101 Dalmatians: The Series

ABC (ended 1998)


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  • I thought it was a good show.

    Originally intended to be titled Dalmatians 101, it was changed to 101 Dalmatians: The Series just before its premiere. In the series opener, Roger and Anita Dearly (no longer called Radcliff as in the original animated film, but Dearly as they are in the original children's book and in the live-action film), with Nanny, decide to move to the country where the 99 puppies will have room to grow and play (there wasn't enough space in their city brownstone apartment house back in Topstown). The fact that the Widow Smedley's farm, which the Dearlys purchased, sits next to the de Vil Mansion didn't bode well for Cruella de Vil, its prime occupant. She's become a corporate criminal. Of course, she no longer wants the Puppies' hides since it is not 'policially correct' to wear fur (she would eventually go back to her old tricks in House of Mouse a few years later), but she definitely wants the Dearlys and the Dalmatians off the farm. To this end, she has hired brothers Horace & Jasper of "H & J Concepts." Also, Cruella's pet ferret, Scorch has made it his business to terrorize the puppies himself.
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