101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 1 Episode 11

The Dogs of DeVil / Dog's Best Friend

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 22, 1997 on ABC

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  • All right, two more strong episodes!

    The latter cartoon is recognizable for a lot of Blaze/Cadpig fluff fanfiction, so I thought I'd give 'The Dogs of DeVil/Dog's Best Friend' a review.

    'The Dogs of DeVil'--When Anita is called to work on her day off, an arguement between Roger and Anita and Pongo and Perdita leaves the Main Pups to think they are splitting up.

    So, I see that Cadpig has gotten Spot into her soap. This would work, considering it aired after 'Swine Song'. I am not into soaps myself; I prefer game shows (who cares if John and Marsha don't get back together, I want to see prizes and money!), but it is fitting and appropriate that Cadpig and Spot would like them (Soap operas are meant to be for women, anyway...I am a guy, if you can't tell).

    The Main Pups are in character in this episode, Cadpig liking the idea of therapy...I guess suits her character and Rolly gets a funny bit involving the sausage link rope (and still having room for more!). Perdita also gets some interesting development, particularly in the sequence were she growls at Scorch and kicks him out into a model (Cadpig must get her violent tendencies from her mom).

    The writing was strong, many good lines and sight gags, especially the 'seasick' bit part and Lucky and Cadpig freaking out the model by appearing in her new clothes line.

    And of course, the touching moment where Pongo and Perdy and Roger and Anita are reunited is met with a teary-eyed Cadpig (it's adorable!)

    The message of this episode...well, there appeared to be two: 'Family comes first' and 'Don't judge until you have all the information'.

    I will strongly recommend 'The Dogs of DeVil'.

    'Dog's Best Friend'--Rolly gets jealous when Lucky starts spending all of his time with his new best friend Blaze, a very worldly German Shepard pup who seems to have been through everything.

    Here's the new pup on the block: Blaze is an interesting character, he's a storyteller who bears a grudge against Thunderbolt (for not receiving a role as the Young Thunderbolt). I wouldn't have minded if he became a recurring character in the series. But I think I like him best as one of Lucky's best friends; I know that Blaze/Cadpig is popular in fanfiction but I don't see Blaze as being ready to bunker down anytime soon. I have an online friend who made a fanfic boyfriend for Cadpig, whom I like better.

    It is primarily to let us know that Lucky and Rolly are best friends. But I think Lucky was being gentle with Rolly at the end (in my opinion); I honestly think that he knows Cadpig is his best friend. They have the best chemistry together and I thought it would have been nice if she got a slightly larger role here; regardless, this was still a very good episode and I would highly recommend it.

    Both 'The Dogs of DeVil' and 'Dog's Best Friend' were nicely done, I thought, and I try to watch it every time Thanksgiving comes around (don't ask, it seems appropriate for that time of year). I found little to desire more of and I will strongly recommend both episodes.

    'You can learn an awful lot from cartoons!'
    --Blaze, you little liar, 'Dog's Best Friend'