101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 34

Robo-Rolly / Splishing and Splashing

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 20, 1997 on ABC

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  • 'Robo Rolly' is great, 'Splishing and Splashing' needs some work.

    As research for my hand at fanfiction, I thought I should rewatch 'Robo Rolly/Splishing and Splashing'.

    'Robo Rolly'--Cruella fires Anita, who then goes to work for Ralphie St. Lowrent; Cruella then has P.H. DeVil design an evil robot clone of Rolly to spy on her work.

    I will start by saying this episode was cleverly plotted; Cruella is well-utilized in this episode and she is shown in a fairly devious fashion in her plot to put Ralphie St. Lowrent out of business in regards to her scheme involving P. H. DeVil and his tech smarts.

    It is a good vehicle for Lucky, Cadpig and Spot; they are right to suspect that Rolly isn't Rolly by him not wanting to eat, and I thought it was plausible for Cadpig to not believe Lucky when he claimed Rolly was actually a robot (her 'we're all robots' line was classic Cadpig). Mayor Ed Pig also gets a great bit part when the Main Pups con him into attacking the Robo Rolly by lecturing it (Cadpig claims that Robo Rolly didn't vote for him).

    In addition, the robot Rolly is well-designed; it is a classic 'got everything' (claw, camera, rocket boots, saw, etc.) cartoon robot that is seemingly indestructible; unforunately, it only made me wish that P.H. DeVil would have gotten a greater role.

    All said and done, 'Robo-Rolly' is a lot of fun and I would suggest checking it out.

    'Splishing and Splashing'--Hiccup Hole is off limits after Lucky splashes Lucy the Goose and refuses to apologize.

    Uh-oh. It's a hot day in Grutely. This can't be good.

    To tell the truth, this episode I thought could have been stronger; it has some pacing problems and I thought that some lines from Lucky and Spot seemed excessive. On the good side, Cadpig and Rolly are in character and they are the definite positives. The bad part is Lucky...probably should be depicted in this way and it makes him seem unlikable. Pongo also seemed to be a little dense in this ep.

    The Hiccup Hole 'alternatives' were an example of the pacing problems; only two are shown (having three helps) and while the swamp felt wasted, Cruella's pool is a little better. Cruella's 'anti-swimsuit' seems like a surefire way to get fat.

    The message behind this episode was 'Respect your elders'. Lucy the Goose, in my viewpoint, appears to be the elderly woman who does not have a family or friends (think Mrs. Dubose on To Kill a Mockingbird). She, I think, is best left as a minor character (which this episode does); the cranky old chick is like that (no one wants to listen to a crab for 11 minutes).

    The ending here also seemed rushed; it felt like it could have gone on for two more minutes or so but they just hit the 11 minute mark and they needed to stop.

    As far as my personal picks for best and worst episodes, 'Robo Rolly' is in the 'Best' category and I felt it is worthy of the 'Must see' billing. 'Splishing and Splashing' is just 'in the middle'; more could have been done and I would guess that it's a victim of the 11 minute mark. They are welcome additions to the show and are worth your attention.

    'I just stopped by for a cup of sugar. Or maybe an anti-tank gun, if you're not using yours.'
    --Whichever comes first, 'Robo Rolly'