belief that Cadpig was pivotal for the series to be what it was.

    One of the other aspects I loved about the series was the nature in which the episode's plots were handled. Many of the episodes contained plots that I found to work tremendously well with the characters, as well as the setting of the series. However, there were some episodes I found less interesting, such as the two clip show episodes that mostly consisted of footage from previous episodes of the series. Fortunately, those episodes contained some new segments as well, which is why I still enjoyed my experience watching them, though I realize that some of the stale episodes in the series have less positive things than I would like. Despite this, a vast majority of the episodes were handled with finesse, in my opinion, and I particularly enjoyed the fact that the series contained a true series premiere and a series finale, in which I feel the three part series finale for 101 Dalmatians: The Series were some of the best episodes for any animated program I've ever seen. The episodes also attempted to appeal to other audiences, through including many cultural references to other media, as well as to the original works the series was based off of, which brings me to a more problematic issue.

    Despite the fact that 101 Dalmatians: The Series was based on the 101 Dalmatians franchise, many fans of the franchise felt themselves alienated due to the differences between the original movies and this series. Roger and Anita now have the last name of Dearly, characters were added that didn't appear in the movie, and Cruella De Vil is no longer trying to make fur coats with the Dalmatians. However, this is because the series is based more on the original novel that the movies were based on, rather than the movies themselves, which is why Cadpig is a character in the series. I can perfectly understand why some people are upset about Cruella's change in behavior, though for the sake of the series, I can realize why this necessity was a necessity and I would encourage fans of the original 101 Dalmatians franchise to check the series out, as the Cruella is still handled in an enjoyable fashion, despite her change in objective.

    With all things considered, I feel that 101 Dalmatians: The Series is truly my favorite animated program of all time and I give it my highest recommendation. I realize the series had its fair share of ups and downs and I realize that not everyone will enjoy watching it, though I believe this was an animated program of tremendous quality and I wish modern animated programs were more like this one. It may be nearly a decade old at the time of this writing, but I can say in good faith that the series has withstood the test of time and I look forward to watching the episodes many more times in the future; though I hope other individuals will be watching it as well.
  • This show is great and it is not only for Little Kids.

    This is for sure one of the best movie sequel series Disney has done, in fact I prefer to watch the series over to the movie. This is a really cute show and very original. Currently airs on Toon Disney, but unfortunately airs at 5:00 AM, and at that hour I am sleeping, so I hope Disney releases it in DVD.
  • GREAT SHOW!!!!! Thats all...

    The show is great! Everyone (almost^^) can confirm this. And the coolest of the 101 Dalmatians Characters is CADPIG isn`t she? Lucky is BORING, Rolly is silly and Cadpig is cute, lovely and of curse one of the greatest Cartoon-characters I know. She is the show! Without her, 101 Dalmatians just would be 100 Dalmatians... without Cadpig the show would be SSOOO boring. but her brothers and sisters also make a great job. The 101 dalmatians are funny, cute and not only for little children. Everyone should give 101 Dalmatians a chance to let them entertain you.
  • Disney's best movie-based series.

    As a child, one of my absolute biggest loves was Disney's '101 Dalmatians'. I loved the 'family-overcomes-evil' theme, the potential for multiple new characters, the many adorable puppies, and of course, the devious Cruella DeVil. Since 2002, I have been collecting 101 Dalmatians merchandise anywhere I find it, including Internet images, Disney-press books, stuffed toys, McDonalds collectible figurines, coin purses, folders, prints, refridgerator magnets, Disney World pins, a copy of Dodie Smith's book, and of course, copies of the movie. I am now own both store-bought and taped-off-television versions of both the original animated movie from 1961 and the live-action remake from 1996. I even pre-ordered the video for 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure for the movie and the Disney Store limited edition prints. Except for 102 Dalmatians, I've seen pretty much every Disney 101 Dalmatians medium.

    I am fully aware that many movie-based cartoons vary in terms of success. While, like the video games, Disney's tend to be worthwhile and watchable, they are not all even in terms of quality. Some are good (The Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch: the Series) others are uneven (Timon and Pumbaa, Hercules) and others are soulless by-products meant to cash-in on the movie (Aladdin, The Mighty Ducks, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command).

    How does '101 Dalmatians: the Series' measure up?

    To tell the truth, I actually like it better than the movies.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved the original animated movie plenty, but today, I just prefer the 1996 live action remake and the series. It goes back to the roots of Dodie Smith's original book for inspiration, indicating we finally see Lucky with a strong personality and Cadpig in an animated Disney medium. It is definitely one of the best late 1990s cartoons, even being nominated for the Daytime Emmy for 'Outstanding Children's Program' in 1997-1998. The setup is that it acts as a mix of Dodie Smith's book, the original animated movie and the live-action remake. It centers on Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly and their chicken friend Spot as they experience life on the Dearly Farm (and stop Cruella DeVil's schemes to steal their land, which everyone knows is worth lots of money). It sends positive messages and contains many interesting, strong and likable characters. I enjoy the American setting and contemporary theme.

    There are characters I have liked from the beginning and continue to like (Roger, Anita, Pongo, Perdita, Lucky, Rolly, Cruella DeVil), other characters I also like and welcome their additions (Cadpig, Spot, Mooch, Scorch, Tripod, Two-Tone, Duchess, Princess, Swamp Rat, Mayor Ed Pig, Dumpling, Cruella's relatives, Blaze, Rebecca, alternate Patch) other characters I am just indifferent to (the Colonel, the Captain, Sgt. Tibbs, Wizzer, Dipstick) others I just never cared for (Horace and Jasper...see below, and Lt. Pug is the only character in the series I just don't like). I don't have one favorite over the others, but I seriously like Cadpig and Lucky.

    The show doesn't use the same 'rounded-edge' style that the movie uses, but I like it. There are many brilliant episodes in the show, which are humorous and heartwarming. I own just about every episode of series on tape (and have multiple copies...it spans about seven video tapes). The only episodes I don't have are the three-part 'Dalmatian Vacation', and 'Alive n' Chicken/Prima Doggy' (the last two were pulled from syndication due to the 'death' theme in 'Alive n' Chicken'...in that ep, Spot thought she was going to die, and 'the trio' try to help her deal with it, and consequently pulled 'Prima Doggy' with it, after 9/11/2001).

    My pick for the 'Best Episode of the Series': "The Making Of...". It is a brilliant 'behind-the-scenes' like look at the show, with many in-jokes and clever references. It takes the many already great episodes of the show and makes them even better.

    My pick for the 'Worst Episode of the Series':(Almost) a no-brainer: "Horace and Jasper's Big Career Move." Basically, Cruella fires Jasper and Horace and they go around to various talent agencies looking for work. It is just an extremely boring episode. Not to mention we don't even see the main pups in non-archive footage until the very end; it's a 'clip-show' episode. It's okay, though...it kinda proves my hypothesis that we love 101 Dalmatians for a bunch of different reasons but Jasper and Horace aren't one of them.

    I love the show and it's quickly become an absolute favorite of mine. I'd wholeheartedly recommend it, the guys at Disney have a great product that seriously needs to be synergized. I've been a Cadpig fanboy for years and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Currently, in addition to owning several episode tapes (eagerly hoping for a series boxset), I have the McDonalds flip cars, the books 'Cruella Returns' and 'The Big Dig', the '101 Dalmatians Christmas' tape, and I am also a proud owner of a rare animation cel from the series bought from the Disney Store in New York City. The cel I own is from the episode 'Chow About That?' featuring Rolly and Cadpig, where Cadpig consoles her brother saying, "When I miss a meal, I have a mental meal." Go Cadpig!