101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 1 Episode 10

Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure / Wild Chick Chase

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 15, 1997 on ABC

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  • These were both pretty good episodes of the series, and I happen to have a lot of input on them, even though they both seem like the exact same episode.

    In "Rolly's Eggcellent Adventure", Spot wants one of the main pups to babysit her Mom's eggs while she's out. Lucky and Cadpig made up lame excuses to not do it, but Rolly actually volunteered to do so. While the episode did seem kind of thin, it had some strong points. For one thing, I really enjoyed the Beatles reference (Rolly's "get back" line). I also liked the running gag where Scorch is about to eat Cornelia's eggs but gets bashed unexpectedly. Rolly trains the chicks to act like dogs, and they turn out to be the heroes of this episode. Rolly does indeed make a great teacher for the least interesting of the main pups (while my least favorite is still Spot). Lucky and Cadpig also had a lot of memorable lines in this episode as well.

    Now "Wild Chick Chase" seems to be pretty much the same as "Rolly's Eggcellent Adventure", since it also involves chick-sitting. Spot has to babysit Peeps while also trying to enjoy a swim with her best buddies. While Peeps is kind of cute, she is a tricky chick! When nobody's looking, she gulps down her milk bottle, and boom! She's gone! It's kind of strange that a highway just appeared out of nowhere near Hiccup Hole. This is an old cartoon joke we've all seen a lot where a character gets itself in danger by crossing a busy street but doesn't get hurt. Also, for some unknown reason, there is suddenly a waterfall attached to Hiccup Hole. Even Lucky noticed it was there all of a sudden! ("Who put a waterfall there?") That log ride looked pretty fun. I want to be a dalmatian puppy and live on Dearly Farm, so I can do that log ride every day! There was also a cultural reference in this episode that I enjoyed, which was the Frogger reference (the pups jumping across the logs trying to get away from the waterfall).

    Overall, these were both reasonably strong episodes, and they've earned my recommendation. I personally liked "Rolly's Eggcellent Adventure" better, but "Wild Chick Chase" was good too. They're worth a watch, and I'm sure you won't regret it.

    "What is a dog? What is a chicken? Does anyone ever really know?"
    -I never thought they'd mix until I met these four adorable animals! "Rolly's Eggcellent Adventure"
  • Aren't these eps basically the same thing?

    Strange...why would Disney pair these two episodes--both are about the Main Pups babysitting chicks--together? They are identical in terms of plot. The only real differences are the number of chicks and character focus. They both even use the same 'Rock-a-Bye Baby' instrumental opening!

    'Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure'--Rolly agrees to help Spot watch Cornelia's eggs while Spot is out; he needs to protect them with Scorch on the prowl.

    Okay, Spot is out for most of the ep. This is fine, in my view. While I think Rolly is the least interesting of the main four, it still stands as a halfway decent Rolly episode.

    There is some good lines, especially some coming from Lucky and Cadpig, who start by heckling Rolly about his new responsibility. Which I felt was in character; Rolly seems like the type who would avoid responsibility at any chance he would get. I thought the bit part about Rolly trying to keep the chicks from hatching was funny. The repeated bit about Scorch getting flattened by the door was less amusing.

    The chicks are cute, and they ultimately become the heroes after the main three are captured. The ending to this episode was good for a laugh as well.

    Just a decent episode, in my view. It's very pedestrian, but a decent pedestrian episode.

    'Wild Chick Chase'--Spot is stuck babysitting Peeps while Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig try to talk her into swimming at Hiccup Hole.

    So Spot is left to babysit another chicken's chick--man, Cornelia is one demanding mother.

    As I said before, Rolly is the least interesting of the Main Pups, but Spot is truthfully the least relevant (the show's called '101 Dalmatians' without mention of a chicken for a reason). Spot is somewhat interesting, what with having the most common sense and voice of reason, but she doesn't work so well as the main focus; Spot is not really a stand-alone character. She works best as a support character, playing off the others. That would leave Lucky and Cadpig as the strongest focuses of the four.

    Peeps is cute, but I think she is best left as a one-shot character. A baby that doesn't speak doesn't give much room for character development (just ask Maggie Simpson).

    This episode was setup to be like a standard old-school cartoon (think like the old 'Popeye babysitting Swee' Pea' cartoons), but it lead to a few problems, in terms of continuity. For one, there is a major metropolitian highway apparently not too far away from Hiccup Hole. Where did that come from? And the waterfall...who put that there? I always thought Hiccup Hole was something like a pond. Abandoning continuity in favor of just one eleven minute episode? Not a great idea.

    The message in this episode was 'Be responsible'.

    In conclusion, I can say that neither 'Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure' nor 'Wild Chick Chase' is great in particular; they are just decent episodes, ranking somewhere 'in the middle'. To start, it was odd to have two episodes that are very similar to each other back-to-back. I liked 'Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure' better than 'Wild Chick Chase', and they are enjoyable, but I would have seperated these two and have them play with other episodes, because...well, you get the idea.

    'It just goes to show ya, an old dog can teach new chicks!'
    --Great, but what about this deja vu feeling?, 'Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure'
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