101 Dalmatians: The Series

ABC (ended 1998)


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  • Bad show! No treat for you!

    "101 Dalmations: The Series" left me feeling cold. Ok, so they changed stuff around from the original animated film, like (inexplicably, but I'm guessing that the live action movies had something to do with this) moving everyone to America. Ok, I could deal with making the show an AU (alternate universe). But the characters were all just... awful. None of them were really likable except for the chicken Spot (and that's saying a lot), and most of them were pretty boring as well. Seriously, how do you make puppies unlikable? Cruella Deville just doesn't work as a reoccuring villain. Toss in a stereotypical "bad" animal to play the antagonist (in this case, Cruella's ferret), weak writing, and bam, you get one bad series. Disney has really gone downhill with their animated series. Hercules was the last really good one they made. My advice is to see "101 Dalmations 2: Patches' London Adventure", a direct-to-video movie that is FAR superior to the series here and with more of the heart and spirit of the original animated feature.
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