101 Dalmatians: The Series - Season 1

ABC (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • Out to Launch / Prophet and Loss
    Out to Launch: The pups sneak into Cruella's rocket, the DeVil NCCA, in which contains a computer that wishes to blow up some American satellites, but will they be able to stop the rocket before it's too late?

    Prophet and Loss: Cadpig plays along with the others and the farm animals as she thinks she's psychic, but will her predictions be able to hold true, and if not, will she be able to stay in control of the situation?moreless

  • A Christmas Cruella
    A Christmas Cruella
    Episode 12
    Cruella turns into Scrooge on Christmas and fires Anita. However, when Cruella hits her head, she dreams that the Dalmatians take her on a trip through time. She goes to the past, present, and future and sees what trouble she has caused, but will she change her ways?
  • The Dogs of DeVil / Dog's Best Friend
    The Dogs Of DeVil: The main pups are mistakenly thinking that Anita and Perdita are leaving Pongo and Roger because of the Cruella plan to take Anita way from the family while she works. The main pups decided to stop the madness by bringing back the two and making sure that nothing happens, but will they be successful?

    Dog's Best Friend: Rolly gets depressed when Lucky becomes best friends with a German Sheppard pup named Blaze who tells fantastic stories of his past adventures. When Blaze is accused of destroying Lucky's 'Thunderbolt' autograph, which Rolly did destroy, but will Rolly admit the truth?moreless

  • Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure / Wild Chick Chase
    Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure: Rolly promises to protect Cornelia's eggs from Scorch. However, when the eggs hatch, Rolly raises the chicks as dogs because he doesn't know what else to do, but will there be consequences for his actions?

    Wild Chick Chase: Spot vainly tries to baby-sit Peeps and have fun swimming at Hiccup Hole at the same time. Will Spot be capable of relaxing while watching Peeps at the same time, or is she getting in over her head?moreless

  • No Train, No Gain
    No Train, No Gain
    Episode 9
    When Cruella’s business scheme fails, she needs to find a method to cover her losses. Fortunately for her, Horace and Jasper are watching television when a child-billionaire comes on the screen and says he would pay ten million dollars for an antique train, which Cruella realizes that the Dearlys have. Cruella decides to go and steal the train but she doesn’t realize that the Colonel lives inside it, which causes the Dalmatians to get aboard and it’s up to them to work together as a team to save the train and themselves.moreless
  • The High Price of Fame / The Great Cat Invasion
    The High Price Of Fame: After being humiliated by her friends, Spot goes off to sit in the swamp because she is depressed. However, the Swamp Rat sees her and decides to sell her some respect, though will she realize that the price of fame is too high, or will she accept his offer, regardless of the consequences?

    The Great Cat Invasion: Pug has always warned that the cats would invade the Dearly farm for quite some time, but most of the cadets never believe him. However, when Cruella's cat fashion exhibit appears next door, all signs are leading towards the inevitable. Will Pug be correct about the great cat invasion after all?moreless

  • Swine Song / Watch for Falling Idols
    Swine Song: Lucky, Cadpig and Spot help Rolly romance Dumpling when he suddenly falls in love with her. However, Dumpling isn't very interested in him, which causes Rolly to loose hope. Will his friends be able to help Rolly impress Dumpling enough so that she will go out with him, or is this one romance that just isn't feasible?

    Watch For Falling Idols: The creators of "Thunderbolt", which is Lucky's favorite show, is coming to the farm to film a new episode. However, when Lucky finds out that his idol, Thunderbolt, doesn't do his own stunts, he looses faith in him. Will Thunderbolt be able to regain Lucky's respect, or will he remain a fallen idol?moreless

  • Bad to the Bone / Southern Fried Cruella
    Bad To The Bones: Rolly fakes a fight with Cydne Snake to get Mooch's gang off his back, which causes Mooch to let Rolly join his team. However, Rolly soon manages to alienate his true friends so that he can remain popular, but will Rolly's reputation have dire consequences?

    Southern Fried Cruella: Cruella passes herself off as the Southern bred owner of the Dearly farm to impress client Wild Bill Spotty. However, Cruella's intentions are noticed by the pups' so they decide to intervene in order to stop Cruella from exploiting the farm for her personal gain, but will they be capable of doing such a task?moreless

  • Two for the Show / An Officer and a Gentledog
    Two For The Show: After Lucky wins a ticket to be on a game show, he needs a partner. Lucky decides to test his friends to see who is the most capable, but after his arrogance alienates them, his friends decide not to help him out. Will Lucky be able to find a partner for the game show in time?

    An Officer and a Gentledog: It's time for the cadet field inspection, where all the cadets need to run an obstacle course in order to advance to the next phase. However, Lucky gets personal and he tries to get through the obstacle course faster than Tripod, but will Lucky be capable of realizing the true purpose of the obstacle course, or will his pride get in his way?moreless

  • Howl Noon / Easy on the Lies
    Howl Noon: Cadpig and the other pups reluctantly help out Pug when his childhood enemy Persian Pete comes back to get him. When it turns out that Pug doesn't really care, Cadpig still decides to stop him from making the most terrible mistake of his life when he goes up against Parsain Pate.

    Easy On The Lies: Rolly lies to the Colonel to get out of a storytelling session with him and go swimming with the others. But the main pups then have a big hassle trying to get to Hiccup Hole.moreless

  • He Followed Me Home / Love 'Em and Flea 'Em
    He Followed Me Home: A circus elephant has gone missing from the local circus troupe, and the trio decides to keep it as a pet. However, Cruella formulates a plan to report the elephant to the local authorities to get the Dearlys to loose their farm. Will the pups' be able to get Jumbo back home before it's too late?

    Love 'Em and Flea 'Em: After being bullied by Mooch, Lucky decides to take Two-Tone to the Four Legged Fall Ball in order to get revenge, since Mooch likes Two-Tone. However, will Mooch stand by while Lucky takes his girlfriend to the ball, or is Lucky getting in over his head?moreless

  • Full Metal Pullet / Dough the Right Thing
    Full Metal Pullet: To get into the Bark Brigade, Lucky wants to throw Spot off his drill team and lets Pug bully her around. However, he soon learns the value of friendship and attempts to find a way to get everyone into the Bark Brigade, though will he succeed?
    Dough The Right Thing: The pups return to Cruella a purse full of money that they think is hers, but then have to retrieve the purse when it turns out to be Anita's instead; though with Horace and Jasper assigned to security duty, will they be able to get the money back in time?moreless
  • Home is Where the Bark Is
    The Dearlys finally decide to move into General Smedley's old farm. However, Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig don't want to move, as they love the city and decide to go back to their old home. However, when Cruella finds out that the Dalmatians have returned to their old house, she hatches a plan to use them to get the Dearlys to sell her their farm so she can expand her property. Will Cruella be able to steal the farm or will the pups realize the folly of their ways and return home in time?moreless