101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 2

Tic Track Toe / Lucky All-Star

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Sep 02, 1997 on ABC

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  • Per request of another reviewer...

    I have decided to go ahead and review "Tic Track Toe/Lucky All-Star", another pair of what I consider to be among the best episodes. 'Tic Track Toe'--The Main Pups try to help a racing greyhound named Gogo conquer his newly acquired fear of bunnies. Now, gambling is not my cup of tea; I hate to be putting my hard earned money at risk. Cruella learns this the hard way. Gogo appears to be representing a timid character who is frightened easily. Gogo's plight, being afraid of bunnies, while as ridiculous as it sounds, is identifiable. People get scared over silly things and I guess bunnies are not off limits (Stephen King finds strange things for his characters to get frightened over); I don't think that Gogo will want to be watching "Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail" anytime soon. For the Main Pups' 'cures'; Lucky doing the inkblot test was a little wierd to see, I guess he might be imitating what he saw on TV. Rolly, who tenatively gets the most mundane of tasks, finally managed to land a very funny part with the little chocolate bunnies (just watch it, it's funnier if you do). Spot's roleplay...just felt rushed. And of course, Cadpig got the best part disguising herself as a bunny (way kawaii!), I just wanted to smack Gogo for mauling her off camera. Weaknesses that I found...well, it was a little strange to have Gogo suddenly be the Main Pups' hero only to have him never reappear. For one, the Main Pups always loved Thunderbolt (Lucky's hero); I am guessing Gogo was just flavor of the month or something (you know, the faddish hero who is the man for one day and forgotten the next). 'Tic Track Toe' earns a recommendation from me. 'Lucky All-Star'--Lucky is green with envy when he thinks Roger is getting a new favorite pup in the form of Tripod; who later is picked to win a bone-digging contest. I enjoyed the little throwback to the 1961 movie; Roger is not only a video game designer but a musician as well. This episode contains a favorite series moment for me; the part involving Lucky and Cadpig playing together helps support my claim (see my review for "The Dogs of DeVil/Dog's Best Friend") that Lucky and Cadpig are best friends. The Main Pups are all in character; but the episode's main purpose is to establish the (friendly) rivalry between Lucky and Tripod. Tripod is an interesting character, he is a pup that thinks only of the challenge rather than the glory. His 'never give up' attitude makes him likable. I think of him as one of the other 84 adopted pups; Lucky, Cadpig and Rolly don't appear to react to him as a blood-related sibling. I think he's a pretty cool character (ranking along side Patch and Two-Tone as characters I liked as well as the Main Pups); he deserved better than to have to kiss up to Lt. Pug in later episodes. And of course, Lucky finally learns the truth from Tripod that he was not after Lucky's spot as Roger's favorite. Just the competition. The only flaws I can see is...well, Tripod does only have three legs, and he is a positive 'handicapped' character, but maybe give him some 'flaws'. Maybe shed some light on why he's so determined to be training for what seems like 24/7. Maybe he just formed it as a habit while he was in Cruella's captivity. I can close by saying both "Tic Track Toe" and "Lucky All-Star" are great episodes. They are both charming and humorous and as previously stated, rank among the best. If you made me pick one of these two as the better ep, I think "Lucky All-Star" just edged out "Tic Track Toe". However, they both earned a strong recommendation from me. "Remember Gogo, if you keep your face in the sunshine...be sure to wear sunglasses."
    --Now you tell me, my eyes hurt, "Tic Track Toe"