101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 31

Snow Bounders / Gnaw or Never

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 11, 1997 on ABC



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    • (Cruella notices one of her boots is chewed up.)
      Cruella: I wasn't aware you also kept alligators as pets.

    • Rolly: I'm famished, and you bring me stinky footwear? Please!
      Cadpig: It's the perfect snack! Did you want some dipping sauce?
      Rolly: I'd never chew shoes! I'm a gourmet. A kibble connesuir, don't you know. My taste buds are oh so divine.

    • Horace: Sure is a slow fireworks show.
      Jasper: When's the grand finale?

    • Pongo: Lucky, what are you doing here?
      Lucky: Surviving. We worked together to survive the blizzard. I told you we could do it!
      Pongo: You also dissobeyed me! You're all grounded for a week!
      Cadpig: That's cruel and unusual!
      Pongo: Oh, you'll survive it if you work together.

    • Cruella: Where's my purse?
      Lucky: She dropped it back where we started. Let's go find it.
      Spot: Are you nuts? In this gizzard-freezing blizzard? I'm staying here.
      Lucky: We've got to work together to get through this.
      Cadpig: He's right. We've got to prioritize. Survive now...bury him in blame later!

    • (A bear roars at Cruella)
      Cruella: I'm not in the mood.

    • Rolly: Do you think she's alright?
      Cadpig: If anyone can scare off the angel of death, it's Cruella.

    • Cruella: Get me out of here, you croutons!!! (the word, "croutons" echoes all over the place)
      Horace: She's over there!
      Jasper: No, she's over there!
      Horace: She's everywhere!

    • Rolly: What survival skill should we try first?
      Lucky: We can survive later. Right now, let's have some fun.

    • Lucky: Can we go, Dad? Pleeeaasse?
      Pongo: I'm sorry, Lucky. This trip is for doggly dogs, not pupply pups. You haven't developed the proper skills yet.
      Rolly: Well, at least you tried.
      Lucky: Hey, we're just getting started. We sneak along, prove we can survive in the wild, and BOOM! We're big enough to go camping!
      Cadpig: I admire your proactive spirit, Lucky, but if this goes wrong, you're taking the fall.

    • (After trying to tie Rolly up, Cadpig, Lucky and Spot get tied up)
      Spot: He's good, you gotta admit, he's good.

    • Rolly: But I don't know if I can be strong...and I don't know if I even want to.
      Lucky: You can do it, Rolly, your friends are here to lend you emotional support...and to truss you up like a holiday turkey!

    • Rolly: Come on. Help me pull this thing loose.
      Spot: I thought you were too much of a gourmet to chew shoes.
      Rolly: I'm not gonna chew it. I'm gonna fetch it to Cruella. Maybe my good deed will earn me a hand-up.
      Cadpig: Yeah, and maybe the tooth fairy will fly away to Lollypop Land and get a cavity.

  • Notes

    • The episode 'Snow Bounders' marks the second and last time that it snows at the Dearly Farm. The first time was in the episode 'A Christmas Cruella'.

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