101 Dalmatians: The Series

ABC (ended 1998)


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  • Disagree of what they said. 101 Dalmatians: The Series is greatness. A scale of 8 to 101. Damn Chihuahua of mine.

    Up with 101 Dalmatians fans & Disney fans love about dalmatians, they say, "Dude, 101 Dalmatians will equal, landmark of movies." But, when the show got its debut, we were... barking. Oh yeah, barking.

    Toonsy the Toonsday Chihuahua: HI!

    Myself: Who the crap are you?

    Toonsy the Toonsday Chihuahua: I'm Toonsy the Toonsday chihuahua. Somebody say everyone hates you, so I'm here. I'm going to be your mascot.

    Myself: Hey, get outta my review. So, yeah. Barking. Even with my idiotic Toonsy dog, this show looked cool.

    Toonsy: No, it sucked.

    Myself: HEY! We don't need a self-promoting chihuahua, get outta here. What's cool about this show?

    Toonsy: It sucks. Toonsday's awesome.

    Myself: The drawings. And the voice. If you like the dalmatians & the 1961 movie, you'll love this show.

    Toonsy: If you like to get the crap out, you'll love being beaten up.

    Myself: That doesn't make any sense, just get outta my review!

    Toonsy: Ya idiot!

    Myself: Friggin' dog. Crap! Damn it! And notice the difference between the 1961 movie & the 1990's show. I think it had to do with different drawings.

    Toonsy: You're a different drawing!

    Myself: GET OUT! Anyways... So this is a cool show. Even for the 1990's. 1997-1998 that is. So that's makes the show cool.

    Toonsy: Toonsday's better than this show! YIPEE!

    Myself: *sigh* Kill me, will you?
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