101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 24

Spots and Shots / On the Lamb

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 13, 1997 on ABC

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  • Like, mega ouch.

    I really like "101 Dalmatians: the Series", I really do. However, I must admit that no matter how many second chances I give these two episodes, I just can't bring myself to like them. I never enjoy seeing Lucky get singled out; unfortunately, that's what these two episodes seem to base themselves around. While I don't mind it so much if it happens to Rolly (like in "Bad to the Bone"), Spot ("The High Price of Fame") or Cadpig ("Mooove it On Over"), seeing Lucky get singled out is always a chore for me. 'Spots and Shots'--Lucky ducks into Cruella's Mansion to avoid getting himself a shot from the vet. This day started out so nicely...until the vet showed up, then it all went to hell. I wanted to like this episode; it's message of "You may not like getting a shot, but it's better than getting sick", is good, if a little harsh. Unforunately, it's references, like the Frankenstein spoof, fall flat and the running joke of Lucky going to hide and the other pups just 'appearing' in random spots around the farm while asking Lucky if he was going to the vet failed to make me laugh. It was just a little strange. I wanted Lucky to come back and say, "Maybe. Are you?" Another problem that I had was the fact Lucky spends too much time on his own; Cadpig, Rolly and Spot don't get very much screen time and the lack of cast support hurt this episode's score. Also, how could Cruella necessarily catch a dog's disease? Dogs can't get human diseases like HIV, so how is this possible? Eh...'Spots and Shots' isn't one of my favorites. 'On the Lamb'--Led by an adventure-hungry Lucky, the Main Pups try to hunt down Lambo, a deranged lamb running amok in Grutely. Sorry, situation hasn't improved, I didn't care for this one either. While I enjoyed the reference to James Bond (Rex Hunter is the show's answer), I get let down as soon as they involve the Bark Brigade. And yes, they go ahead and bring in Lt. Pug, the character nobody likes. This episode can be good anyway, if the character the Main Pups go up against is at least interesting. But alas, Lambo isn't that foe. He was such a poor character, not having much to go around, speaking in a stereotypical lamb's voice (a lamb drags out its 'a's, much like how a snake drags out its 's's) and coming off as a failed spoof of Sylvester Stallone's "Rambo" character. The ending, involving Lucky having his fur removed due to the tape he was smothered in, was painful. Him getting chewed out by Lt. Pug after rewarding Cadpig wasn't fun, and Spot's closing line didn't help matters. In the end, I felt this episode was pretty bland and I didn't enjoy it much at all. 'Spots and Shots' and 'On the Lamb' have not earned my recommendation; while I won't call them terrible episodes, and while not as bad as I originally thought they were, they are among my least favorites. While I thought 'Spots and Shots' was marginally better than 'On the Lamb', I can't really recommend either episode. "Poor Pug. He's metaphorically challenged."
    --Another reason why we don't like Pug, "On the Lamb"